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Morning photo: Best and brightest?

Kodachrome moments in Colorado

buff sunset

As Dillon Reservoir filled, it inundated shoreline meadows, creating a weird dynamic ecosystem at water’s edge. Rapid, cyclical fluctuations in water levels is part of what makes reservoirs big sources of greenhouse gases.

FRISCO — So many spots, so close to home! What a blessing, as a photographer, to live in an area with so many photo ops, from daisies bathed by the morning sun, to the warm alpenglow on Peak 1. The daisies, of course, are growing right outside our front door in a raised flowerbed in one of the most densely populated areas in Summit County. All the rest of the shots are taken within a few miles our Frisco home, Enjoy!

dew drops on daisies ...

dew drops on daisies …

Same sunset, different angle, different Instagram filter.

Same sunset, different angle, different Instagram filter.

Early morning Columbine along Swan Mountain Road.

Early morning Columbine along Swan Mountain Road.

cooling it off!

cooling it off!


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Colorado: Spring flood cuts off road to Montezuma

High runoff taking a toll on roads


Flood waters caused a major washout of Montezuma Road in Summit County, Colorado. Photo courtesy Summit County Road and Bridge.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Spring runoff is starting to take a toll on high country roads, with a major washout reported along Montezuma Road and minor flooding in other areas, including a partial washout on the Meadow Creek trailhead road in Frisco.

East of Keystone, Summit County officials reported a 45-washout of Montezuma Road, leaving Montezuma residents withouth vehicular access. According to the county, the road is washed out 15-feet deep near the Peru Creek trailhead. Continue reading

Summit County eyes winter road closures

New rules would mesh with management of national forest lands


Summit County officials are considering a request to close parts of several local roads, including Baldy Mountain Road, to winter motorized recreational traffic. Maps of the other roads are online at the Summit County planning department website.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Summit County officials will take input on a request to ban winter motorized recreation on three county roads:

  • Gold Run Gulch Road/CR 300 (from the Gold Run Trailhead on the north to the intersection with CR 456 on the south)
  • Baldy Road/CR 520 (from the Baldy Trailhead at Emmet Lode/CR 536 to the road’s terminus on Baldy Mountain)
  • Boreas Pass Road/CR 10 (from the Boreas Pass Trailhead to Boreas Pass)

An open house on the request is set for Nov. 19, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in the BOCC Hearing Room at the County Courthouse in Breckenridge. More detailed project information and maps will be available at the open house and can also be found on the Special Projects section of the Summit County Community Development website at: http://www.co.summit.co.us/index.aspx?NID=837. Continue reading

Morning photo: Evening light

In the shadows …


A black and white rendering of some frozen falls along North Tenmile Creek.

FRISCO — I am, for sure, a morning person and probably 75 percent of my photos are taken before noon. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good sunset — I do, and many of the Summit Voice photo sets include those end-of-the-day vibes, but I’m definitely at my best and most inspired right around sunrise. But around this time of year, evening comes early — so early that I feel like it’s intruding into my day. Not complaining, just saying …

So Thursday evening, I headed up along North Tenmile Creek to revisit a few spots that I thought might be good in the evening light. Turns out I was just a bit late, and blue shadows dominated the canyon. I will have to rethink my strategy but in the meantime, here are a few evening scenes from around the Frisco area. Please visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Colorado: State wildlife experts support grassroots push to improve wildlife safety along Highway 9


Wildlife underpasses could help improve safety along Colorado Highway 9 between Green Mountain Reservoir and Kremmling.

Improvements would reduce costly and deadly vehicle-wildlife collisions

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado wildlife officials say they’re supporting a grassroots drive to raise money for wildlife overpasses and underpasses along Highway 9, near Kremmling. The goal is to reduce the number of vehicle-wildlife collisions on a 10.6-mile stretch of the highway between Green Mountain Reservoir and the Colorado River near Kremmling.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, wildlife collisions in this area have led to nearly 600 vehicular accidents in the last 20 years, including 16 human fatalities and almost 200 injuries. About 35 percent of the collisions were wildlife related. In addition, there have been nearly 450 animals killed — mostly mule deer — in the last eight years. Continue reading

Summit Voice: Most viewed stories & weekend headlines

Health, environment and climate in the news

Dillon Reservoir.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A health story about the link between exposure to PCBs and breast cancer was the run-away top story of the week, garnering more than 4,000 page views, followed by a handful of environment and weather stories that each picked up between 650 and 900 views. Click on the headline to read the story and use the share buttons at the end of each post to share the love.

Weekend Headlines:

Morning photo: Lake Hill sunrise

Perfect sunrise

Full moon setting Sunday, Sept. 30, over Buffalo Mountain, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Sunday morning’s session started out as a quest to capture a few shots of the moon set, but I was running a little late, so my hasty set-up at the Old Dillon Reservoir trail head didn’t yield the best shots. Once the moon dropped behind Buffalo’s broad shoulder, I meandered up the trail to the edge of the new Old Dillon Reservoir, which still awaits its first fill. It’s a great spot for morning panos, with a sweeping view from the Continental Divide near the Eisenhower Tunnel, to Grays and Torreys and west to a semi-compressed view of the Tenmile Range. With breakfast or school lunches to prepare, I had a little extra time to wait out the sunrise, a Rocky Mountain classic with multiple layers of clouds helping create some amazing light.

Instead of just squeezing off a few quick shots, I had time to experiment with different camera settings to maximize the dramatic light spilling down the canyons.

Continue reading


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