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Morning photo: Springtime in the Rockies?

Fickle season

Raindrops on redbud willow in mid-April, Summit County, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Spring is a fickle season no matter where you are, and that’s especially true in the Colorado High Country, where it snow well into June. But if you look closely, you’ll find signs of the impending seasonal change; swelling buds, fringes of green grass in the warmer spots, or maybe the ruby flash of a redwing blackbird in the willows.

The ice usually starts to melt away along the edge of Dillon Reservoir in late April, making room for the reflection of some puffy spring clouds.

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Morning photo: Best of the week

Just a little photography …

We started the weekly photoblogs last week with a look at light. Click on the image for more.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Monday is the day for look back at the week in photos, with each image linking to one of the photoblogs from the previous week. If you like what you see here, consider supporting independent journalism by visiting our online galleries at Imagekind or RedBubble, where we have a selection of prints and notecards for sale. Also, visit Summit Voice on Flickr and join our new Frisco group. Continue reading

Morning photo: Light

Around the mountains

A drive-by scene along Mt. Evans Road.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Even if the scene is somewhat mundane or familiar, the sky sets up just right to cast a new light on the scene. Sometimes you can see it coming, other times, it’s just pure luck, being in the right place at the right time.

None of the elements on their own in this picture are overwhelming. Even most of the flowers in the foreground look out of focus (they were blowing around in a strong breeze. Yet everytime I scroll through the archives I linger on this shot, purely because of the tender light.

None of the elements on their own in this picture are overwhelming. Even most of the flowers in the foreground look out of focus (they were blowing around in a strong breeze. Yet everytime I scroll through the archives I linger on this shot, purely because of the tender light.

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Morning photo: We LOVE our snow!

Forget the shovel, time to wax your boards …

Frisco resident Leigh Wadden revels in some fresh Colorado powder.

SUMMIT COUNTY — In some places, snow is seen as an inconvenience, but that’s not the case at all in the Colorado high country, where it’s something to be celebrated. And this winter, we’ve had good reason to rejoice, with above-average snowfall leading to great ski conditions and, so far, a snowpack surplus that will help ensure plentiful water this summer. Let’s hope it keeps on coming. Enjoy some snow pics from around Summit County in the photoblog. The rest of the pics, after the break … Continue reading

2010 in pictures: October – December

Fall to winter

Muted autumn colors at the Meadow Creek wetlands in Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Autumn light in the mountains is brilliant, and the low angle of the sun opens up new doors for photographers. Plus, you don’t have to get out of bed at an extreme hour to catch the sunrise. We’re wrapping up the 2010 photo review with scenes from October, November and December, including a few spectacular sunrise scenes and some shots from our favorite spots on the shores of Dillon Reservoir. Continue reading

Morning photo: Just another sunrise …

Looking Christmas-y in Summit County

A chilly morning hike the Meadow Creek wetlands to wait for this moment.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Photographing the sunrise in winter (technically still late fall) is interesting. I love the contrast between the cold blueness of the snow when it’s still in the shadows against fiery hues as the sun rims up over the horizon. But it’s not the easiest light to capture. I’ve been thinking about learning HDR techniques to see if it could help in lighting like this. The eye tends to balance things out, but the camera is unforgiving and shows the dark foreground as it is. All these images have been post-process to varying degrees to create just a bit more balance between the foreground and the sky. if you like what you see, consider visiting our online galleries at RedBubble and Imagekind. More pics after the break. Continue reading

Morning photo: Winter settles in

It’s not always easy …

Rosehips in the snow.

SUMMIT COUNTY — On the surface, it seems like it should be — easy, that is. Red berries, white snow … a photographers dream, right? So last winter, when I managed to capture some of these rosehips gleaming in the early winter sun, set against the backdrop of cool blue shadows, I was psyched. Since then I’ve gone out and tried to recreate similar scenes. While I’ve come up with a few decent shots, I haven’t quite found that magical recipe of light and shadow again, but I will keep trying. Continue reading

Morning photo: Chasing the solstice

Winter shadows, winter light

Love the contrast between the sunlit rosehip and the cold blue snow shadow.

Summit County — Coming up on the solstice, I look for angles of sunlight that only happen a few days each year, when the sun rises in what always seems to be a strange place on the horizon. It’s amazing how different the same spot can look at different times of the year. Check out a few more scenes after the break, and visit the Summit Voice RedBubble gallery online to get your copy of the Summit County calendar in time for the start of the new year. Continue reading

Morning photo: Freezing over


Sunrise light gleams off a small opening in the ice on Dillon Reservoir.

Summit County — Hadn’t been down to the shore of Dillon Reservoir for a while, but I wasn’t surprised to see the shallow waters of Frisco and Heaton Bay starting to freeze over. The average date for the complete freeze-over of the reservoir is just before Christmas, and with temperatures hovering close to normal for the season, we should be right on track. More photos after the break. Continue reading

Morning photo: Summit snow

Catching the light fantastic …

The peaks of the Gore Range catch fire with the first rays of sun.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Taking a cue from the magpies that perch in tip of an aspen outside my kitchen window (scroll to the last picture), I try to get out early some mornings to catch the first light. It’s refreshing, therapeutic and rewarding, and wakes me up even better than that first cup of coffee. Following are a few scenes from recent daybreak (and one sunset) moments around Summit County. Click on read more to see the rest … Continue reading


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