Morning photo: Change of seasons

High peaks and snow-covered flowers

Mt. Massive, Colorado's second-highest peak at 14,421 feet, with some of the new season's first snow. Check out the aspen patches in the lower left corner.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Today’s photoblog is a bit of mixed bag, with a few more shots from the recent snows, as well as a couple of stunning images from Jesse Peterson, who took advantage of the late-summer weather to explore the Gore Range. And Jenney Coberly, producer of many Summit Voice videos, also contributed a couple of bittersweet shots from her garden, where Jack Frost is making some headway these days. Click on “Read More” to see the rest …

Lower Boulder Lake on a calm late summer day. PHOTO BY JESSE PETERSON.
Peak Z , high in the Gore Range, photographed by JESSE PETERSON.
Some icy crystals cling to a late-blooming bluebell in a Breckenridge garden. PHOTO BY JENNEY COBERLY.
Summer, fall and winter, all in one ... PHOTO BY JENNEY COBERLY.
An autum leaf floating in an eddy on the Snake River, near Keystone.
Not sure what the gargoyle is doing exactly on this residential street in Leadville, but he seems to be enjoying the view of snow-covered Mt. Massive.
Early morning snow, fog and sunlight on the Tenmile Range in Summit County, Colorado.

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