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Morning photo: Building weather …

Summit County eyecandy

Peak 1 Frisco Colorado

Early evening light slants below an approaching storm to illuminate the Tenmile Range near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO —A short set in honor the impending seasonal changes, often marked by the impressive build-up of wave and lenticular clouds over the highest terrain. Wave clouds form when the wind flow is perpendicular to the mountain fronts. The reason they often form in the autumn is because the prevailing wind pattern shifts as the westerlies start to dominate, putting the Front Range mountains and the Continental Divide into the weather cross hairs. These are all iPhone shots taken in the past two days around Summit County and Dillon Reservoir Continue reading

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Morning photo: More autumn-ness

Seasons of the Summit


Rosehips in the snow.

FRISCO — One of the best things about this time of year is the way things change rather quickly. The most recent snowstorm was a great example. Along with coating the peaks in a gleaming mantle of fresh white, the sudden cold changes masses of leaves overnight. Instead of bright golds, yellows and orange, many of the aspen groves turned brown. While that may disappoint some leaf-watchers who were hoping for another weekend, it helped create a whole new look for the mountains in just a few hours. There’s so much contrast and brightness in the fall landscape, and the changes are so dynamic that it’s almost hard to keep up! Continue reading

Morning photo: Just having fun …

Some edits

Rocky Mountains

Grays and Torreys from Bakerville. A series of trips down to the Denver area was rewarded Wednesday evening with some good timing, as I passed by this classic I-70 view just as the evening light reached prime time.

FRISCO — A short set featuring some iPhone edits, just because … Natural light is great, but gosh, sometimes it is fun to get all filter-y and Instagram-y, using all the fun tools and tricks the little smartphone camera has to offer.

California poppy

Beauty is where you find it, as with this brilliant California poppy growing in a nondescript flowerbed at the Farmers Korner gas station.

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Morning photo: Autumn light

Golden hues


Light slanting under the cloud deck approaching from the west lights up the shore of Dillon Reservoir, while Peak 1 is shrouded in storm clouds.

FRISCO — There’s almost nothing better, from a photography standpoint, then when an approaching storm coincides with the sunrise. It happens every autumn a few times, but the intense drama of the lighting always takes me by surprise, like Friday morning, when I forgot to take my DSLR along for the morning dog walk near Heaton Bay. So I ended up shooting the dawn light with my iPhone. A year ago, that would have stressed me out and I would have fretted about not having my “real” camera. Not so much anymore. Instead, I just enjoyed playing with the iPhone, tilting the lens toward and away from the light to try and get an optimal exposure and appreciating the way the sensor reacts to those subtle changes.


Dawn light under an approaching storm.


Fall storm, Tenmile Range.


Pure gold.


First snow, Officers Gulch.


End of the road …

Morning photo: An iPhone set

The little camera that ROCKS


Hummingbird moth in Breckenridge.

FRISCO —I am still amazed at how much I can do with the iPhone camera during a casual stroll. Friday morning in Breckenridge, I spotted several hummingbird moths feeding on planter flowers at the Riverwalk Center. Not expecting too much, I positioned myself at a good angle to the sun, held the camera close to the blooms and waited for a moth to enter the frame. The shutter speed wasn’t quite high enough to completely freeze the moth’s wingbeat (up to 50 beats per second) but I rather like the slightly blurred effect, giving the image a dynamic quality, and the rest of the frame is pretty darn sharp. Friday evening as the lightning rolled in from the West, I experimented with low-light exposure and, to my surprise, actually managed to catch a sky-brightening flash, leaving the silhouette of Peak 1 fairly sharp, but the foreground highly pixelated (next image). Continue reading

Morning photo: Breck and beyond …

iPhone safari


Couldn’t resist trying a little Monet twist on this patch of poppies in Breckenridge.

FRISCO — The poppies growing at the north end of Breckenridge may not be native to the Colorado high country, but they are putting on a spectacular show right now, so I couldn’t resist a couple of quick drive-by snaps, knowing that I’d want to edit them, and already thinking about an impressionistic version because, well, ever since Monet, it just seems poppies were made for just that.

Meanwhile, along the Riverwalk, a tall stand of yellow coneflowers is serving as a late-summer bastion for multiple species of bees. At times, there were two, three and even four bees perched on a single bloom. In fact, tomorrow, I’m taking by compact Nikon back to the same spot to try and get even closer to these beleaguered insects. I’m really hoping that the town isn’t using any chemical treatments on these plants. It’s a little unusual to see this many bees in one place these days!

After checking our iPhone snapshots, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more. Continue reading

Morning photo: Snapshots III

Around the county …


Playing with light, shadow and compositions … Colorado!

FRISCO — Some days are make for photography and others aren’t, but a even when things aren’t going exactly as planned, it’s fun to challenge yourself and work to get a good shot. That could be as simple as focusing in on some closeups, like the flowes above, or finding a blotch of color in an otherwise gray scene. Bottom line, you can almost always make a decent image if you’re willng to look long enough! Continue reading

Morning photo: Thursday mashup


Snake River, Summit County Colorado

Late summer wildflowers blooming along the Snake River in Summit County, Colorado,

FRISCO — A handful of midweek shots from Summit County and beyond … remember, our daily photo sets of snapshots are a pointer. If you like what you see, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for a selection of Summit County scenes available as fine art prints or greeting cards.


A wildflower bonus season in Summit County, Colorado, as persistent rains have kept things fresh in the high country.

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Morning photo: Unfiltered, mostly …



A classic view of the Tenmile Range from Sapphire Point.

FRISCO —I’ve posted a lot of filtered iPhone shots in the past few months, so I decided it was time to use a few without those special effects. The temptation is always there to use an Instagram filter to lighten the foreground or intensify the sunset colors — the trick sometimes is knowing when NOT to do that. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunday …

iPhone only


Blue River bikiing.

FRISCO — A few times today I was itching for my DSLR, but stayed the course and shot everything, sunrise to sunset, on the iPhone, including this sweet Willys parked near the Blue River in Breckenridge.


Classic in every way …

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