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Morning photo: Half-light

High in the Rockies …


A curtain of virga hangs over the Colorado Rockies during a solar eclipse.

FRISCO — A couple of years ago, we had the chance to wander way up above treeline during a solar eclipse that started in the late afternoon and continued until after sunset. While we weren’t able to see the moment of totality, the shifting light of the clouds, combined with the filtering effect of the eclipse delivered some breathtaking light. If you enjoy our daily snapshots, visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for a selection of Summit County landscape and nature images.

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Morning photo: Mountain love

Epic …

Another stunning Peak 1 sunset in Summit County, Colorado.

Another stunning Peak 1 sunset in Summit County, Colorado.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO —I’m still super-annoyed that Vail Resorts has tried to hijack the word “epic,” but I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me. It was such a great mountain slang word at one time — you’d ask a skier or snowboarder how their day was and they’d reply, with a powder-glazed look in their eyes, “Epic, dude.” Used like that, the word conjures up echoes of Homer and the Iliad. But when it’s debased by the advertising culture and mentality of Vail Resorts, well, it seems to lose all its class — epic pass, epic burger … how NOT classy is that?

Hmm, not sure how I got off on that tangent. Oh, I know, I was in Breck today watching clouds of dust rise off the new clearcuts on Peak 6 — you could just about see the lynx scurrying for safety up there. Yes, seeing that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and reminded once again how greed and the lust for money are at the root of so much misery, and it’s made all the worse when it’s cloaked in a hypocritical green mantle. I prefer my greed pure and naked, thank you very much, that way I know what I’m dealing with.

But in any case, I had the chance to see a couple of “epic” sunsets recently … If you like our snapshots here on the blog, check out the hi-rez versions available for sale at our online FineArt America gallery, and feel free to leave a comment on by rant in the box at the end of the post! Continue reading

Morning photo: Just another Summit sunset

Actually, two sunsets …

Summit County photography

Cloudplay and raindrops.

FRISCO — A couple of brilliant sunsets on some of the longest days of the year, leading up to the summer solstice … Continue reading

Morning photo: Eyecandy III

Technicolor …

Alpenglow on Guyot and Baldy.

Alpenglow on Guyot and Baldy.

FRISCO —Every now and then I get to post a short set of images that don’t really need a lot of verbiage …


Gore Range, morning light.

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Morning photo: Kodachrome!

Mountain skies …


A fiery sunrise heralds a change in the weather in late January 2013.

FRISCO — It’s funny how I still think of good old Kodachrome when I’m shooting a colorful sunset. Like a lot of old time photographers, I still have boxes of slides, and someday, I’ll scan the best of them and ditch the rest — but not yet. Wednesday’s brilliant sunrise inspired me to post a few more recent sunrise and sunset scenes featuring Grays and Torreys peaks, those towering 14ers along the Divide that serve as a foil to those colorful skies.


This sunset sky over Summit County looks painted.


So cold, so warm …


The colors are always a bit different after a fresh snowfall.


In the meadow.


At the shore.




Morning photo: Best sunrise?

Hard to pick just one!

Sunrise over Grays and Torreys peaks, Summit County, Colorado

Thick gray January clouds gave way to a brilliant sunrise over the Continental Divide in January 2012. Bob Berwyn photo.

FRISCO — OK, I admit, I’m a sunrise and sunset junkie. My favorite time to shoot pics is those golden crepuscular moments when the sky is dynamic and the whole world seems to light up in a sometimes other-worldly glow. And since it’s getting near the end of the year, I thought it would be a good time to look back through Summit Voice archives and pick out the year’s best dawn and dusk shots, only it wasn’t so easy. Every month of the year featured at least one or two spectacular scenes, and in some months, there were many, many more. So I decided to do two posts, starting with the first half of 2012.

Many of the images in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at bberwyn@comcast.net. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism!

Pine Cove campground, Frisco, Colorado

An April sunrise at Pine Cove, Frisco, Colorado.

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Colorado: Approaching the winter solstice


Winter sun. Bob Berwyn photo.

Tuesday’s sunset the earliest of the year; afternoons will start getting longer on Dec. 12

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — If you’re tired of the sun setting behind the western mountains in the middle of the afternoon, fear not, there’s some relief in sight. As of today (Dec. 4) the sun has completed its southward peregrination along the western horizon, which means the afternoons won’t get any shorter.

For the next few days, the sun will set at nearly the same spot at 4:40 p.m. Then, starting Dec. 12, it will start to set a little bit later each day. By December 31, sunset will be a full 10 minutes later, at 4:50 p.m. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunrise, sunset …

Better and better

The meadow.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Just when you think it can’t get any better … the sky ignites in an almost unbelievable display of vibrant colors, with clouds just at the right height so they reflect light back on the foreground, so you end up with balanced lighting and not just a colorful sky against a dark foreground. Even my teenage son was impressed, which means it was pretty awesome. He was also impressed by the recent series of stellar sunrises we’ve had. At one point he even commented, “We’ve had like four awesome sunrises in a row; what’s up with that?” I didn’t have the heart to tell hime that those sunrise scenes are more frequent than he might think. He just noticed them in the past few weeks because they were happening at the time that he’s actually outside, on his way to school, with his eyes open. Regardless, I’m glad he notices and appreciates these little gifts. Continue reading

Morning photo: Adieu, winter …

Or perhaps, Au Revoir?

A powerful wave cloud over the Continental Divide lights up in the glow of sunset.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Not a lot of words, just a few of our our favorite pics from the waning weeks of winter. Be sure to check out our online galleries at RedBubble and Imagekind, where you can buy matted and framed prints, greeting cards and other goodies to help support independent journalism in Summit County.

Same view, different sunset, different colors.

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Morning photo: Sky

More than just a backdrop …

Who needs Northern Lights?

SUMMIT COUNTY — Since I often photograph the same places (generally within a few minutes walk from my home and office) I tend to look at the sky to give the scene a fresh look, and I’ve been amazed, over the past couple of years, how often it obliges. Some shots from the past few months show how the season, time of day and other factors can illuminate the sky above Summit County in so many different ways. Continue reading


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