Blog-o-rama: Dancing chimps, ninja wings and good tequila

Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, is getting some attention because there may be some water beneath the surface. PHOTO COURTESY NASA.

This week we feature a new Breck eatery, a local photoblog, dancing chimps and news from deep space. We are in the blogosphere!

Wings with a ninja kick
Every week we take a gander around the blogosphere to see what folks in Colorado have on their minds. We start in Breckenridge, where Ashley Dickson, who blogs as the Gypsy Journalist, checked out a new eatery recently and reported that Northside Pizza dishes up some tasty pies at reasonable prices, along with wings that pack a ninja kick.

Here’s an excerpt from her post, describing her boyfriend’s first encounter with the wicked wings:

“Jake had talked a lot of game before the wings arrived, and after he shoved one in his mouth, he went completely silent.

“This is just wrong,” he pleaded. “My whole body is sweating. I feel messed up. Look, I’m shaking. Who would do this to themselves?”

No amount of water or bread could cool the fire, and I watched the boys writhe in agony as they waited for the heat to subside. I admit, I was laughing at their pain, and I couldn’t help but think of the guy from Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. No wonder that show has garnered such a fan base. it’s kinda fun to see grown men cry over chicken wings.

The bartender wouldn’t reveal the secret mix of spices that gave the Double Black Diamond their ninja kick to the gut, but he admitted that the peppers registered into the hundred thousands on the Scoville heat scale. To put that in perspective, a jalapeno pepper comes out to 5,000 on the scale.” Read the rest of the blog about Northside Pizza here.

A Summit photoblog
We also recently added Kay Beaton’s photoblog to our blogroll after seeing a Facebook post about her recent stint at the Keystone Science School with a group of local elementary school kids. When we clicked over to the blog, we also found a great series of photos from the Utah Stomp to Romp, a benefit snowshoe event that’s soon headed to Summit County.

We loved the pics and look forward to checking out more on a regular basis, as the blog promises to reveal some pro photographer tips. Check it all out right here.

All politics is local
We’re also reading Gary Lindstrom’s blog on a regular basis. His latest post discusses the fundamental impatience of the American people in the political realm. After reading a report about how independent voters are swinging toward Republicans, Lindstrom muses about everybody wants a magic bullet and instant gratification. Republicans don’t have a magic bullet either, he concludes. Read the rest of Gary’s musings here.

Square State stuff
If you want straight politics, check out This collective blog offers totally opinionated views on everything from the climate to Iranian Democracy and the Olympics, complete with semi-literate spellings, rantings and even videos of curling. Amusing, and if you can look past the poor English and occasional vulgarity, somewhat educational. It’s all online right here.

Culinary Colorado
Written on a much higher plane is Culinary Colorado, a blog from long-time Coloradan Claire Walter, an award-winning of, travel and snow sports writer. We didn’t even know Claire had a blog, but were pleased to stumble across it as we waded through the rough and tumble surf of the internet this afternoon.

In her latest post, Walter, an admitted wine aficionado, describes how, during an après-ski session at Beaver Creek, she was introduced to Zacapa Rum, a sugar-based rum aged for six to 23 years at an elevation of 7,600 feet, above the clouds in Guatemala. Then she moves on to discuss the virtues of a tequila and chocolate combo … ahhh, the glamorous life of a travel and food writer. Claire’s  food and beverage blog is online here, and her travel blog is here.

All-mountain blog
Over at Colorado Mountain Journal, we learned that Rocky Mountain National Park is currently hiring climbing rangers for the summer, at $!6 – $20 per hour, and we also enjoyed Part 2 of a video series on Powder ghost towns, zooming in defunct Colorado ski areas that still offer enjoyable turns for this willing to earn them. Get all the skinny at

Not for young kids
No, it’s not porn, but highly opinionated political and social commentary, raw and unfiltered from Outta The Cornfield, our favorite stop in the northwest corner of our fair state. The most recent post is titled The New Confederacy of Dunces, Baggers, Birthers & Their Klan Leaders.

That should give you some idea of what this unabashedly outspoken blog is all about. Get all the  action at Outta The Cornfield.

Life on (or near) Saturn?
Our final stop this week is where we go when we want to get away from it all. Reality Sandwich features posts on topics ranging from shamanism to wildlife behavior. Two items caught our eye this week: One post describes how wildlife biologists observed what appeared to be ritualistic dancing by chimps in the face of a wildfire, suggesting that the primates have some sort of relationship with fire.

Second, we learned that British scientists studying the results of a NASA deep-space probe have determined that there may be some significant amounts of sub-surface water on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons, perhaps part of an environment that could support life. Click here for a bite of  Reality Sandwich.

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