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Morning photo: Mountain colors

All of a sudden …

Wild iris in full bloom.

Wild iris in full bloom.

FRISCO — And just like that, it’s all about summer in the high country, wildflowers bursting madly forth in bloom, brimming lakes and reservoirs and all sorts of moody thunderstorm light in the evenings, with tinted sunshine slanting through the dissipating clouds. Winter may have it’s subtle beauties, but many summer photo sessions are “in your face” kind of events, where a half dozen bright and shiny things are competing for your attention. Continue reading

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Morning photo: Saturday set

Ready for summer?

It's the first day of summer, and I'm missing winter already!

It’s the first day of summer, and I’m missing winter already!

FRISCO — We’re celebrating the first day of summer by looking back through the archives to see how the transition between seasons unfolded this year. For a while, it felt like winter was going to last forever, with snowfall well in May. But finally, the winter pattern gave way to what passes for spring in the high country. As always, Mother Nature seems to be in a really hurry to shift into summer mode, with wildflowers abloom even before the last few snow berms melt. If you enjoy our daily snapshots, visit our online gallery at Fine Art America to check out our collection of landscape and nature images from Summit County. Buying a print or greeting cards is a great way to support independent journalism! Continue reading

Morning photo: Some sky drama

When the sun goes down …

FRISCO — A quick Instagram set from Summit County’s highways and byways. Continue reading

Morning photo: Moon glow and wildflowers

Summer’s coming!

A kind of weird low-light exposure of the moon rising above Dillon Reservoir.

A kind of weird low-light exposure of the moon rising above Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — Another full moon came and went in Summit County, the last during the spring season, and at the same time, fields and forests are busting out what promises to be a fine display of seasonal wildflowers. It’s always a little disconcerting to see bright blooms in places where snow berms lingered just a few weeks ago, but it’s a good reminder that it’s time to start planning those outdoor summer adventures before the season slips away … Continue reading

Morning photo: Saturday set

Out and about …

Meadow Creek, near Frisco, Colorado, raging with spring runoff.

Meadow Creek, near Frisco, Colorado, raging with spring runoff.

FRISCO — Spring in the high country is not a leisurely affair by any stretch of the imagination. One day, it’s dumping snow, the next, it’s 70 degrees and you can almost watch the grass grow an inch in just a few hours. Everything seems to be in hurry to take advantage of the warmer weather. Streams rush down from the high alpine crags, and wildflowers seem to be racing each other to bloom — and in some cases, they are racing to win the services of the earliest pollinating insects. Everything is condensed into a few frenzied weeks of growth and change before the stasis of summer arrives. Continue reading

Morning photo: Cloudscapes

Look up …

Billowing would be the word!

Billowing would be the word!

FRISCO — Quite the display of cloud power the last few days, as massive thunderstorms loomed up over the Rocky Mountains and then blew eastward, out over the plains. Here are a few shots taken the last few days right here in Frisco, Colorado, most withing walking distance of Summit Voice headquarters. Catch our gallery of Colorado nature and landscape images at Fine Art America. Continue reading

Morning photo: Vistas

 Lights, camera …


Guyot and Baldy, under the glow.

FRISCO — Every now and then the evening sky lights up with a vengeance, often when (and where) you least expect it. It’s almost a kind of guessing game, at least in terms of photography and finding the right spot to be to take advantage of that fire in the sky. Having some reflective water or silhouetted tree branches in the foreground is always good, right? Enjoy the daily snapshots and visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Insta-Thursday!

Just a little iPhone fun …

FRISCO — Quick post, a few shots from strolls around Frisco and Dillon Reservoir. Summer light is here, framed through lodgepole pine branches and mirrored on the surface of the Meadow Creek wetlands with a mound of thunderstorms building over the Continental Divide. Continue reading

Morning photo: Water vapor

Cloudscapes …

An impressive pile of clouds over the Continental Divide at sunset.

An impressive pile of clouds over the Continental Divide at sunset.

FRISCO — Now that we’ve had a couple of more normal June-type days (hot and windy), I’m already missing all the moisture we enjoyed last month, mainly because it’s the key ingredient for the formation of interesting clouds in Summit County skies. We probably don’t need any more rain right now, considering that stream flows are near all-time record highs, but just remember, three weeks of weather like today and some forests, especially at lower elevations, will be susceptible to wildfire. In Colorado, you’re really never more than a few dry months away from a drought, so enjoy the wetness while you can. Continue reading

Morning photo: Saturday set

Finding the light …


Lookout point.

FRISCO — The steep eastern escarpment of the Gore Range has always fascinated me, and also reminded me of my old stomping grounds around Mammoth Lakes, where the Sierra Nevada similarly rises sharply from rolling forests and sage foothills. From deep in the valley, you only get a hint of the full scale of the range; it’s not until you drive up the Williams Fork Range a ways that you start to really see the deep vertical relief. Visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more landscape and nature photography from Colorado. Continue reading


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