Morning photos: Beauty and the bear

Summer is so nice …

MATT KRANE sent in this vibrant photo of a moss rose after a rainstorm, just in time to make our morning photo for Tuesday.

SUMMIT COUNTY — We’re just under the wire with the morning photo, but it was worth waiting for, especially if you were getting tired of ‘shroom pictures. After the break, Matt describes his experience with a neighbor bear. Click here >>>>

We also had to run the next two shots from Matt, who apparently got up close and personal with a neighborhood bear. He also sent the following riff to go along with the pictures, which we edited only lightly. We’re hoping we don’t hear from Matt’s copyright attorneys:

“So you let the dogs trash the old Saab, and it becomes, well, the ‘dog’ car. You take the dogs to the river, they muddy it up, and who cares, right? You also bring the trash into town when it builds up ocasionally … in the ‘dog’ car. Only this time, you forget to bring it in the night you load it up.

The 300-pound-plus regular ursine visitor has had his way with the neighbor’s unfit trash container. You even call the neighbor in Philadelphia and urge him to get an bear-proof container. He does. A few other neighbors do as well. But the Saab is not a bear-proof container. Swedish-made auto glass is no match for this guy. Luckily, I washed the egg off my face immediately, or he (she?) might’a come sniffin’ around for me. Oops.”

Is it really you, Yogi? PHOTO BY MATT KRANE.

A 'Saab' story.


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