Morning photo: Morning, noon & night …

Friday fotos


Summit County sunrise.

FRISCO —A lot of times, the morning photo set is compiled from different sessions on different days, but today’s all are from a single day. Before dawn on Friday morning, I could see a wave cloud setting up over the Divide, a little higher and farther west than usual, but it still looked like it could catch that morning sunrise glow, so I headed down to the Meadow Creek wetlands to take it in, and to let the dogs romp. In the middle of the day, the same peaks were bathed in bright sunshine — almost too bright for a good picture, and later in the afternoon, I set out to try and get a waterfall shot with a little more light, to try and avoid that blue glow (which can be nice, but it gets old). And the sunset? It was out of this world! Please visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: November!

An early winter feeling …


Snake River ice with an ethereal glow as the first few rays of morning sun penetrate the shadows of the canyon.

FRISCO —Every now and then I post a photo set that probably doesn’t need a whole lot of verbiage, except may to say that nature continually, every single day, totally blows my mind. The ice formations along our local streams and creeks change from day to day, and the light is never the same. Even if a morning looks the same, superficially, as the day before; even if I go back to the same spot at the exact same time, it’s different. That’s not to say I don’t work for some of these images. Sometimes I’m wading in icy water up to my ankles, trying to find a stable spot for the tripod. Sometimes the tripod just won’t work, so I look for flat rocks, use a hat or glove as a pad and press the camera tightly to try and prevent shaking during exposures long exposures. And other times, I just point the iPhone and shoot … Visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Colorado landscape images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Best of October

Classic Colorado …


October skies over the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —October is definitely one of my favorite months for photography in the Colorado high country. Along with the changing leaves, we usually get our first snowfalls, and the shifting hemispheric weather patterns often bring spectacular wave cloud formations over the Continental Divide. Frost and ice start to form along streams and lakes, and sometimes we even get warm, summer-like days. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the past few weeks. Please visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: Freezing up!

Fall fading to winter …

Winter river

The first rays of dawn burst into the cool blue shadows of the Snake River Canyon.

FRISCO —A couple of snowy days with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark can make all the difference in the waning days of October. At 9,000 feet, it suddenly feels more like winter than fall. The trees are bare and on the shady hillsides the snow probably won’t melt until March or April. And unless we get one of those bombshell sunrises or sunsets, it can be a little challenging for photographers when skies are gray all day. For me, it’s time to head for the creeks, where the ice is forming ever-changing, ephemeral sculptures. Please visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: Hot-n-cold

Contrasts …


So what do you call an upside-down icicle?

FRISCO —Trying to cover the spectrum from the coldest blues to the warmest reds in this photo set made me reach back into the archives for a few summer sunset and sunrise pics to intersperse with the recent ice shots in the Snake River Basin. It’s pretty amazing to me to see the contrasts in the natural world from day to day and season to season. Of course, a lot of days are more in-between, but we won’t talk about those. Please visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: Early ice

Snake River scenes


Just above the Blight Placer, the Snake River dances between shadows and early morning sunlight. The trick, for a photographer, is to find the balance.

FRISCO — With most of the brilliant fall colors waning, I decided to trek up along the Snake River, between Keystone and Montezuma, a few weeks earlier than usual to check out the ice formations and to see if this time of year might be good for perfecting my frozen waterfall photography skills. As usual, the Snake didn’t disappoint — in the shadowy canyon, the boulders are already coated with luminous ice, and a couple of hours after sunrise, the lighting was pretty good, bright enough to banish the murky blue shadows, but dark enough to allow for slower shutter speeds to blur the water. Check out the Summit Voice online gallery at Fine Art America more more Summit County landscape photography. Continue reading

Summit County: Should hazmat trucks use I-70?

Installation of fire suppression system in the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels could spur discussion on hazmat routing


Hazmat routes are ubiquitous along Colorado’s major highways.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — With $25 million in funding secured for a long-sought fire suppression system in the I-70 Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels, a debate over hazmat routing through Summit County could heat up again. In a first step, CDOT will start a process to update the 1980s-era rules for the tunnel, potentially opening the door to a petition process that could result in changes to the hazmat route.

Currently, gasoline tankers and nearly all other hazardous materials are routed via U.S. Highway 6 over windy Loveland Pass, where tankers frequently roll over and spill fuel. Most truckers would prefer to haul their flammable, toxic and explosive materials through the tunnel and down I-70 to save time and money, but local emergency responders aren’t sure if the change makes sense from a public safety standpoint.

“This is going to require some very careful evaluation,” said Summit County emergency services director Joel Cochran, acknowledging that there have already been some behind-the-scenes discussions among some stakeholders. Continue reading

Morning photo: From the mundane to the sublime

It’s all how you look at it


Twin Peaks.

FRISCO —Man, I really, REALLY love that Grays, Torreys, Grizzly skyline. For as many pics as I’ve snapped of those summits, I can’t find two that are the same. Then, there’s the mundane that become sublime in the eye of the beholder, like a simple aspen leaf laying in the snow, or something that’s sublime to begin with, like a bend in the river with serendipitous sunshine shafting across the cured grass to the very fringe of the forest. It’s all good … Continue reading

Morning photo: Season of light

October skies


Sunday morning brought a layer of skim ice to edge of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — By now, I shouldn’t be surprised when the skies light up on these early October mornings. Autumn brings wave clouds along and over the Continental Divide, and when the sun lights those clouds from beneath, it’s pure magic. And along the shores of Dillon Reservoir, there are hints of the season of frost, ice and snow that’s just around the corner. Here’s what it looked like Sunday morning. Continue reading

Morning photo: Weekend smorgasbord

A little bit of this …


A pre-dawn glow over Mt. Baldy, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Saturday was full of contrasts, including a pre-dawn photo shoot at Dillon Reservoir with the first single-digit temps of the season — well worth it for the display of color in the autumn sky. By early afternoon we were at the Cottonwood Farm pumpkin patch in east Boulder, where we leisurely selected a few prime specimens and even wandered through the corn maze before enjoying some tasty BBQ at KT’s. All in all, not a bad day in Colorado! Continue reading


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