Dec. 25: Sunday funnies!

Get your giggle on …

By Scotty Bondo.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Some Christmas weekend humor from local artist, entertainer and free-heeling, free-wheeling skier Scotty Bondo. Visit him online at for more good stuff and scroll down for more cartoons along with a classic Charlie Brown Christmas video via YouTube. Continue reading

Summit Voice: Sunday funnies Dec. 18

Life in the high country … and some classic Peanuts!

By Scotty Bondo.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Talented local artist, entertainer and radio DJ Scotty Bondo shares his weekly insights into life in the high country and much more. Visit Bondo online at Continue reading

Dec. 11: Sunday funnies!

A little climate change humor fits right in with the joke that resulted from the COP17 climate talks in Durban

By Scotty Bondo.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Feeling so fortunate to have talented local artist Scotty Bondo doing some Sunday funnies for Summit Voice. You can find classic Calvin and Hobbes and other comic strips at the website. Guilt-free laughter – no paper, no trees! Continue reading

Summit Voice: Sunday funnies

Everybody’s talking about the weather … and Christmas!

By Scotty Bondo.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Local artist Scotty Bondo shares his weekly revelations with Summit Voice readers in the online Sunday funnies. Continue reading

Sunday funnies – online

How about a smile with your Sunday brunch …

By Scotty Bondo.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Local artist, raconteur and all-around good guy Scotty Bondo shares his riffs with Summit Voice and the world in our online Sunday funnies. Visit Scotty online at Continue reading

Sunday funnies

Time to chuckle and smile …

By Scotty Bondo.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I was stoked a few days ago when I got an email from Scotty Bondo offering up a couple of his cartoons for publication in Summit Voice. I’ve always thought that we generally take ourselves too seriously as journalists — maybe that’s how the whole tradition of newspaper comics got started — some levity to balance all the bad news. It got me thinking that an online journalism platform is actually an ideal place for some cartoon action. Along with still drawings, you could post short animated clips from Youtube and other sources. I’m going to explore that idea in the next few weeks and see what I can find. Meanwhile enjoy the rest of Scotty’s cartoons and a classic Yogi Bear clip via YouTube. And if you know of any other good sources for online humor and cartoons, let me know in the comment section below. And check him out online at Continue reading


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