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Morning photo: Eclectic

When water turns to ice …


Waterdance …

FRISCO —Sifting through my shots from the last few days, I noticed once again how drawn I am to waterside scenes. Sometimes I think that I really ought to try and get away from the streams, lakes and reservoirs and focus on dry land landscapes, just for a change of pace. But especially this time of the year, when water starts making that mystical change from liquid to solid, it’s just so tempting to try and capture that dynamic process — in color or, as in a few of the shots in this set, in black and white. Click on the images to see them full size, and visit our online gallery for more Summit County landscape magic. Continue reading

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Morning photo: Ice obsession

Frozen stuff …


A micro-landscape along Meadow Creek, in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO —OK, so I’ll admit I have an ice obsession, at least for a few weeks in the fall, when the streams of Summit County start to freeze over. Later in the fall and in the winter, soft snow pillows cover most of creekbeds and streambanks, but for a few weeks in late October and early November, you can kind of see the bones of the rivers as they slow to a trickle. The freeze-up starts in the deepest parts of the canyons, usually where there are some overhanging branches. Splashes of water freeze in the cold air above the stream, then drip down, creating quite an amazing variety of shapes. Set against the flowing water, it can be a magical scene. Please visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Winter sports athletes urge action on global warming


Winter sports athletes are urging action on climate change and energy in a letter to President Obama.

Olympic medalists, ski stars ask President Obama to speed the shift to clean energy

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — As Colorado ski areas struggle with a second consecutive season of below-average snowfall and the Sierra Nevada snowpack only about half of average, a group of 75 Olympic medalists and other winter sports athletes are warning that winter is in trouble.

Stepping up to represent the global snow sports community on the political stage, the athletes this week sent a letter to President Barack Obama, urging him to take action on climate and clean energy.

“Without a doubt, winter is in trouble … at risk are the economies of tourist-dependent states where winter tourism generates $12.2 billion in revenue annually, supports 212,000 jobs and $7 billion in salaries. Those are the jobs and businesses owned by our friends and families, generators of billions in federal and state income.” Continue reading

Morning photo: Best of March

Transition month


Morning skies over the Gore Range.

FRISCO — Snow photos dominated in March, probably because it was the first month in quite a while to deliver plenty of moisture, along with cool temps and wintry full moon setting in the early days of spring. Continue reading

Morning photo: Late winter (early spring)

Felt — and looked — like January


A frosty scene along the Blue River at the inlet to Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO —I didn’t really think I’d get another chance to shoot anymore frosty scenes this year, but our early spring storm definitely brought a flashback to January and February conditions with the added benefit of late March light. Deep snow, temps well below zero and bright sunshine — a great way to start the week in Summit County, offering some hope that the drought may be easing. Continue reading

Morning photo: Winter skies

All the colors …

Sunset afterglow on the Continental Divide.

Sunset afterglow on the Continental Divide.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — I’m quite amazed sometimes how different the skies can look over the Colorado Rockies within just the span of a few nights. It’s the same sky, the same mountains, right? But subtle changes in the altitude, density and thickness of the clouds, dust in the air, and so many other factors can change the light dramatically. These shots were all taken in late fall and early winter 2011, showing the changing light over the Continental Divide. If you enjoy this set, please visit our online FineArt America gallery for more Summit County landscape photography. Continue reading

Morning photo: Winter faves

Spring is coming …


A fragile structure of inch-long hoar frost crystals grow in a shady spot along the shoreline of Dillon Reservoir on the north side of the Frisco Peninsula.

FRISCO —There may not be any wildflowers during winter in Summit County, but there’s no shortage of spectacular colors and textures, from gleaming ice to the warm tones of winter sunset and moonrise. With the impending change of seasons, I thought it was a good time to look back and choose a few of the all-time best winter landscapes. If you like what you see, visit our Summit County gallery online at FineArt America, where you can buy high quality prints or greeting cards. They make great gifts, and it’s one of the best ways to support our independent online journalism project.

A December full moon rises over the Continental Divide.

A December full moon rises over the Continental Divide.

Continue reading

Morning photo: Spring? Not so fast

Better late than never …


Sunrise lights up the Gore against the backdrop of an incoming storm.

FRISCO — March arrived with a wintry punch last weekend, delivering a blast of much-needed snow to the high country of Colorado. It wasn’t a big storm in the scheme of things, but after a dry January and a so-so February, the freshies were more than welcome. Continue reading

Morning photo: White and blue

Feels like the peak of winter …


One of my favorite trees in Summit County, with a natural, wind-sculpted bonsai shape.

The morning photo essay is sponsored by locally owned and managed Copper Condos. Click for info on lodging deals at Copper and Frisco.

The morning photo essay is sponsored by Copper Condos.

FRISCO — I went out super early to chase the setting moon with my camera, and came close, catching a tantalizing glimpse of the orb passing through Silverthorne. But by the time I got to Ute Pass Road, drifting clouds blocked my view of what had promised to be a spectacular sight. Maybe next month. I was only slightly discouraged, and since I was already on the road, continued up to my favorite overlook, where the views are awesome with or without the moon. Since my last visit, maybe a month ago, the snow has really piled up, thigh deep along part of the trail. The clouds persisted during the early part of the sunrise, so the scene was dominated by cool blue shadows and icy white peaks, not a bad combo for late winter. Continue reading

Morning photo: iPhone — raw

No Filter …


Moonrise over the Gore Range.

FRISCO — The various filter apps on an iPhone are fun to play with, but they can also make it easy — some would say too easy — to mask a less than adequate exposure with enhanced colors or other special effects. Like so many things, they’re best used in moderation, remembering that there’s no substitute for a crisp, clean and well-exposed image to start with. All the shots in this set are taken with an iPhone, but they’re straight out of the camera, no filters, no editing, other than a couple of slight crops.


Blue River Valley mists.




Frost is in the air.






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