Morning Photo: Sunday Set

Summer light

FRISCO — Seems like just a few days ago I was still taking pictures of snow, but we’ve quickly slipped into summer mode. Wildflowers are popping, and when (or if) we get a spell of warm and sunny days, the blooms will really get going. The aspens have leafed out, and kayakers, rowers and rafters are frolicking on local reservoirs and streams. Summer is short and sweet in the high country, so now’s the time to get out and get after it, whatever your pleasure may be! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for daily photo updates and visit our online Fine Art America gallery for some of the best Colorado landscape photography around!

Morning photo: Colorado classics

Rivers, deserts and mountains …

FRISCO —I’ve been experimenting a little more with the iPhone pano function, finding that, even without a tripod, it’s possible to create some pretty fabulous wide-angle landscape images — as long as you keep the camera level by using the helpful guide in the viewfinder. Smooth motion is also important because stop-start movements tend to add unwanted streaks to blank spaces like sky. It was hard to pick a favorite image in this set, but I think the cloud scene taken at Dillon Reservoir highlights the camera’s ability to capture a wide range of tones. The cloud shot is a rather short pano, just covering a little more territory than a regular horizontal shot, but just enough to feature the broad scope of this water- and cloudscape. For daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Glow …


FRISCO —After weeks of rain — literally — skies cleared Friday evening, offering the first colorful sunset in quite a while. I’m not complaining about the moisture. After a dry winter, the wet may was welcome, but it was great to see the sky emerge, with the promise of some warmer and drier weather ahead. The iPhone pano mode worked well to capture some of the subtleties and contrasts in the evening sky.

Morning photo: Summer edits …

Road trip revisited

FRISCO — Oh, the amazing Dr. Seuss colors you can create when you have an incredible digital darkroom like an iPhone at your fingertips! All of these images are highly filtered and stylized to emphasize the intense summer roadtrip vibe during a climate-reporting journey to Southern Colorado this summer. For daily updates follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Mountain magic

Find it!


Dusk light in the Meadow Creek wetlands. The light was quite murky and the color images were tinged with scattered blue UV rays, but treating it in B&W helped make them more crisp.

FRISCO — An iPhone set, all images processed in-camera, shows the incredible range of light conditions that can be captured if you’re in the right place at the right time. My favorite shot in this set is the sandstone tower in Glenwood Canyon (third image) which I took standing up through the sunroof of the #climaterangers truck while stuck in traffic on I-70, but the shaft of light in the second image is a close second. Continue reading

Morning photo: Wetlands morning

(Mostly) unfiltered


Vertical landscape, to emphasize the deep reflections in the pond. This is an unfiltered, unedited shot straight out of the iPhone.

FRISCO — It’s probably no secret, but not all the images in this ongoing series are morning shots (although many are). But today’s sunrise was so cool that I just decided to post a set showing some different flavors of the same scene, with all the shots taken within a half hour and all within a mile of Summit Voice headquarters in Frisco. If the rest of the day is as good as the sunrise, well, it should be pretty spectacular! Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunday set

Got pano?


I had to underexpose the foreground to try and capture some of the detail and color in the clouds, which collapsed almost completely a few minutes after this shot.

FRISCO — Since I don’t have a super wide-angle lens, I sometimes use my iPhone to try and capture the broad sweep of our Rocky Mountain landscapes. It’s not ideal, because you have to be darn sure you maintain a level camera while scanning across the scene, but sometimes it’s worth it. Other times, you can take a slice of a landscape shot by cropping horizontally, like the first shot in this set, but your eyes will almost instinctively know that it’s not a true panorama, but just an edit of a “normal” image. Either way, it’s fun to play around with this format. Continue reading


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