Mountain to Mountain launches show in Denver

Afghan refugees returning home from Pakistan. UN PHOTO VIA FLICKR AND THE CREATIVE COMMONS.

Breckenridge-based group presenting Streets of Afghanistan, a multimedia immersion display that’s part of a  fund raising push for new schools in Kabul

By Summit Voice
SUMMIT COUNTY — For a few hours next week, people in downtown Denver will have a chance to walk down the streets of Kabul and rural Afghan roads, thanks to the Streets of Afghanistan exhibition, a unique multimedia living art display presented by Breckenridge-based Shannon Galpin’s Mountain to Mountain organization.

“It’s a launch party for our Front Range fundraising,” Galpin said, explaining that her organization is aiming to raise $100,000 to build two schools for street children in Kabul. “We want to immerse our communities at home with our project destinations,” she said.

The display features large format photography, video projection, audio, and humans themselves, to create a wholly unique and innovate approach towards storytelling and cultural education. The exhibition launches with an April 22 sneak peek at Suite 200 in downtown Denver and will soon come to Breckenridge before moving on to Washington, D.C., Park City, Utah, Los Angeles and New York.

The full exhibition includes seven foot high banners that re-create Kabul’s city streets and Afghan rural roads, creating paths that visitors can ‘walk through’. Video projections of city markets, rural villages, and buzkashi horse games surround visitors, with a soundtrack featuring recordings of street sounds. Hundreds of  Afghan kites create canopies of color and symbolize the hope of the Afghan people.

All of this delivers an educational, interactive, and immersion-style fundraising event that connects supporters, donors, and community members closer than ever to the projects and communities in Afghanistan.

The featured images are by both Western and Afghan photographers collaborating  to immerse visitors in an area of the world most will never travel to.

The exhibit is the culmination of two years of planning by Mountain 2 Mountain founder, and Colorado resident, Shannon Galpin. Her organization’s mission is to develop programs to educate, train, and create jobs for women and children in Afghanistan. Volunteers work alongside community leaders in remote areas to create sustainable projects with the deaf, in women’s prisons, for street children, and in rural midwifery training.

Get more information on the April 22 event in Denver here. Tickets are $10.

More information on the Streets of Afghanistan project is online here.

Read about Galpin’s latest Afghanistan trips at the M2M blog.


Shannon Galpin in Afghanistan. PHOTO BY TONY DI ZINNO.
Murad Khane classroom. PHOTO BY TONY DI ZINNO.

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