Morning photo: Feast!

Classic breakfast … in Slovakia

If you're reading this before breakfast, it should whet your appetite for a classic fried egg feast. This one was served aboard a floating 'Boatel' in the Danube River in Bratislava, Slovakia. Click on the image to read more.

SUMMIT COUNTY — This edition of the morning photoblog is meant to make you hungry and inspire you to travel. That’s not saying that food doesn’t taste good wherever you are, but there’s something about trying a new meal in a new place that really makes it all click. Check out the rest by clicking the “read more” button.

This is a classic pizza Napoli, simply prepared with fresh mozarella, tomatoes, and lots of olives and anchovies. It's sitting in a cardboard box on a bed in an Italian hotel. It was so good. Click on the image to read more about the best pizza in the world.
You might not think of a train as a place to get a decent meal, but this plate of cold cuts on a Slovenian express was as good as anything else we ate during a recent three-week trip across Europe -- and that's saying a lot.
Nothing like home cooking, even if it's simple fare like these platters of boiled shrimp, fresh figs and fresh oysters at a relative's home in the south of France. Click on the image for more.
During the 2008 European Soccer championships, this Austrian bakery created tiny Petit Fours mimicking the jerseys of all the teams in the tournament. Click on the image to read more.
What would a food photoblog be without at least one classic sausage platter? This one was dished up to us at the Augustiner Keller in Munich, Germany.
And just to show we're not food snobs, we'll admit this is one of our favorites, a nice chili-cheese dog cooked on a tailgate on a sunny day at the A-Basin 'beach' in Summit County, Colorado.
The best burger ever? One of the best food stops along Interstate 70 in Colorado is Vicco’s Charcoalburger Drive-in, a Glenwood Springs tradition first recommended to me by former Denver Post reporter Steve Lipsher. During a winter road trip to Grand Junction, Leigh and I stopped at the burger joint, figuring that an experienced journalist like Lipsher wouldn’t steer us wrong. After a white-knuckle drive over Vail Pass in a blizzard, we were psyched to pull off the interstate for our dinner break. The classic car-hop-stsyle diner is located at 51659 Highway 6 and 24 (the Glenwood Springs frontage road north of I-70). Leave it to a newshound to sniff out the best eats, I said to Leigh. Through the window, we watched a couple of 1/3-pound slabs of beef sizzle on the open grill, flames leaping up and licking the patties until the chef plopped them in between some lightly toasted buns and piled on lettuce, tomatoes and onions. We washed down the burgers and crinkle-cut fries with creamy peanut butter-chocolate malts (tastes like a Reese’s Cup!) and listened to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water blaring on the car radio while Christmas light reflections twinkled in beaded drops of water on the windshield. During the summer, classic car collectors meet at the drive-in, showing classic ’57 Chevys, ‘Vettes and other assorted roadsters. Visit Vicco's virtually by clicking on the photo.


3 thoughts on “Morning photo: Feast!

  1. Looks like a sure cure for drinking too much anti-biotic beer…
    Travel is always a great way to learn about & enjoy new foods. Next best thing is to have a supper club at home a focus on a new cuisine.

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