VoiceOver: Where Wile E. Coyote meets the TSA

We all know that global warming is going to have huge impacts, and nobody has more to lose than snowpeople, who recently gathered to protest the inability of the world community to address this challenge in a meaningful way.

Home of web linkage,  high-tech toenail clippers and so much more …

Good morning and welcome to VoiceOver, Summit County’s only column that views the latest informercials so that you don’t have to.

Seems like it was just yesterday that we told you about  SureClip, the world’s most advanced  toenail clipper, that pretty much does it all.

If we could only train it to go out start our car for us on those chilly mornings … by the way, we see, from tracking our blog stats, that some of you actually clicked on the GetSureClip.com link to check it out (yes, we can do that. We LOVE WordPress).

Dozens of VoiceOver Readers: “Really? You can see that? Isn’t that like an invasion of privacy or something? We thought we were safe from this kind of oversight unless we decide to travel by air, thereby putting ourselves at the mercy of the TSA.”

VoiceOver: Don’t worry, we can’t tell who you are. Our stat-tracker merely tells us how many people clicked on those nifty links in our stories.

DOVOR: “Links? What are you talking about?”

VO: Umm, you know, where we highlight text in red, and it’s underlined, and  you can click on it and it takes you to another web site.

DOVOR: “Oh, so THAT’s what those are for. That’s pretty cool, and we had no clue. We thought it was just frilly.”

VO: Naah, we don’t do frilly, just silly. Links are one of the coolest things about publishing on the web via blogs. It’s kinda what the internet is supposed to be all about — a great collective consciousness, electronically joined together. You should try it. Don’t hold back, click away!

DOVOR: “OK, but you’re getting a little heavy when you’re supposed to be making us laugh.”

VO: Well it’s hard to be funny when you’ve got people like the Underwear Bomber running around out there. What’s up with that, anyway? Why would anyone, no matter how committed to a cause, pack explosives down their Jockey shorts?

You know how everyone is wondering why the security people missed this? We think it’s because nobody took him seriously. His dad, who apparently warned people, probably got laughed out of the room. We imagine the conversation went something like this:

>>Click here to read more …


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