Morning photo: Oh, the things you can see!

Winter wonders …

FRISCO — Exploring in winter requires a little more effort than just slipping on a pair of flip-flops for a casual summer jaunt to the beach, but it’s well worth the effort, especially if you’re a shutterbug. Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged, look for a pair of thin glove liners so you can operate your camera without getting frostbite, and then wander out into the winter landscapes with your eyes wide open. This set is compiled from the freeze-up season, when the world is in transition. For daily updates follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Sunday set

Cool in Colorado …

FRISCO — Just a short Sunday set featuring some “leftover” images from the past couple of weeks, including the strange solstice glow of the low winter sun and a stunning sunrise over the Blue River Valley. Follow our Instagram feed for daily updates, and visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America to see more Summit County nature and landscape images.

Morning photo: Winter blues

Winter hues …

FRISCO — A couple of days ago I revisited one of my favorite photography spots along the Snake River, near Keystone, specifically to try and capture the many shades of blue and white that dominate winter light. The challenge is to get some detail in the bright white foreground and in the blue background shadows at the same time, which is only possible in a very short window of time (about 10 minutes) right after the sun rises but before it’s high enough to fully illuminate the background. The low sun angle also helps highlight details and texture in the snow cover. Follow our Instagram feed for daily updates, and visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America to see more Summit County nature and landscape images.

Morning photo: Sunday set

Winter magic!

FRISCO — An exceptional morning a few days after Christmas brought magical light to the Blue River Valley, in Summit County, Colorado. Temps below zero and a layer of frozen fog and mist combined to create a beautiful sundog, forming nearly a full circle around the sun. It may be a little challenging to get out and about at sunrise on these chilly mornings, but it’s always well worth it!

Morning Photo: Winter vibes

Snow cometh …

FRISCO — Winter is working its magic across the high country of Colorado, painting the mountains and valleys with a glittery blanket of snow. These shots highlight the many different ways light can manifest on freshly fallen snow, all taken on different days, but at about the same time each day, within an hour after sunrise. Enjoy the season!

Morning photo: The edge

Freezing up …


Hazy morning light on an early December morning.

FRISCO —A quick gallery on the cusp of seasons as we head toward the solstice and the official start of winter in Summit County and the final freeze-up of Dillon Reservoir. The slow start to snowfall in December may not be the best for skiers and local resorts, but it’s been interesting to watch the slow weather transitions from a photography standpoint. This year, the first big snow came BEFORE the ice; now, the snow is starting to melt again (at least in the valleys), which kind of makes it feel like the seasons went into reverse a little bit! Continue reading

Morning photo: Frozen!

Winter glory

Frozen fountain.

Frozen fountain.

FRISCO — OK, so it hasn’t exactly been hardcore winter around here the past few days. After that big mid-November snow, things warmed up pretty dramatically, which means I had to reach back into the archives to compile this set of winter images, a reminder of different each year can be when it comes to weather. But I wanted to highlight a few shots that speak to the season in all its frozen glory. Check out our daily photo feed on Instagram and visit our Fine Art America online gallery for more landscape shots from Colorado. Continue reading


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