VoiceOver: Bring back tug-of-war (and bowling)

A tug-of-war match at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis. Photo from the IOC archives.

Early Olympics featured live pigon shooting and Basque Peolota

Good morning and welcome to VoiceOver, Summit County’s only column that’s having Olympics withdrawals after turning on the TV and (gasp!) not finding any curling, hockey, biathlon … What are we gonna do the next four years?

Oh well, this too shall pass, and before long things will be back to normal, the gold medals will be in the trophy cases, Apolo will shave off his soul patch, Lindsey will get her guest appearance on Law and Order and we’ll have to start thinking about those little mundane, routine things that keep us going. Hmmm, maybe we’ll start by painting our toenails and trimming our ear and nose hair. That’s always a good way to kick things up to the next level.

But before we tuck this year’s Olympic memories away for good, we’d just like to say that we think the IOC should bring back the winter pentathlon for the next games in Sochi.

Scores of VoiceOver Readers: “Winter pentathlon? What the heck is that? And, by the way, we don’t think Apolo will ever shave off his soul patch. That’s his trademark. He wouldn’t be Apolo without it.”

VoiceOver: You’ve never heard of winter pentathlon? Let us tell you, this sounds like it could potentially be the most exciting Winter Olympic sports event yet, combining XC skiing, shooting, downhill skiing, fencing and horse riding.

Read the rest of VoiceOver here.


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