Frisco BBQ Challenge 2010: Stoking the fires

This year’s edition of the Frisco BBQ challenge started with the Radiators taking the stage on Main Street, while chefs from around the country stacked wood, unpacked cases of meet and … well, drank beer to get in the spirit of the event. Get more information on the BBQ Challenge at the Town of Frisco website.

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Slab upon slab upon slab of ribs ...

See more photos after the break …

Andy Grogger, of We Dig Pigs, at the Frisco BBQ challenge.
Main Street, Frisco, Colorado, during the BBQ challenge.

This is what it's all about at the Frisco BBQ challenge.
For non meat-eaters, there is plenty of corn and baked beans ...

Yeah, the turkey legs are big, really, really big.

The older pigs seem to get the idea of racing a bit more. Maybe they're trying to stay off the grill and out of the frying pan.

Swifty, the swimming pig, training for a world record try later this year.

Pretty fast ... for pigs!

What would the Frisco BBQ challenge be without pig races?

The sauce is key!

2010 Frisco BBQ Challenge
Slicing and dicing at the 2010 BBQ challenge on Main Street, Frisco, Colorado..

2010 Frisco BBQ Challenge
Goodies on the grill at the Frisco BBQ Challenge.

More fun at the Frisco BBQ challenge.
A happy customer.
Frisco, Colorado 2010 BBQ Challenge
Looking west down Frisco Main Street at the BBQ Challenge.
2010 Frisco BBQ challenge
A youngster enjoys a cold refreshment at the Frisco BBQ challenge.
Frisco BBQ Challenge 2010
The key ingredient for BBQ ... sauce!
2010 Frisco BBQ challenge
Things were smokin' Friday afternoon at the Frisco BBQ Challenge on Main Street.
Ummm, Meat, anyone?
2010 Frisco BBQ Challenge
These guys were having a great time keeping rhythm and basting kebobs at the same time.
2010 Frisco BBQ challenge
Slicing ribs at the 2010 Frisco BBQ challenge.
2010 Frisco BBQ challenge
Rock-n-Roll on Main Street in Frisco, Colorado, with Grays and Torreys, a pair of 14,000-foot peaks, as a backdrop.
Colorado Frisco BBQ challenge 2010
Rockin' at the 2010 Frisco BBQ challenge ...

A crowd begins to gather on Frisco Main Street as the Radiators play their first set as the kickoff concert for the 2010 BBQ Challenge.

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Bags and bags of charcoal ... wonder how much CO2 is produced from this event, and whether Frisco should consider a carbon offset in the spirit of its environmental initiatives?
Gator leg, chopped gator and gator sausage, all the way from Louisiana.
A classic American car to go along with classic American food (a Ford Falcon).
Frisco 2010 BBQ challenge
On Frisco side street, a BBQ challenge teams sets up camp for the evening.
Frisco BBQ challenge 2010
Getting ready ...
Frisco BBQ Challenge 2010
Watching the Radiators on Frisco Main Street.
Frisco BBQ challenge 2010
The sun sets, with the Radiators rocking on Main Street in Frisco, Colorado.

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6 thoughts on “Frisco BBQ Challenge 2010: Stoking the fires

  1. Last year’s photos and videos are amazingly effective in showing what to look forward to in Summit County. Paper newspapers could never show video clips or afford to show so many pictures with so much spirit. Way to go!

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