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Morning photo: Last sunrise of 2012

Along the Ptarmigan Trail …


All but the highest peaks of the Tenmile Range is immersed in the cold, blue shadows of winter.

FRISCO — For the last sunrise of 2012, I wandered up the Ptarmigan Trail, near Silverthorne. Since I’m trying to be cautious about how much fossil fuel I consume, I don’t often drive all the across the county for a morning walk. There are plenty of places nearby that the dogs and I enjoy, but when I saw the mid-level clouds drifting over the valleys, I wanted to get somewhere high enough to have a good vantage point. Almost every trek to the Ptarmigan Trail has yielded some high quality images, in any season, Monday’s sunrise didn’t disappoint. The light was a bit murky at first, but when the sun broke through and started illuminating the peaks, it was pure magic.

Many of the images in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at bberwyn@comcast.net. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism!

I don't

I don’t shoot all that many vertical landscapes, but I really wanted to get the moon into this frame. It’s still quite high in the sky and seems (to me) to be disconnected from the rest of the image, but there it is.

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Morning photo: Totally crepuscular

More twilight …

may sunrise rez best

This shot was taken as an eclipsed moon was setting behind me.

FRISCO — The second in a series of posts featuring the best sunrise and sunsets of 2012, culled from the Summit Voice archives. Many of the images in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at bberwyn@comcast.net. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism! Continue reading

Morning photo: (Almost) monochrome

Icy shores and thistles …

Portrait of a thistle in winter: "He wore his passion for his woman like a thorny crown."

Portrait of a thistle in winter: For some reason this flower makes me think of Paul Simon’s l;ip-slidin’ away: “He wore his passion for his woman like a thorny crown.”

FRISCO — As much as I’ve been looking forward to photographing snow, it’s still a bit of a shock to go outside at 7 a.m. into single-digit temps. But the dogs must be walked, so Monday, I headed over to one of my favorite shoreline trails for a quick stroll. I couldn’t find my thin glove liners, so I decided to leave the DSLR at home and just use the iPhone. At first it looked a little desolate and barren; stumps from the clearcutting jutting through the snow, scraggly grass … but once I let my eyes wander, I found some pleasing subjects, including a stand of dried thistles that were just begging to have their picture taken. It turns out that the thistles were about the only bit of color in a monochromatic landscape.

Many of the images in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at bberwyn@comcast.net. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism! Continue reading

Summit Voice: Most viewed stories & week in review

Google News, Facebook and Twitter drive traffic

A snapshot of daily Summit Voice page views.

Summit Voice, independent online journalism in Colorado.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY —A new study suggesting that Greenland’s ice cap may not melt as quicky as anticipated quickly raced to the top of the most-viewed story list on the weekend, once again driven by Google News. Both the top stories illustrate an interesting trend (interesting if you’re an online journalism geek, anyway) of peak page views on the weekend, which is not in line with most data showing that web-browsing, especially on news sites, goes down on Saturday and Sunday.

Our second most-viewed story just posted this morning and picked up more than 1,500 page views thanks to a posting on Slashdot.org. Facebook played a bigger role than usual in the weekly count, as a story about wolves in Wyoming was posted and reposted on several Facebook pages. As always, click the headlines to read and share your favorites with the social media buttons at the end of each post.

Year in review: March – April

Online independent journalism in Colorado

Extensive environmental coverage in Summit Voice included several stories on Antarctica.

SUMMIT COUNTY — One of the biggest stories of last winter was the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that wracked Japan, severely damaging a nuclear power plant. A few weeks later, the EPA reported radioactive rain falling across the USA. While the levels of radioactivity were very low, the entire episode gave pause to the quest to develop new nuclear power plants, as some countries even announced they would close existing facilities: Radioactive rain reported from West Coast to New England.

Some of the fallout was reflected in public hearings on a proposed nuclear power plant near Pueblo: Pueblo hearing on nuclear plant extended to third night.

In March, Summit Voice continued its sustained and often ground-breaking coverage of forest health issues. While lawmakers continued to ask for more federal dollars, we asked whether more money is really the answer, unless you plan to beat the bugs to death with stacks of $100 bills: Forest health: Is more federal money the answer? Continue reading

Media: FCC holds hearing on community info needs

The FCC will discuss local online media at an Oct. 3 hearing.

Local media stakeholders advocate for a shift in federal advertising dollars

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Acknowledging breathtaking progress in the realm of information technology, a recent Federal Communications Commission working group report concluded that those changes in the media landscape have resulted in significant deficits in local news coverage.

In some cases, there are “alarming tendencies to allow advertisers to dictate content,” the report found, concluding that the independent watchdog function that the founding fathers envisioned for journalism is at risk. Continue reading

New Twitter tool for WordPress blogs

Summit Voice editor Bob Berwyn is loving the new Twitter integration with WordPress.

Twitter ‘Blackbird Pie’ lets you embed tweets directly in posts and maintain active links

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — If you publish a WordPress blog, you’re probably also on Twitter, and while there has already been some good integration between the two platforms, WordPress now lets you embed tweets directly in your posts, where they appear the way they look in your Twitter stream with Twitter Blackbird Pie.

The embedded tweets retain all their functionality, including the links within the tweets, so readers can click from the displayed messages to the original source.

If, for example, you’re writing a WordPress blog post about the after-effects of the Gulf oil disaster, you could do a Twitter search for #oilspill to find the latest relevant Tweets.

Then you simply embed the url of the tweet in its own separate line in the WordPress.com text box. To find the url, click on the time stamp at the bottom of the tweet.

Here’s a couple of examples:

and …

Taking it to the airwaves: Summit Voice on public radio

Summit Voice editor and founder Bob Berwyn with his girlfriend, Copper Condos owner Leigh Wadden, doing what they do best — taking in the view from the Ljubjlana Castle.

Ask your questions about online journalism; call-in show on Mountain Public Radio in Summit County will stream live on the web

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Long before there was Twitter, Facebook or even the internet, there was talk radio. You could even think of it as an early version of “social media,” with the host as a verbal blogger, and call-in guests making comments on the topic of the day.

There are some great things about radio. You can listen while you drive or while you’re in the shower or bathtub — try that with your iPad or laptop (although I’m sure it’s been done, at least the bath option).

So when Alpine Earth Center owner Jon Harrington called and asked if I would join him on Mountain Public Radio for his half-hour morning show this Saturday, Oct. 15,  I said, “Sure, why not.” Continue reading

1,000-plus posts and huge thanks to supporters!

Summit Voice editor Bob Berwyn dances for joy after signing up a new supporting sponsor.

More good independent journalism coming … stay tuned

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By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — A few weeks ago,  I posted the 1,000th story on Summit Voice.  This story took an interesting look at how the lodgepole die-off is dramatically changing habitat conditions for the local elk herd. It was a story that wasn’t reported anywhere else in Summit County, or Colorado for that matter. It was exactly the kind of story I hoped to write and publish when I started Summit Voice in early December, 2009.

And thanks to the support of Summit County readers, as well as businesses and organizations that have generously stepped up to support independent journalism in Summit County, I plan to continue reporting these types of stories for many years to come. I haven’t come close to fulfilling my ultimate vision for Summit Voice, but I’ve taken a few small steps in the right direction. Not only is Summit Voice a source for local news, but thanks to social media, it’s becoming a Summit County source of news for readers all over the country and the world. Continue reading


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