Summit Voice gets grant for Colorado River reporting

Our reporting on Colorado River basin water issues includes getting waist-deep into the Snake River at Keystone, where we helped the Colorado Division of Wildlife electroshock and count trout.

Fund for Environmental Journalism helps fund special project; Colorado River District also a key supporter of  multimedia series

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By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Guess what? I’m not just some crazy blogger sitting around in the basement in my underpants, making stuff up. For one thing, I don’t have a basement. And I prefer pajamas.

Plus, the Fund for Environmental Journalism has awarded a grant to Summit Voice to help pay for some in-depth reporting of Colorado River issues, and I figure they checked me out before they decided to fund the project.

Here’s an excerpt from the FEJ award letter:

  • “Yours was one of 31 strong proposals we received and unfortunately funds for distribution were very limited. We allocated $7,800 from the $12,730 donated for the Fund over the last ten months. We are holding the rest and will fund raise for additional for the November round. We did not fully fund any request, and we didn’t have enough funding to give every worthy applicant partial funding.
  • “Criteria employed to make the decision included: how far along the project was and the scope of the project relative to the budget requested and available, whether the FEJ would be the sole funder or just one funder, and potential reach of finished project. The jury rejected proposals where the funding request was to pay the applicant for his or her time.”

First of all, thanks to the FEJ. We’re hoping to bring back some good stories from the headwaters of the mighty Colorado all the way to the Utah border, and we hope readers will appreciate the coverage. Second, big thanks also go to the Colorado River Water Conservation District, which stepped up first to sponsor this reporting.

And there’s more good news: We have opportunities for other businesses and organizations that would also like to help sponsor this project. Please contact me at if you’re interested and pass the information along to others.

Finally, this is not something totally new. Summit Voice has been covering water issues in the Upper Colorado River Basin since day one. We’ve posted headlines and links to some of our best reporting here, and we’ll be compiling future coverage on this same page.

Summit Voice. Serious reporting on critical issues.

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6 thoughts on “Summit Voice gets grant for Colorado River reporting

  1. That is huge Bob a great big conratulations!!

    This blog has changed since it’s start and seems to me more political and I think thats good as well.

    Looking forward to what’s coming.

  2. Way to go! Making a living at something you love doing and are good at is a great privilege. Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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