Morning photo: Mountain colors

Dawn patrol … and more

FRISCO —What could be better than a rainbow stretched across the jagged skyline of the Tenmile Range? Maybe the scattered rays of the morning sun coming up over the Continental Divide, or the vibrant buzz of a bumblebee perched on purple thistle, or deepening purple and orange clouds over Frisco’s landmark Peak One. It’s tough to choose, that’s for sure, so I’m glad I don’t have to pick just one favorite image from this week’s photo wanderings in Summit County. If you love these shots, check out the online Summit Voice gallery, where a purchase goes a long way toward supporting independent Colorado environmental journalism.

Morning photo: Late summer

Monsoons and mushrooms …

Summer rolls by fast in the high country, but it’s not over yet. During a building El Niño year like this, subtropical moisture could linger over the southern Rockies late into August, and even early September, extending the monsoon and mushroom season. Already, this season’s abundant moisture has resulted in a bumper crop of fungi, not to mention a slew of glorious cloudscapes and carpets of wildflowers from the valleys up to the highest peaks. This short set includes a few of my favorite shots from the past week in Summit County, Colorado.

Morning photo: Sunday set

Summer days …

FRISCO —From dawn to dusk, the light has been fantastic the past few days here in the Colorado high country. I was able to range a little farther from home than usual, visiting Leadville a couple of times for teen-run music festival and stopping by Mayflower Gulch along the way. From the scruffy foothills east of Leadville, the view of the giant Sawatch range is always impressive and it was a special treat to watch the sun set behind Mt. Elbert, Colorado’s highest peak. Mayflower Gulch is pretty amazing any time of year, but really comes to life with wildflowers in mid-summer.

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Morning photo: View hunting

Can you feel it?

FRISCO —You don’t have to go far in Summit County to find a good view. Sure, it’s great to get out for a long hike deep into the backcountry, but sometimes all you have to do is pull of the road in the right spot to enjoy the beauty of the Colorado high country. All the images in this set were taken within a quarter mile of local highways and byways, including one image that was taken right alongside Interstate 70 from a scenic overlook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily photo updates and visit our online Fine Art America gallery for more Colorado landscape photography.

Morning photo: First wildflowers!

Wet spring promises great blooms

FRISCO — Wow! Colorado wildflowers are awesome most years. Even when things are on the drier side, the shady, cool nooks and crannies in the mountains yield abundant blossoms, but in a year like this, with prolonged spring rains, the plants have really responded. In some places where there may only be a few clumps in average or dry years, the entire ground is covered with a brilliant carpet of blooms. Get out there and enjoy!

Morning photo: Lupine love!

Wildflower season is here

FRISCO —Even with thick storm clouds brewing over the high country, I ventured down the Lower Blue Valley Saturday morning to check some of our favorite wildflower spots. The cool and wet weather in May has definitely slowed the progression of this year’s bloom, but just a few days of warm sunshine is likely to spur the flowers into high gear. After all, at this high elevation, they only have a couple of months time to complete their cycle of reproduction. One of of the best places to visit this time of year is along the lower sagebrush slopes of the Rocky Mountain foothills, where fields of blue lupines alternate with splotches of bright yellow balsamroot and tender pink and purple phlox.

Morning photo: Colorado classics

Rivers, deserts and mountains …

FRISCO —I’ve been experimenting a little more with the iPhone pano function, finding that, even without a tripod, it’s possible to create some pretty fabulous wide-angle landscape images — as long as you keep the camera level by using the helpful guide in the viewfinder. Smooth motion is also important because stop-start movements tend to add unwanted streaks to blank spaces like sky. It was hard to pick a favorite image in this set, but I think the cloud scene taken at Dillon Reservoir highlights the camera’s ability to capture a wide range of tones. The cloud shot is a rather short pano, just covering a little more territory than a regular horizontal shot, but just enough to feature the broad scope of this water- and cloudscape. For daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.


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