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Climate: Heat-trapping greenhouse gases the biggest driver of global glacier meltdown

‘In our data we find unambiguous evidence of anthropogenic contribution to glacier mass loss’


Shrinking glaciers on the Dachstein Mountains in Austria will affect water supplies far downstream in local areas and in distant rivers. bberwyn photo.

Staff Report

FRISCO — Some of the world’s glaciers were shrinking before the onset of unchecked heat-trapping pollution, but the human factor in the glacial equation has grown exponentially in the past few decades.

A new modeling study led by scientists at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) shows that only about 25 percent of the global glacier mass loss during the period of 1851 to 2010 is attributable to anthropogenic causes. However, between 1991 and 2010 the fraction increased to about two-thirds.

“In the 19th and first half of 20th century we observed that glacier mass loss attributable to human activity is hardly noticeable but since then has steadily increased,” said researcher Ben Marzeion, explaining that scaled-down regional models can detect an anthropogenic influence in America and the Alps, where glacier changes are particularly well documented. Continue reading

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Morning photo: Colorado sunset

Can you feel it?

A Bierstadt moment in Colorado.

A Bierstadt moment in Colorado.

FRISCO — We cruised down to one of our favorite Gore Range overlooks a couple of days ago on an afternoon when the clouds looked promising (from a photography standpoint) and weren’t disappointed. OK, so we didn’t get a firecracker sky, but some of the subtle glows that played across the craggy summits of the peaks were extraordinary. Here’s  a sample of the shots we got, and there are more Summit County nature and landscape images available for purchase at our online Fine Art America gallery. Support the arts and independent journalism with your purchase of prints or notecards! Continue reading

Morning photo: Flashback

From the vault …

Tonight's full moon rise was fully obscured by clouds, so I reached back into the archives for moon shot.

Tonight’s full moon rise was fully obscured by clouds, so I reached back into the archives for moon shot.

FRISCO — A few shots from the Summit Voice archives in our Thursday set, covering everything from a moonrise over Dillon Reservoir to the intense alpenglow of evening on the Tenmile Range. Continue reading

Morning photo: Home turf

Around the county



FRISCO —I’m always amazed at how many decent images I get just within a few miles of our Frisco home. OK, sometimes I drive all the way to Dillon (a couple of miles) to watch the moon set behind Buffalo Mountain, or up over Swan Mountain Road to get a nice Gore Range vista. But as often as not, I’m less than 10 minutes away from home when I start aiming the camera. All the shots in this set are taken within a 5 mile radius around Frisco. Continue reading

Morning photo: Editor’s choice

High country landscapes


Sunset over Buffalo Mountain, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Indulging the inner photographer, I scrolled back through the Summit Voice archives to choose a few classic Summit County scenes from seasons gone by. Summit Voice photography is for sale at our online Fine Art America gallery. Continue reading

Morning photo: From the mundane to the sublime

It’s all how you look at it


Twin Peaks.

FRISCO —Man, I really, REALLY love that Grays, Torreys, Grizzly skyline. For as many pics as I’ve snapped of those summits, I can’t find two that are the same. Then, there’s the mundane that become sublime in the eye of the beholder, like a simple aspen leaf laying in the snow, or something that’s sublime to begin with, like a bend in the river with serendipitous sunshine shafting across the cured grass to the very fringe of the forest. It’s all good … Continue reading

Study: Lightning a major factor in shaping mountains

Compass readings help trace the impact of electrical storms

Summit County Colorado monsoon season.

A bolt of lightning strikes near the Continental Divide, in Summit County, Colorado.

By Summit Voice

Geologists in South Africa say that lighting strikes are significant factor in shaping the summit areas of mountains, thereby shaping the evolution of mountain landscapes. Specifically, they found that many angular rock formations in the Drakensberg Mountains are caused by lightning blasts — and not necessarily by the melt-freeze cycle as commonly assumed. Continue reading

Morning photo: The glow …

Mountain light


Scruffy forest at dawn, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Those minutes just before the sun comes up are the most precious of all. For a short time, it’s like somebody pressed the pause button on the day, just to take it all in before racing ahead with the to-and-fro of daily life. Once the sun crests the skyline, there’s no going back, but in those penultimate seconds, anything seems possible. Continue reading

Morning photo: Filtered!

Colorado eye candy


A morning stunner.

FRISCO — A few sweet scenes from around Summit County, Colorado in the waning days of summer. Some mornings now are chilly enough that wispy fog forms on the surface of Dillon Reservoir. It seems hard to believe, but soon, there will be light frost on the ground in the mornings. Better get out and enjoy that warm weather while you can! Meanwhile, enjoy this little batch of iPhone photos, liberally edited with some of the in-camera filter apps offered by Instagram. For more Summit Voice photography, visit our online FineArt America gallery. Continue reading

Morning photo: Going mobile …

Some iPhone stunners


Surreal sunset over Buffalo Mountain.

FRISCO — I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this iPhone photography thing. Here are some of the best shots from the last two months or so … Continue reading


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