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Morning photo: High Country bliss

Summit Voice readers share a few pictures

Kim Fenske reports that the road to the Missouri Creek trailhead has been repaired by the Forest Service after a washout and sent us a few images from the Missouri Lakes Basin.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The high country is melting out, but there’s still plenty of snow and ice up high, according to Kim Fenske, who recently hiked into the Missouri Lakes Basin. Today’s photo essay features some reader shots, and we’d love to see more, so if you have images you’d like to share on Summit Voice, email them to bberwyn@comcast.net.


Kim Fenske is a former wilderness ranger, firefighter who has hiked thousands of miles in the Colorado mountains. He has served on the board of directors of Friends of the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area.

Fenske has authored several hiking books filled with hundreds of photographs of Colorado wildlife, wildflowers, and scenery. His books are enjoyed by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. His current electronic book titles are published on Amazon for Kindle, as well as Barnes and Noble for Nook. Search for these titles: “Greatest Hikes in Central Colorado,” “Holy Cross Wilderness Area,” and “Eagles Nest Wilderness Area.”

Marmots in the Colorado high country. PHOTO BY KIM FENSKE.

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Comment of the day … ‘phony globalist propaganda’

The 'giant' marmots have apparently scared a few people ...

“Still more phony globalist propaganda. This website is a platform for lies. Greenies are habitual liars and propagandists for one world government. Bob Berwyn is a traitor against the American constitutional republic. This website is even worse than the Summit Daily News. Liars”

SUMMIT COUNTY — Wow, I really must have hit some buttons with what seemed like a fairly innocuous story about some long-running research on marmots conducted near Crested Butte.

Click here for the story …

Scientists say they’ve documented increasing marmot body weight, as well as increasing population numbers as a response to longer growing seasons and shorter hibernation. They didn’t say it was good or bad, or even advocate for a reduction of greenhouse gases. They just put the results of their studies out there, and I reported them.

Not sure what the problem is with this, but here’s a link to the website from whence the comment came. It’s a Colorado group that purports to support Ron Paul, which seems kind of scary to me …

As far as the last sentence referring to a local newspaper, well, I’ll take that as a compliment!

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A long-term study in Colorado shows marmot populations increasing in size and number as their habitat heats up.

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By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Our international story on the status of Lake Baikal picked up page views from all over the world the past few days, as UNESCO’s world heritage committee meets to decide which new spots could be added to the list of world heritage sites. Baikal is the world’s oldest and deepest lake and even has a population of freshwater seals. But water quality is endangered by effluent from a pulp mill.

A global warming story describing some definitive science showing that marmots are getting bigger because of climate change was also popular. Check the rest of the headlines and pass it on. Help grow independent journalism in Colorado by sharing these stories on your social network!

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