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Morning photo: Color the world

Sky fire


One of the more unusual sunrise scenes I’ve witnessed from the Lake Hill area, above Dillon Reservoir, in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —After a couple of grayish, if not downright dreary, days, I had a yen for some sky color, so I looked back through the archives to find some of the more outlandish skyscapes. I didn’t have to go too far, but the best colors were definitely in a cluster in that late autumn, early winter time frame, when large-scale changes in atmospheric circulation build up deep and rich layers of clouds. Here’s looking forward to the next one while enjoying these images from the past. Visit the Summit Voice online gallery at FineArt America for more landscape photography. Continue reading

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Morning photo: One more storm …

April showers …

Clearing storm in the North Tenmile Creek drainage, Frisco, Colorado.

Clearing storm in the North Tenmile Creek drainage, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — If the weathermen are right, this may truly have been the last big snowstorm of the season (but who knows, right?) so I had to pick out just a few more shots from an early morning Frisco iPhone walkabout. Snow is good anytime of the year, but the late-April bonus storms are the best, not just for the scenery, but for the sake of boosting our mountain snowpack. Continue reading

Morning Photo: Oh, Colorado!


A winter full moon rising over Grays and Torreys, two 14ers along the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

A winter full moon rising over Grays and Torreys, two 14ers along the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.


Copper Condos supports Summit Voice.

FRISCO —After a day filled with brown grass and gray skies, I wanted a little color, so I scanned the Summit Voice archives to find some of my all-time favorite mountain shots, starting with an amazing full moon rising over Dillon Reservoir and the Continental Divide. To the casual observer, the moon doesn’t seem to move much in the sky, but when you’re fumbling with two cameras and frozen fingers, that orb pops up pretty quickly, and when there are layers of clouds in the mix, it makes it all the more interesting. If you like these shots, visit our online FineArt America gallery, where there’s a nice selection of Summit County and Colorado images, available as prints or greeting cards. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism.
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Morning photo: Second take

A look back …

A March cloudscape over Frisco.

A March cloudscape over Frisco.

FRISCO — A special Sunday set … Nuff said. Continue reading

Morning photo: Winter warmup

Beachin’ it …


Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

FRISCO —It’s always nice to dream about the beach about now, when the snow in the Colorado high country is probably piled about as deep as it’s going to get for the winter. That doesn’t mean I’m about to abandon the slopes to head for warmer climes, but a little day dreaming never hurt anything. Plus, shooting beach scenes is the most fun thing to do with a camera after shooting mountains and snow. These are a few of my favorite ocean side scenes along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Visit our FineArt America online gallery for more photography.


Port St. Joe, Florida.

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Morning photo: 2d string …



I struggled with this scene. I was captivated by the mist draping over the trees, but to see it, I had to zoom in, which cost me the context of the surrounding landscape.

FRISCO — For all the pictures I post, there are many more that nobody ever sees except me — thousands, to be sure. Some of the images are not where I want them to be technically, in terms of exposure, grain or tone, while others are only partially successful compositions. In some cases, the images just don’t live up to the expectation I had when I snapped the shutter. But they all contribute to my continuing education as a photographer, and when I scroll back through my archives I’m glad they’re there. Continue reading

Morning photo: A winter’s day …

Snow country


Frozen mist over Dillon Reservoir Friday morning generated a brilliant sundog.

FRISCO — A couple of brilliant days in the high country, and few more to come. If the forecast can be believed, we’re probably a week away from any significant snow, and the longer term outlook is particularly encouraging for big dumps any time soon, so I’m enjoying winter while it’s here. Remember, last year we were all sort of counting on a big March, traditionally our snowiest month, and instead, it warmed into the 50s. By the time March was over, nearly all our snow was gone, especially in the valleys, so I’m thinking right now is about as deep and crispy as it may get the rest of the winter. The first and last shots are with the DSLR, the ones in between are iPhone shots. Continue reading

Morning photo: Contrast

Winter light


Trying to channel my inner Ansel Adams again …

FRISCO — For this set, I tried to pick a few images from the last few days with strong contrasts that emphasize the purity of winter light. From the stark outlines of dead trees and morning shadlows along the Snake River to the semi-silhouette of craggy peaks in the alpenglow, the high country always delivers clean lines and impressive vistas. Check out out our online Imagekind gallery for more Summit County shots through the seasons. You can also visit our FineArtAmerica online gallery for metal and canvas print versions, as well as greeting cards. Continue reading

Morning photo: Snow scenes …

Mid-winter bliss

Dillon Reservoir, Summit County Colorado

A mellow sunset along the shore of Dillon Reservoir, near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO —After a few weeks of focusing on river and frost scenes, I turned my attention back to the landscapes along the shores of Dillon Reservoir. Before the last little snowstorm around Christmas, it was getting a little depressing to watch the water receded amidst piles of bare earth and gravel. But coated with a nice new blanket of white, the scene is more tolerable. Plus, after weeks of super-clear evening skies, we finally started getting a bit more atmospheric action, which means color and texture in the sky. These shots were taken Monday around Frisco, Colorado. Continue reading

Morning photo: Saturday set

Snowless Summit …


Painting with car headlights.

FRISCO — OK, so it’s a little depressing, this business of no snow going into December, but I’ve been singing “White Christmas” the Bing Crosby way almost incessantly the past three days, and that’s never failed before. In the meantime, we’re still having fun with our morning and afternoon photo shoots. In the murky Saturday morning light, I used the car headlights to illuminate the foreground, making for a nice contrast with the moody blue skies. And even without snow, the early light up on the Tenderfoot trail is always worthwhile. The last couple of hours of sunlight Saturday felt like early autumn rather than the first of December; it was nearly shirtsleeve weather when we took the dogs for a walk near Heaton Bay. Crazy, but that’s way it is …


Early morning light.

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