Morning photo: Euro set

Have passport, will travel!

FRISCO —Sunday is the traditional day for travel sections in print newspapers, so every now and then I get the urge to post some travel-related content on this “day of rest.” Most of our readers these days know Summit Voice as a source for environmental news, but long-time followers know that, every now and then, we like to mix it up with tales of adventure and discovery in far-away places, like the time we enjoyed mystery meat and talking bumblebees on the Dutch island of Texel, or rambled through the mountains of Albania. Check out all our travel content here, and for daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Colors of Iceland

Flashback …

FRISCO — From the surreal mineral-tinted waters of the Blue Lagoon to glacial runoff in the highlands, Iceland is dominated by water features. As I recently wandered through the Summit Voice photo archives, I noticed how nearly every single image in the set included water in some form, including massive geysers, ubiquitous waterfalls and, of course, the sea!

Sunday travel anthology

Calderas, Corfu and … cream cheese?


Sunrise over the Danube River. bberwyn photo.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — In between fretting about Colorado River flows and reporting on the travails of endangered lynx and sage-grouse, it’s good to get out and see the world. It helps look at issues in a global context — and so many issues these days are global. Of course, not every story is environmental. Sometimes, travel comes down to the simple task of trying to find a Frisbee in Rome … Travel: Around the world with a Frisbee.

Searching for roots can give travel great meaning, and if it involves a bit of Cold War cloak and dagger and European history, so much the better … Travel: Cold War memories along the Danube.


Leigh Wadden at the edge of the Wadden Sea, Texel Island, The Netherlands. bberwyn photo.

Or, you can search for the roots of your family name, perhaps linked somehow with one of the world’s great estuarine wetlands, inhabited by talking bumblebees … Travel: Mystery meat and talking bees on Texel.

Travel doesn’t necessarily require a passport. There are plenty of adventures to be had within a few hundred miles of anywhere, especially when you set out for the remote hinterlands north of the Grand Canyon with what you know is sketchy starter in your engine … Travel: Karma and climate change in the Southwest.

Little things can be the most memorable, like buying a big box of blueberries from a roadside vendor at a dusty, nowhere crossroads in Slovenia, then eating on the train while watching a blazing Adriatic sunset … A Balkan sampler: Blueberries and mopeds in Slovenia.

The lure of far-away places can reward with the unexpected. When you miss the ferry in Corfu — twice — you get to know a place a little better … Travel photo essay: World Heritage preserved in Albania.

And there’s probably nothing better than introducing your kids to the wonders of the world with a trip focused around one of the planet’s greatest sporting events … Travel: Father and son with World Cup fever.

Morning Photo: Celebrating summer travel

Time to get out and see this big blue marble we all call home

Dylan plays catch with a new-found friend in the Danube River, in Linz, Austria, as a river tour boat cruises by. On the bluff above is the city museum.

SUMMIT COUNTY — With Summit Voice heading out for a heartland road trip, I thought we’d post a few pics from past trips to celebrate the summer travel season. I’d love to here where you’re planning on going this summer, and we’d also love to post your vacation pictures. Drop us a line, send us an e-postcard …

Colorful parrotfish at a market stall in Negril, Jamaica.

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Morning photo: Benelux

Travel vicariously with Summit Voice

A colorful flower stand in Amsterdam. PHOTO BY LEIGH WADDEN. Click on the image for a travel story about a bike tour on the Dutch Island of Texel.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Since it’s the weekend, it’s time for another travel edition of the daily photoblog, starting with the colorful flower stand in Amsterdam to brighten what could be another gray and dreary day in the high country of Colorado. More pics after the break … Continue reading

Morning photo: Some favorites

From the Imagekind gallery …

Solo by Bob Berwyn

A lone adelie penguin.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Some of the best shots from my Imagekind Gallery, where you can buy prints and framed prints and even get a preview of different color mattes. Visit the gallery to browse more photography and maybe get a Christmas present or two. Continue reading

Morning photo: To infinity and beyond …

Summit Voice is nothing if not global!

It's a classic scene, but the image was a bit murky, so when I was looking for a photo to illustrate a story on global tourism stats, I tried to jazz this up a bit. In the end, I really grew to like it as a stand-alone photo. Click on the image to read the story about the global tourism rebound in 2010.

More travel pics after the break … Continue reading


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