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Morning photo: July calendar choice

Superb sunsets

Buffalo Mountain silhouette against a fiery sunset.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — I was gone for a large part of July, but did catch a few good sunsets along the shores of Dillon Reservoir before the water receded too far. The monsoon moisture that started building early in the month helped color the sky with clouds, and in mid-summer, the light lingers late, so there’s no rush to shoot. In July, sunset photography becomes a leisurely post-dinner activity, the best time of the day to linger in a scenic spot. Vote in the poll for your favorite July picture, with the winner to be featured in the 2013 Summit Voice calendar.

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Morning photo: A short sunset series

Before and after the rains …

A fiery sunset looking west from near DIA is colored by wildfire haze.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s been a while since I posted a sunset series, and yesterday’s Facebook pic of the day became an instant classic, so I thought I would upload a few more images from recent sunsets, in particular, a set from Sunday night taken as the most recent batch of monsoon moisture started to lift out of the area. Post-storm sunsets often offer the best lighting, and Sunday was no exception. I also snapped a few shots of an apocalyptic-looking sunset just before the rains came to help quell the devastating Front Range wildfires. Continue reading

Morning photo: Cloudscapes

Summery skies

Evening glow.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Last week’s series of intense Front Range thunderstorms built up clouds that towered above the Continental Divide to be illuminated by the sun setting in the west. That was a recipe for some rather nice sunsets and cloudscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: Reservoir dreams

Evening lighting


SUMMIT COUNTY — An incredible sequence of evening lighting last week, as dark, stormy skies provided a backdrop for some amazing alpenglow. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sky fire

A few sunsets …

Sunset over Frisco.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Every now and then I can’t help but pick out a few sunset shots from here and there. And for as often as I’ve photographed sunsets from the meadows and wetlands near our house, I never get tired of it, and no two sunsets are alike. Continue reading

Morning photo: Florida revisited

Warm sunshine …

Colorful blue crabs caught near Boca Grande, Florida.

SUMMIT COUNTY — After taking our dogs for a walk on a chilly evening in Frisco, I warmed up by looking at some images from my last Florida visit. Snow is good, winter is lovely, but it’s nice to take break, at least mentally, every now and then!

Spongebob would feel right at home here ...

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Morning photo: Frisco sunset


The colors just kep intensifying during the sunset Friday evening, with deep reflections raging across the beaver ponds along Meadow Creek.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Mid-level clouds and a wedge of clear sky above Buffalo Mountain hinted at a colorful sunset Friday night, so I pried away from the laptop, grabbed the camera and strolled down Lagoon Drive toward the Meadow Creek wetlands. Sure enough, the clouds to the east, above the Continental Divide, were aglow. Once again, I forgot insect repellant, so I knew I was in for some bites, but never mind — it was worth it. For a couple of shots, I rolled up my pants and waded shin-deep into the water. Continue reading

Morning photo: Pie!

Photography is a bit like cooking …

So easy to make, and oh, so delicious!

SUMMIT COUNTY — Today’s photoblog recipe features a few handfuls of blueberries, a dash of ducks, a sprinkle of summer sunsets and one fine-looking horse. Enjoy the photography feast. Continue reading

Morning photo: Summit skies, part 2

Fire in the sky

On this summer evening I was in the middle of cooking dinner when the sky lit up without much warning. With several pots bubbling on the stove, I didn't have time to walk down to the wetlands or drive to prime viewing spot, so I just went on our southeast facing porch tried to get an angle that showed the height of this dissipating thundercloud. Since we live in a sort industrial/commercial'residential interface zone, the view from this spot includes part of Xcel's Frisco substation, parts of the old medical center property and corners of some other semi-industrial properties, but that didn't take anything away from this celestial display. The only post-processing here was a crop to square the image so it displays better in the WordPress format. Because of the vertical layout of the blog, square works better than the traditional aspect ratio. It kind of makes me nostalgic for one of the old square format film cameras!

SUMMIT COUNTY — The summer season was full of spectacular sunsets and sunrises this year, especially as monsoon moisture worked its way into the area. Click to see a few of my favorites. Continue reading

Travel: Sunsets and lobster Reubens in the Florida Keys

Key West was made for watching sunsets ... and wearing flip-flops.

Story and photos by Scotty Bondo

The flight to Orlando was packed full of kids. We had never been on the same plane with so many potential noisey bio-hazards.

“Honey, did you pack the ear-plugs?” I asked quietly as we settled into our seats.

It was spring break for Summit County, Colorado and apparently Orlando has a small Disney problem that attracts the crotch fruits and their parental support units. I made a note to myself that flights through Orlando should be better timed, perhaps during the super-model spring break. The flight was actually fine — and quiet, suprisingly. Regardless I was still even more convinced to get that vasectomy I always wanted.

The next plane to Miami was on a 19-seat puddle jumper, so small we even got out to help push at one point. Why they had such a small plane flying from Orlando to Miami we could not figure out. Seemed like that would be a popular enough flight to warrant a plane with jet engines and a flight attendant. But the pilot was sober and there were only adults aboard, so we were both glad when we finally were airborne.

The internet flight and internet rental car worked out as promised without any help from William Shatner or garden gnomes, so we were on our way to the beautiful Florida Keys. I had my lovely girlfriend with me and some new snorkel equipment. We were looking forward to a great week in the sun and surf. The rental car came with an RFID Sun Pass to breeze us through the tolls (and report back our movements to big brother) so nothing was stopping us on our trip south. The next stop was Marathon Key.

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