Morning photo: May snow

Bonus powder

Fence line.

Fence line.

FRISCO —I never thought I’d be shooting snowscapes in early May, but then again, living at 9,000 feet in the Colorado high country, you just never know. At this point, it can’t even be billed as the last storm, with the National Weather Service forecasting a chance of more unsettled weather next week. Of course, cool conditions in late spring aren’t unprecedented. Old-timers will remember Cinco de Mayo powder days at A-Basin and even Breckenridge back in the 1980s. A wet spring often helps ease Colorado out one of its periodic droughts. In any case Frisco was sparkling Thursday morning. Here’s what it looked like. Continue reading

Morning photo: signs of spring

meltdown …

A stand of aspens is partially submerged by a spring snowmelt pond near the Meadow Creek trailhead in Frisco, Colorado.

A stand of aspens is partially submerged by a spring snowmelt pond near the Meadow Creek trailhead in Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY —At long last, the melt season has started in the Colorado high country, nearly a month later than last year. As it goes in the mountains, things change in a hurry once it warms up. Tender green sprouts shoot up at the edge of crusty snowbanks, sometimes growing an inch per day. There’s not a lot of time — at 10,000 feet, most plants have to reach flowering stage within just a couple of months. Springtime in the Rockies! Continue reading

Morning photo: By the light of the moon …

Rocky Mountain glow


Morning alpenglow on the Gore Range, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —Friday brought a lovely April morning to go out and capture a few images of the full moon setting over the Gore Range. Sure, the snow is a bit crusty for hiking, but it’ll be melted soon enough — at least at lower elevations. But for now, it was one more wintry scene from the flanks of Tenderfoot Mountain, and a spectacular alpenglow to go along with the spectacle of the setting moon. If you like these images, please visit our online Summit County gallery at Imagekind, and also at FineArt America, featuring an amazing selection of Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: ‘Pink’ moon?

Clearing skies …


The almost-full moon rising over the snow-covered Rockies.

FRISCO —April’s full moon is sometimes called the pink moon for slightly obscure reasons, according to my sources, who say the name is related to pink flowers that start blooming this time of year. The April moon is sometimes also called the egg moon, the full sprouting-grass moon or the full fish moon. Regardless of what it’s called, it was nice to see clear skies once again after a spate of stormy April weather.
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Morning photo: White and blue

Feels like the peak of winter …


One of my favorite trees in Summit County, with a natural, wind-sculpted bonsai shape.

The morning photo essay is sponsored by locally owned and managed Copper Condos. Click for info on lodging deals at Copper and Frisco.

The morning photo essay is sponsored by Copper Condos.

FRISCO — I went out super early to chase the setting moon with my camera, and came close, catching a tantalizing glimpse of the orb passing through Silverthorne. But by the time I got to Ute Pass Road, drifting clouds blocked my view of what had promised to be a spectacular sight. Maybe next month. I was only slightly discouraged, and since I was already on the road, continued up to my favorite overlook, where the views are awesome with or without the moon. Since my last visit, maybe a month ago, the snow has really piled up, thigh deep along part of the trail. The clouds persisted during the early part of the sunrise, so the scene was dominated by cool blue shadows and icy white peaks, not a bad combo for late winter. Continue reading

Morning photo: Gore Range

Overlook …


An iPhone panorama shot from a Gore Range overlook along Ute Pass Road.

FRISCO —Saturday morning, with no school breakfast and lunch to make, I took a little extra time to visit one of my favorite Gore Range overlooks along Ute Pass Road. Along with a great view, the shale slopes of the Williams Fork Range are great habitat for ancient Douglas firs, a relatively rare tree in our environment, so it’s always good to hang out in the presence of these centuries-old giants. Playing with three cameras, I managed to put together a decent set of wintry Gore Range scenes. Continue reading

Morning photo: Kodachrome!

Mountain skies …


A fiery sunrise heralds a change in the weather in late January 2013.

FRISCO — It’s funny how I still think of good old Kodachrome when I’m shooting a colorful sunset. Like a lot of old time photographers, I still have boxes of slides, and someday, I’ll scan the best of them and ditch the rest — but not yet. Wednesday’s brilliant sunrise inspired me to post a few more recent sunrise and sunset scenes featuring Grays and Torreys peaks, those towering 14ers along the Divide that serve as a foil to those colorful skies.


This sunset sky over Summit County looks painted.


So cold, so warm …


The colors are always a bit different after a fresh snowfall.


In the meadow.


At the shore.




Morning photo: Contrast

Winter light


Trying to channel my inner Ansel Adams again …

FRISCO — For this set, I tried to pick a few images from the last few days with strong contrasts that emphasize the purity of winter light. From the stark outlines of dead trees and morning shadlows along the Snake River to the semi-silhouette of craggy peaks in the alpenglow, the high country always delivers clean lines and impressive vistas. Check out out our online Imagekind gallery for more Summit County shots through the seasons. You can also visit our FineArtAmerica online gallery for metal and canvas print versions, as well as greeting cards. Continue reading

Morning photo: Peaks

Reaching for the sky …

A classic Patagonia skyline features some of the craggiest peaks in the world.

FRISCO — I missed my favorite Twitter chat last week, but got all giddy when I saw this week’s #FriFotos theme — peaks. I live amidst the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, and at least a third of the pictures in my ever-growing photo archives features peaks in all shapes and sizes. I’m looking forward to seeing great images of mountains from around the world. It’s easy to join the fun. Just upload your own favorite peak pictures, tag then with #FriFotos and post them to Twitter, share and comment.

The M/V Professor Molchanov at anchor near a remote peak in Antarctica.

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Wildfire activity surges past 10-year average

Fire risk expected to continue in northern Rockies

Monthly outlook

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Wildfire activity across the U.S. has surged past the 10-year rolling average in the past few weeks, with major fires still burning in the northern Rockies, as well as the potential for big fires in the far West, as California hits the peak of the dry season.

Nationally, wildfires have now burned across about 7.6 million acres, more than last year’s total of 6.9 million acres, when massive fires scorched Texas and part of the Southwest.

This year’s total is the highest since 2006 (7.6 million acres) and nearly 2 million acres more than the 10-year rolling average of 5.9 million acres. Continue reading


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