Friday Fotos: Evening light

The golden hour …


Close to home — A winter evening in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —Another great #FriFotos theme that’s right up my alley, because there’s nothing I like better than getting out and about during that magical evening hour when even the most mundane scene can come alive with an otherworldly glow. In fact, shooting in the evening is a bit of an obsession that sometimes means my family doesn’t get dinner until quite late, especially in the summer, when sunset is late to begin with. But Leigh and Dylan tolerate, and even encourage me, which means I’ve had the chance to get some pretty amazing shots. I’m looking forward to seeing evening scenes from around the world streaming on Twitter and Instagram today, and you can join in the fun by uploading your own evening pics and tagging them with #FriFotos — then, sit back and enjoy the show. Continue reading

Sen. Udall to host a renewable energy Twitter chat

Colorado lawmaker a longtime leader on energy policy

An offshore wind energy farm near Copenhagen, Denmark. Image courtesy Wikipedia and the Creative Commons.

U.S. Sen. Mark Udall.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — U.S. Senator Mark Udall has long been a passionate advocate for renewable energy. In recent months, he’s been one of the leaders in the fight to renew the wind energy production tax credit, which has been an effective mechanism to spur the growth of renewable power.

Next week, Udall will host a town hall Twitter chat to answer constituents’ questions about renewable energy and discuss the role it plays for our environmental, military and economic future.

Twitter uses can ask questions about renewable energy using the hashtag #AskUdall. On Oct. 16, @MarkUdall will answer the questions via Twitter. Continue reading

Morning photo: Windows

Looking out, looking in …

A glowing window in Ushuia, Argentina.

FRISCO — One of the reasons I enjoy the #FriFotos Twitter chat is that it encourages me to explore my extensive photo archive in new ways. This week, when founder @EpsteinTravels announced this week’s “windows” theme, I knew right away that I had plenty of images to use, but it made me think about why I sometimes snap shots of seemingly random windows.

Sometimes they offer a brief glimpse into another way of life; I remember walking past an open window in a Naples alley a few year ago, with a rich scent of tomato sauce wafting out and and the sound of a soccer game blaring on a TV or radio — a perfect Italian moment.

Windows also give certain scenes a frame of reference. One of my favorite shots is of a lone early morning swimmer in the Adriatic Sea. The shot would have been pretty in any case, but framing it with the window of our hotel room in Piran, Slovenia helps evoke the memory of the lovely days Leigh and I spent in the historic town.

Join the fun on Twitter by posting your favorite window pics and adding the #FriFotos hashtag — then sit back and and enjoy! Continue reading

Skiing: A-Basin rolls out master plan update at open house

Summit County’s gem looks to add some tasty tree skiing in The Beavers

A new Beavers lift would add some intermediate terrain as well as some steep tree skiing similar to some of the existing terrain in The Alleys.

A-Basin powder!

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — As excited as I was to hear A-Basin chief Alan Henceroth talk about a master plan update for my favorite ski area, I wasn’t able to make it in person, but thanks to social media, especially Twitter, I almost felt like I was there, catching the buzz.

There will be questions down the road, for sure, but right now it’s time to just be stoked for an upcoming season filled with powder and fresh tracks, as well as a vision that would help the ski area boost summer business and expand winter opportunities — an essential step toward long-term economic sustainability. Here’s how the open house went down on Twitter:

Continue reading

Morning photo: Faces

It takes all kinds …

Face-painting at the Oktoberfest in Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I’m mostly a landscape and nature photographer, but like almost everyone, I’m intrigued by faces, especially interesting ones that tell a story, pretty faces and, of course, there’s nothing like a child’s smile to melt even the iciest of hearts.

So when @EpsteinTravels announced this week’s #FriFotos Twitter chat theme, “faces,” I searched the archives for some of my favorite pictures of faces near and far. Each of the images evokes memories; some from trips to faraway lands and other from fun times right here at home in Frisco, Colorado. Join in the fun by posting your favorite face pics, tagging them with #FriFotos, then sit back and enjoy the show!

What can you read in this peanut vendor’s face, spotted at the All-Jamaica Jerk Festival at Three Dives in Negril’s West End?

Continue reading

Colorado: Worst-case fire scenario unfolding, with multiple starts across the state and rapidly growing fires

In the midst of the High Park burned area at the Buckhorn communications site. Photo courtesy USFS/

Dry lightning forecast Sunday could spark new blazes in tinder-dry fuels

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A worst-case fire scenario is unfolding in Colorado.

In addition to the 80,000-acre High Park Fire, several new starts are growing rapidly and may stretch firefighting resources across the state.

Updates on all the fires, along with contact information, evacuation notices and smoke-related health information are online at Continue reading

Morning photo: Capitals

City scenes

Streets in the heart of Luxembourg emptied suddenly during a summer downpour. In the original version of this photo the sky was washed out and some of the brightly colored modern street signs in the foreground didn't quite mesh with the ancient buildings, so I sepia-toned the image and played with contrast and saturation to create a warm scene. Thanks to all the great #FriFotos tweeps, this picture picked up a couple of hundred views on Twitpic.

SUMMIT COUNTY — This week’s #FriFotos theme was capitals, and pictures from cities around the world streamed through the popular Twitter chat. The theme was a challenge for me, because Leigh and I generally avoid big cities when we travel. Often, the only time we visit the larger towns is because we have to to make a connecting flight or train. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them when we’re there — we do, but prefer to spend time in smaller, cozier villages or the countryside. Nevertheless, we always marvel at the multicultural hustle and bustle of places like Buenos Aires or Vienna — and they’re always good for people-watching and photography. Continue reading


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