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Morning photo: Wetlands morning

(Mostly) unfiltered


Vertical landscape, to emphasize the deep reflections in the pond. This is an unfiltered, unedited shot straight out of the iPhone.

FRISCO — It’s probably no secret, but not all the images in this ongoing series are morning shots (although many are). But today’s sunrise was so cool that I just decided to post a set showing some different flavors of the same scene, with all the shots taken within a half hour and all within a mile of Summit Voice headquarters in Frisco. If the rest of the day is as good as the sunrise, well, it should be pretty spectacular! Continue reading

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Morning photo: Little miracles

Day by day …


Spring raindrops cling to a willow branch in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — All things considered, every day is a little miracle on this great spinning blue marble of ours. For all the hubbub of daily life, the sun keeps coming up, seasons change, plants grow … snow falls and melts. Even if the face of chaos, there’s a soothing rhythm to the cycles of nature, a place of solace and comfort. Take a minute each day to drink it all in. Step outside, take a deep breath and get grounded! Click on the images to see them full size, and visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more landscape, nature and travel images.
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Morning photo: Saturday set

Spring light


Gore Range glow.

FRISCO — The equinox is still a week away, but there are signs of spring in the air. Days and nights are nearly equal length, and the higher sun angle in the middle part of the day adds a new dimension to forest scenes. All these images, except one, were taken in the morning. Can you guess which is an afternoon shot? If you like our daily snapshot series, visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America, featuring the best Summit County landscape images available as prints or greeting cards. Continue reading

Morning photo: Super Summit!

Weekend beauty


Sunset over the Continental Divide.

FRISCO —Squeezed in amid the bustle of a busy weekend, we managed to get out for a few sunrise and sunset strolls with dogs and cameras — and we’re glad that we did. The classic November wave cloud formed over Grays and Torreys peaks, two 14ers along the Continental Divide, lighting up the sky both at sunset and sunrise, developing colors that are almost indescribably rich. All in all, a good weekend for photography in Summit County! Check out our online gallery at Fine Art America for more landscape images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Building weather …

Summit County eyecandy

Peak 1 Frisco Colorado

Early evening light slants below an approaching storm to illuminate the Tenmile Range near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO —A short set in honor the impending seasonal changes, often marked by the impressive build-up of wave and lenticular clouds over the highest terrain. Wave clouds form when the wind flow is perpendicular to the mountain fronts. The reason they often form in the autumn is because the prevailing wind pattern shifts as the westerlies start to dominate, putting the Front Range mountains and the Continental Divide into the weather cross hairs. These are all iPhone shots taken in the past two days around Summit County and Dillon Reservoir Continue reading

Morning photo: The glow …

Mountain light


Scruffy forest at dawn, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Those minutes just before the sun comes up are the most precious of all. For a short time, it’s like somebody pressed the pause button on the day, just to take it all in before racing ahead with the to-and-fro of daily life. Once the sun crests the skyline, there’s no going back, but in those penultimate seconds, anything seems possible. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunup

Early bird photography

The quiet moment just before sunrise.

The contemplative moment just before sunrise.

FRISCO —Sometimes it’s hard to get up before the sun, especially in the early summer, when sunrise is brutally early. But it’s always worth it, especially when there’s calm water to mirror the rising sun. Visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more stunning Summit County landscape shots


Just a mirror for the sun … (with apologies to the RHCP).

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Morning Photo: Daybreak …

Frisco Bay

*My son surprised me by getting up early a few days ago, right in the middle of summer vacation, to go down to the reservoir and shoot this sunrise timelapse video.

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s great to see even the shallow areas along the west end of the Reservoir around Frisco refilling, where fields of grasses, flowers and invasive weeds were starting to make themselves at home. In a way, it feels a little like a flood, with water rising over long-dry areas and inundating all the new growth. A few more stills to go along with Dylan’s video …

peak 1

Looking away from the sun to catch the glow on the Tenmile Range.


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Morning photo: Eyecandy III

Technicolor …

Alpenglow on Guyot and Baldy.

Alpenglow on Guyot and Baldy.

FRISCO —Every now and then I get to post a short set of images that don’t really need a lot of verbiage …


Gore Range, morning light.

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Morning photo: Sometimes the lights all shining on me …

Can you feel it?


Sunrise over the Tenmile Range.

FRISCO —In the end, photography is all about light, right? And sometimes that light is just so powerful that you can almost reach out and touch it. Experiencing those moments is one thing; capturing them successfully with a camera is quite another. Sometimes, just snapping off a series of shots and hoping for the best seems to work, but most often, I revisit spots where I can anticipate what’s going to happen, based on where the sun will rise (or set) and what the clouds are like on a particular day. Did I mention clouds? They are a key ingredient to giving the light that palpable depth. Here are a few of may favorites from the last half year or so … Continue reading


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