Morning photo: Mountainscapes!

… And more

FRISCO — From the pastels of a tender dusk to the Kodachrome intensity of a snow-covered fence, Colorado’s winter landscapes are inspiring and soothing. But you have to be ready for the chill to get some of the best images. All the shots in this set were taken either early in the morning or in the evening at temperatures well below freezing, except for the snow fence, which helps show the elasticity of snow, an amazing substance made of crystals that can behave like a plastic. For daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards

Morning photo: November moon

Evening serenity


A rare vertical landscape portrait, composed to capture the moon in the sky and its reflection in the wetlands pond near our house in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — It not be a super moon this month, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing – plus, getting outside for a few minutes as the sun goes down in a blaze of tangerine-colored sky is good for your sanity. No matter who wins an election or a football game, this old world keeps on turning … Continue reading

Morning photo: Moondance

Clear skies

The iPhone version ...

The iPhone version …

FRISCO —Lovely, peaceful full moon rising over the Rockies last night, plus a couple of miscellaneous shots that just jumped out at me whilst searching the archives for images to illustrate a couple of other stories. Altogether, it’s the Sunday set. Continue reading

Morning photo: Lunar evening

The view from Ptarmigan



FRISCO — For the full moon rise, we wandered a short distance up the Ptarmigan Trail, to one of the rocky outcrops near the top of the first steep pitch, thinking that we’d have a good vantage point. But the best-laid plans don’t always work out. On this evening, the moon rose directly behind Independence Mountain, near Keystone, which isn’t a bad thing in itself — it just means the moon didn’t rise quite as early as we anticipated. That means the sky is a bit darker, so there’s more contrast between the moon and the foreground, making it harded to get well-balanced exposure. But it’s always a treat to greet that glowing orb in its monthly journey, and our patience did yield a handful of decent images. If you like our lunar snapshots, please visit our online gallery at FineArt America for a great selection of Colorado landscapes. And if you want to get a few moonshots yourself, the best chance will be Sunda morning when the moon sets shortly after sunrise. Continue reading

Morning photo: Paschal moon

First full moon of spring


Bright night light.

FRISCO —I’ve missed the last few full moon rises, with stormy skies obscuring that critical view to east, but last night, a quick jaunt down to the corner of Lagoon and Meadow Creek Drive paid off with a nice view of the orb ascending over Swan Mountain. There was just enough of a gap at the horizon to give a clear view, and enough thin cloud cover to help balance the light, enabling the camera sensor to capture some of the moon’s details. Here’s hoping for a clear-skies moonset tomorrow morning! Continue reading

Morning photo: Winter skies

All the colors …

Sunset afterglow on the Continental Divide.

Sunset afterglow on the Continental Divide.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — I’m quite amazed sometimes how different the skies can look over the Colorado Rockies within just the span of a few nights. It’s the same sky, the same mountains, right? But subtle changes in the altitude, density and thickness of the clouds, dust in the air, and so many other factors can change the light dramatically. These shots were all taken in late fall and early winter 2011, showing the changing light over the Continental Divide. If you enjoy this set, please visit our online FineArt America gallery for more Summit County landscape photography. Continue reading

Morning photo: Lunar visions

Full moon hunting …

Our lunar orb, with a somewhat detailed view of mountain, craters and other surface features.

FRISCO — Every month for a couple of days, I head out to try and catch a good moon image or three. Aside from the challenge of shooting the moon, it’s a good excuse to go out somewhere peaceful and just watch as our satellite either climbs away from, or drops toward the horizon.

There’s always a still beauty associated with the full moon phase, and it’s really grounding to feel the rhythm of the sun, the Earth and the moon locked by gravity into their eternal dance. The best time to try and catch a good moonrise shot is the night before the full moon, when it comes up just as the sun is setting, and the best time to catch the moon setting is the day after the full moon, when once again, the moon goes down just as the sun is coming up. That’s when you’re most likely to catch good light balance, which means you can see some of the moon’s features, as well as some color in the foreground. It’s not easy, at least for me, but always worth the try. Continue reading


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