Colorado governor sues to block fracking in his backyard


There’s a new twist in the ongoing battle over Colorado fracking regulations.

Fossil fuel industry to file counter-suit

By Snob Beerwhine

SUMMIT COUNTY — In a big turnaround from his previously held beliefs, Colorado Gov. Von Lippenschmooper announced April 1 he will sue the fossil fuel industry to try and prevent additional fracking in his backyard.

Sources say Lippenschmooper was surprised to wake up Easter morning to find drilling rigs already ensconced between the pool and the rutabaga patch. Continue reading

Colorado: Gov. Hickenlooper says state drilling rules must stand, rejects call to withdraw lawsuit against Longmont

Longmont, Colorado.

Response to local elected officials emphasizes cooperative approach

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Gov. John Hickenlooper this week responded to concerns expressed by local government officials around the state about a state lawsuit challenging duly adopted local oil and gas drilling regulations.

A long list of elected lawmakers from around Colorado all signed on to a letter asking Hickenlooper to withdraw the suit and work cooperatively with local communitites.

In his response, Hickenlooper said the state’s lawsuit against Longmont was a “last resort,” after attempts to resolve concerns about locally adopted oil and gas drilling regulations failed. Read Gov. Hickenlooper’s letter here. Continue reading

Colorado: Local government officials from around the state blast Gov. Hickenlooper over Longmont drilling lawsuit

Longmont, Colorado.

State power play angers town and county lawmakers

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Local government officials from around the state — including Pitkin, Summit and Eagle counties, as well as towns like Basalt, Aspen and the entire Boulder City Council — voiced their opposition to a state lawsuit against the City of Longmont over locally enacted oil and gas drilling regulations.

In their letter, the diverse coalition of county commissioners, mayors, and city council members urged the Governor to rethink his approach and instead work with local governments to protect communities from the adverse impacts of growing oil and gas development. Continue reading


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