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Morning photo: Rocky Mountain love …

Weekend shots


Tenderfoot boulder.

FRISCO — Get up early, grab the camera, load up the dogs … sounds routine, doesn’t it? But the reality is, you never know what you’re going to find. Like Sunday, when I waited and waited, watching the clouds, but unsure if the sunrise was really going to light up the sky. By the time I started along the Dam Road I could see that the sky would be dramatic, not with pinks and oranges, but with light and shadow, which can really help give pictures some depth. And I threw the sculling shot into the mix just because I love the color and the composition! Please have a look at our online Fine Art America gallery for more great Rocky Mountain nature and landscape image. Continue reading

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Morning photo: Some sky drama

When the sun goes down …

FRISCO — A quick Instagram set from Summit County’s highways and byways. Continue reading

Morning photo: Saturday set

Out and about …

Meadow Creek, near Frisco, Colorado, raging with spring runoff.

Meadow Creek, near Frisco, Colorado, raging with spring runoff.

FRISCO — Spring in the high country is not a leisurely affair by any stretch of the imagination. One day, it’s dumping snow, the next, it’s 70 degrees and you can almost watch the grass grow an inch in just a few hours. Everything seems to be in hurry to take advantage of the warmer weather. Streams rush down from the high alpine crags, and wildflowers seem to be racing each other to bloom — and in some cases, they are racing to win the services of the earliest pollinating insects. Everything is condensed into a few frenzied weeks of growth and change before the stasis of summer arrives. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunday set

Rocky Mountain magic


Country roads …

FRISCO — Not a whole lot to say about this recent series other than that spring in Colorado rocks. Sunny, snow, hot, cold, rain, lighting … sometimes all on the same day. Check out the rest of the set and visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County nature and landscape shots. Continue reading

Morning photo: Medley …

Summit vistas


A short evening hike on the Ptarmigan Peak Trail, in Silverthorne, Colorado, led to this overlook, with late-evening light painting the rock outcrop and the sky over Guyot and Baldy.

FRISCO — In-between light has always been my favorite and right now, in late April, it’s easy to find because it happens at a convenient time of day. In the morning, I can roll out of bed and scoot down to the edge of the wetlands near our neighborhood to capture images like the sunrise scene below. And evening twilight is right at that perfect post-dinner moment, but not so late that the whole day feels like it’s over when it finally gets dark. So roll on, April, and let’s get to May and some spring wildflowers. Visit our online photo gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County nature and landscape images. Continue reading

Global warming stretches Rocky Mountain wildflower season


In response to global warming, pasque flowers are blooming earlier in the spring in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. bberwyn photo.

Colorado ecosystems will see profound changes

Staff Report

FRISCO — The Rocky Mountain wildflower season is about one month longer than it was just a few decades ago.

That  may be pleasant for hikers and photographers, but the rapid shift in the timing of seasonal blooming will have profound consequences for birds and bugs that depend on the blooms for food.

The 39-year study shows  more than two-thirds of alpine flowers have changed their blooming pattern in response to climate change. Half the flowers start to bloom weeks earlier, more than a third are reaching their peak bloom earlier, and others are producing their last blooms later in the year. Continue reading

Morning photo: Blue & pink

Crepuscular …


Dawn light over the Continental Divide.

FRISCO — So I’ve done several black and white sets during the past few years, but I’ve never done one that focuses on the almost otherworldly combination of deep blue snowy shadows and sunrise- or sunset-tinged clouds. I usually prefer to wait until there’s just a bit more light on the foreground, or until the snow surface manages to pick up a little sky glow. But more often than not, the strong contrast prevails, cold and warm tones competing for attention. Visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images. Continue reading


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