VoiceOver: Herding yaks for two months

Ah, yes, they DO have horns! (photo courtesy animalphotos.com via the Creative Commons).

Good morning and welcome to VoiceOver, Summit County’s only semi-regular column that just can’t wait to book it over to the Asian Oven in Silverthorne sometime soon to try out some of their yak meat. We’re not sure exactly why we’re so excited, but the mere thought of yak meat has us drooling all over our Bob Marley T-shirt. And not only do they have yak meat, but it’s locally raised, if we are to believe the blurb we heard on Krystal 93 the other day.

Scores of VoiceOver Readers: ” Yak meat? Get out. You gotta be kidding us. We’re pretty adventurous and all. We’ve been know to try shark fin soup (we know, we know, it’s not ecologically correct to eat sharks, they’re supposed to eat us) and we’ve even munched chocolate-covered ants — but yak meat?”

VoiceOver: That’s what we said. We nearly drove off the road when we heard it. We are all about yak meat. We’d ride our unicycle 10 miles backwards in the snow, with a flat tire, to chow down on that. And we don’t even know how to ride a unicycle, but we’d learn.

And the idea of it being locally raised is really cool. We’re thinking that, if this global warming thing is for real, raising yaks could be one potential way for folks up here in the high country to make a living. We could go all Mongolian, living in yurts, herding yaks on the dusty high altitude steppes of the Gore Range, cooking over yak dung fires and learning to play Mongolian flute music. We’d make yak wool yarn and knit colorful sweaters, we’d harvest yak horns and grind them into an aphrodisiac powder …

SOVOR: “Wait a minute, you’re getting ahead of yourselves. Do yaks even have horns? And if you’re talking global warming, who in the world is going to need yak wool sweaters? You really haven’t thought this thing through, have you?”

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2 thoughts on “VoiceOver: Herding yaks for two months

  1. yak meat is delicious, very similar to buffalo – lean and little gamey. There is saying in Tibet (where it is virtually impossible to be a vegetarian because so little grows there) – It is better to kill one yak than 10,000 grasshoppers.

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