‘Victory’ wins at Breckenridge snow sculpting contest

The first-place winner in the 2010 Breckenridge International Snow Sculpure Championships.

First place and Kids’ Choice

Lithuania, Milite est Vita


Team Canada, Ontario, Memories from My Youth


Team Mexico, The Altar of Quetzacoatl

Peoples Choice

Team Alaska, The Last Iceberg

A finely crafted snow sculpture of a hand raised into a “V” took first place at the 2010 Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships. The Lithuanian entry was simple in its idea, yet full of detail, texture and power. According to the team, the piece represents the fragility and temporary nature of victory, and the need to keep on fighting. Milite est Vita … every day is a fight.

Second place went to Team Canada, from Ontario, for their depiction of a Japanese princess’s face, called Memories from my youth. The quiet gaze of the face apparently captivated the judges as much as it did passers-by during the final phase of the contest this weekend.

Team Mexico took third place for its well-executed and geometrically precise rendition of an altar to Quetzacoatl, the god of life and death in traditional Mexican culture, and a symbol of the sun and its daily rebirth.

The Peoples Choice award went to Team Alaska for The Last Iceberg, a sculpture depicting a bear and a native Aleut in a baidarka both interested in the sustenance that the sea offers.

Please click here to see more photos from the event.

The official event information from the town of Breckenridge is online here.

Visit the Summit Voice photo page here for more Summit County photography.


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