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Morning photo: Showcase

Trees and what-not


Reluctant dance.

FRISCO — A recent iPhone shots from an early morning jaunt along Ute Creek Road yieled some nice images, including the twin trees that seem to guard the little road. Mot much more to say. Enjoy the pics and share them around! Continue reading

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Morning photo: More snow?

Going with the flow …

After a heavy, wet mid-May snowfall, I pointed the car headlights a willow during the twilight hour to create this illustration.

After a heavy, wet mid-May snowfall, I pointed the car headlights a willow during the twilight hour to create this illustration.

FRISCO — So it snowed, again, and again … It’s starting to feel like it’s snowed almost every day in May, so rather than taking pictures of the first wildflowers (they’re out there; photos coming soon), I found myself revisiting a few familiar spots to get one last look at them with their winter coats on. Is May snow any different from December or January snow? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that the quality of the light is dramatically different, making for some fine scenes on a recent morning around Summit County. Visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Flashback

From the vault …

Tonight's full moon rise was fully obscured by clouds, so I reached back into the archives for moon shot.

Tonight’s full moon rise was fully obscured by clouds, so I reached back into the archives for moon shot.

FRISCO — A few shots from the Summit Voice archives in our Thursday set, covering everything from a moonrise over Dillon Reservoir to the intense alpenglow of evening on the Tenmile Range. Continue reading

Morning photo: Going coastal

Gulf Coast treasures …

Coastal bayou near Venice, Louisiana.

Coastal bayou near Venice, Louisiana.

FRISCO — It’s hard to to take a bad picture on a beach unless you’re one of those people who, for the life of them, can’t figure out how to hold a camera straight to avoid the dreaded tilted horizon. For this week’s #FriFotos Twiiter chat, we’ve compiled some of our favorite scenes from the Gulf Coast. Continue reading

Morning photo: April come she will

Springtime in the Rockies?


The ice on Dillon Reservoir was mostly gone by late April, 2012, with a few berms of snow left on the shore at Pine Cove Campground, near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Weatherwise, April is always been one of the most dynamic months in the Colorado high country. Cold spring storms off the Pacific alternate with warm and sunny high pressure systems building from the Desert Southwest … and this year seems to be no exception, as the snow of the past few days is expected to give way to the warmest weather of the year, so far, in the coming week. But think back just two years ago, when Colorado (and much of the country) experienced a record-warm March, leading to summer-like conditions in April. It’s never a boring month! Continue reading

Morning photo: Colorado skiing

Got snow?


Highlands Bowl is a Colorado hike-to classic.

FRISCO — There’s great skiing all over the world and it’s hard to single out any one spot as the best. But when the snow is good in Colorado, it’s about as good as it gets.

Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunday in Saranda

Lazin’ in the sunshine …


By the fountain.

FRISCO —As different and exotic as Albania may seem, the people there enjoy the same simple pleasures we all do, like taking time out to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon. After I enjoyed Sunday’s sunshine here in Frisco, I came upon a set of images taken a few years ago in Saranda, a harbor and resort town along the edge of the Ionian Sea. Just like Summit County, Saranda is a popular tourist destination, but when Leigh and I visited in late September, it was off season. And just like Summit County, locals were taking it easy and enjoying the respite from waves of visitors. Continue reading

Morning photo: End of the Earth

Ushuaia revisited …


Mountain panorama, Ushuaia.

FRISCO — It’s been a few years since we visited Ushuaia on our way to Antarctica, but the memories are as vivid as ever. The wild landscapes at the tip of South America are simply marvelous, and the Earth’s southernmost city is full of gritty charm. Here’s a quick flashback set. Continue reading

Morning photo: Warmup!

Summer scenes


A blazing sunset of the coast of Negril, Jamaica.

FRISCO — After posting several sets featuring the incredibly beautiful snows we’ve been experiencing here in Colorado, I decided it was time for a warmup, so I searched the Summit Voice photo archives for some summer scenes. It’s just a reminder that winter won’t last forever, so enjoy it while it’s here! Continue reading

Morning photo: Alleys

Come for a stroll …


An inviting alleyway in the old town of Corfu, designated as a world heritage district.

FRISCO — While yesterday’s photo essay offered a bird’s eye view of city rooftops, today’s edition is at ground level, taking a look at some alleys around the world. By definition, an alley, or alleyway, is a narrow lane, path, or passage way, often for pedestrians only, which usually runs between or behind buildings, often in the older parts of towns and cities. For a traveler or explorer, that’s a pretty prosaic point of view. We prefer to see alleys as a pathway to adventures in unknown destinations. After all, what could be more inviting than a narrow, winding cobblestone path, beckoning to the unknown. Continue reading


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