Morning photo: Random travel moments

Always keep an eye on the horizon

On the beach. Click on the image to read about the World Heritage dunes, as well as the mystery meat and talking bumblebees of Texel Island. PHOTO BY LEIGH WADDEN.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I know, it seems random, but sometimes, that’s what travel is — a series of random moments, linked together in a journey through space and time. Kind of like life, if you think about it. Following are a few more random scenes captured as Leigh and I rambled through Europe on trains, ferries, buses and on foot. Some of the photos link to specific stories, and others are, well, just … random, but you can always visit the Summit Voice travel section to get inspired for your next journey. If you have a random travel photo, or even an photo essay with a theme, that you’d like to share, send it to

A cool, rainy morning in Linz, Austria didn't stop these folks from enjoying their frozen treats. Notice that every single person in this image is holding a cone. I scream, your scream, we all scream for ice cream! Click on the photo to see more road food images.
Seen from aboard a hydrofoil leaving Austria, bound for the Slovak Republic, these Vienna residents don't seem to impressed by the colorful mural behind them.
This couple in Piran, Slovenia, almost seemed to become statuary parts of the seawall as the sun set behind them. I was tempted to alter the photo to create complete silhouette, but decided I liked it the way it was. I did remove some lens flare from the bottom left corner. Click on the photo to read more about Slovenia.
Ahhh, Amsterdam. Nuff said, but check out a cool Amsterdam bike blog by clicking on the image. PHOTO BY LEIGH WADDEN.
In flight ...

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