Morning photo: 2010 in pictures, part 2


April showers kept coming last year, mostly in the form of snow, until well into June.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Spring progressed rather slowly in 2010, with great powder skiing all through April and well into May, as you’ll see in some of the images in this photo essay. Late May brought some early tastes of summer the high country wildflowers finally burst into bloom. Enjoy this look back through the lens of my camera.

Not outside, but at least inside in a flower pot.

April powder at Arapahoe Basin, Colorado.
The pasqueflowers are always among the first to bloom in Summit County.
Finally, in early May, the ice on Dillon Reservoir started to melt!
We also experienced a series of "dust events,' in weather-speak, that caused the snowpack to melt out very suddenly and much earlier than normal.
Cold temperatures in late May also led to the unusual formation of frazil ice on Dillon Reservoir, formed in the wave-action of sub-freezing water.
Closeup of frazil ice.
A blast of wet, sticky May snow in Frisco, Colorado.

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