Morning photo: Spring skies

Before the summer haze …

Spring skies

Spring skies over the Meadow Creek wetlands at the edge of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — Some brilliantly clear mornings and evenings beckoned recently for photography at a time of year that’s perfect to shoot portraits of an emergent ecosystem. Change is visible every day, with shifting ice patterns along the shore and greening vegetation. And some of my best-ever cloud and sky pics from Summit County have been shot in April, before the summer haze closes in. Here are a few shots from the past few days, all taken within a couple of miles of our Frisco home. Continue reading

Morning photo: iPhone visions …

You never know until you try

The greening cottonwoods caught

The greening cottonwoods caught my eye in lower Clear Creek Canyon, but the harsh afternoon light didn’t bode well for a classic landscape shot. Instead, I used the iPhone’s HDR setting for the basic image, then the Instagram brightening function and the Mayfair filter-twice.

FRISCO — Sometimes you just gotta go a little bit crazy, even if that only means getting carried away with using Instagram iPhone filters on some otherwise marginal shots to try and pump up the images. Now some purists out there are probably already shaking their heads and clucking their tongues, but remember, it’s all in the eye of the beholder, right? Continue reading

Morning photo: Insta-scapes


A frosty morning in the Snake River Valley near Keystone.

A frosty morning in the Snake River Valley near Keystone.

FRISCO —A few iPhone/Instagram snaps taken during the recent spate of spectacularly sunny (TOO sunny) weather here in the Colorado high country. As much as we all want winter to arrive for good, the warm late-November sun is a treat, and something to remember when people start to complain about the length of the winter in mid-March or so. Please visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Bits and pieces …

Around the Summit


Snake River sunrise.

FRISCO —Just a few random shots compiled from some morning dog-walk photo sessions this past week!
Continue reading

Morning photo: Progression

Fall to winter …


Full autumn glory.

FRISCO — The days are growing noticeably shorter now, with both sunrise and sunset falling during those hours when we’re still out and about. It’s definitely the transition season between fall and winter, and it shows. Soon — but not just yet — the ground will be covered with snow (we hope), and will stay that way until springtime. Rejoice in the changes, embrace the chill and revel in the beauty of the seasonal cycles. Continue reading

Morning photo: Taste of winter

Autumn storm cycle …

Peak 1 Frisco Colorado

The calm before the storm, as high clouds streaming over the top of the Tenmile Range from the west hint at the incoming moisture. This is an unedited iPhone shot.

FRISCO —You gotta love these autumn storm cycles, when a winter vibe hangs in the air like a tantalizing promise … But no matter how much the ski areas might crow and tweet about September snow, it doesn’t really signify much about winter snowfall. If anything, wet autumns historically have often been followed by a drier-than-average winter, especially in years when there’s no El Niño or La Niña driving an overall weather pattern. But it’s fun to dream about deep powder days, and nothing prettier than a coat of fresh snow while the aspen leaves are still golden on the trees. Continue reading

Morning photo: Building weather …

Summit County eyecandy

Peak 1 Frisco Colorado

Early evening light slants below an approaching storm to illuminate the Tenmile Range near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO —A short set in honor the impending seasonal changes, often marked by the impressive build-up of wave and lenticular clouds over the highest terrain. Wave clouds form when the wind flow is perpendicular to the mountain fronts. The reason they often form in the autumn is because the prevailing wind pattern shifts as the westerlies start to dominate, putting the Front Range mountains and the Continental Divide into the weather cross hairs. These are all iPhone shots taken in the past two days around Summit County and Dillon Reservoir Continue reading


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