Morning photo: Sunday strolling

Ok, so it’s Tuesday …


Almost looks like autumn.

FRISCO — Sunday’s morning stroll took me up along the Tenderfoot Trail, near Dillon, where I watched an unusual early morning thunderstorm form directly overhead, then dissipate as fast as it formed. The gray clouds weren’t exactly what I was looking for when I went out to shoot photos, but you work with you get, right? And patience paid off, as I did manage to get within range of a mountain bluebird (see below). Later in the day, we trekked out to a vantage point to watch our resident bald eagles fledge their chicks, hiking back to the road just as the sun dipped behind Buffalo Mountain, to end another perfect weekend in the Colorado high country. Continue reading

Morning photo: Spring greens

Aspens and meadows in Colorado


The Lower Blue Valley, north of Silverthorne, Colorado, is greening up nicely in this view from along Ute Pass Road.

FRISCO — A cool and foggy morning after a rainy night seemed like a good time to go out and chase down the first real greens of spring. Just a little way down the Blue River Valley, the aspens are already quite a bit farther along than in the higher elevations of Summit County and the runoff is sheeting down the valley in broad roadside flows and spilling out of every ditch. As always, it’s feast or famine in Colorado, and we’ve been wet for about a year now. It should be an incredible wildflower season! Continue reading

Morning photo: Signs of spring?

It’s about time!


Check out how the willow catkin first opens on the sun-exposed top side. I used my old Fuji Finepix compact digital for this because it has a good macro function.

FRISCO — Slowly, almost grudgingly at first, spring advances with hints of green fuzz at the edge of some meadows and willows budding in the wetlands. Sometimes I have to remind myself that May in the high country is the equivalent of March at lower elevations, and that’s OK. It’s kind of exciting to see all that seasonal action compressed into a single month. Visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Best of April

Month of contrasts …

colorado sunrise

A straight out of the iPhone HDR shot, Meadow Creek wetlands, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — What a month! Seemingly endless snowfall, at least for a while, with a major meltdown under way at valley elevations at the same time. As always, April was a month of contrasts, reflected by the images in our monthly compilation. From fiery sunrise to icy mornings and full moons, you can find more Summit County landscape and nature photography at our Fine Art America online gallery. Continue reading

Morning photo: Saturday set

Skeleton ice


Ice at Pine Cove.

FRISCO — After months of stasis, things are changing fast in Summit County. with patches of green grass emerging from the side of snowbanks, as well as melting ice on local streams and, of course, Dillon Reservoir. It’s a great time to get out and see things visibly changing from day to day, and even hour to hour. In some of the coves facing the prevailing winds, ice from the winter piled up in great clumps and mounds, and as the surrounding snow melts away, you can see the structures that formed in the ice sheet to begin with — that’s why I call it skeleton ice. Continue reading

Morning photo: A little bit of everything

Falling … melting … repeat!


Sun’s rising, snow’s falling … just another day!

FRISCO — A few roadside treats from around Colorado … even when I’m not on a photo mission, I’m amazed at the variety of landscapes and the quality of light in random roadside ditches and around neighborhood ponds. Some snapshots from the past few days in Summit County, Colorado. Please visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more landscape and nature images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Insta-spring?



The Meadow Creek wetlands in Frisco are coming to life under a warm spring sun.

FRISCO — There is something bittersweet about watching winter’s remnants melt away. Just like with any ending, you always wish there was just a little bit more, while already looking forward to whatever is next. These shots, all taken the past few days on an iPhone, are all edited via Instagram filters, showing how and why the app has really earned a place in the hearts of many photographers. Visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images. Continue reading


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