Morning photo: Summit snow

Catching the light fantastic …

The peaks of the Gore Range catch fire with the first rays of sun.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Taking a cue from the magpies that perch in tip of an aspen outside my kitchen window (scroll to the last picture), I try to get out early some mornings to catch the first light. It’s refreshing, therapeutic and rewarding, and wakes me up even better than that first cup of coffee. Following are a few scenes from recent daybreak (and one sunset) moments around Summit County. Click on read more to see the rest …

I keep going back to the same clump of grass near Heaton Bay to catch it in different light, and on this evening, the scene was subdued, but still rich in muted shades of late autumn.
Dillon at daybreak from the flanks of Tenderfoot Mountain.
In contrast to the previous picture, this early morning scence was full of intensely bright light and contrast.
A slice of the sky looking over Frisco toward Buffalo Mountain.
Every sunny morning the past few weeks, one or two magpies perch in the tip of this aspen tree right outside the kitchen window, waiting to greet the first rays of sun as soon as possible.

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