Morning photo: Snapshots III

Around the county …


Playing with light, shadow and compositions … Colorado!

FRISCO — Some days are make for photography and others aren’t, but a even when things aren’t going exactly as planned, it’s fun to challenge yourself and work to get a good shot. That could be as simple as focusing in on some closeups, like the flowes above, or finding a blotch of color in an otherwise gray scene. Bottom line, you can almost always make a decent image if you’re willng to look long enough! Continue reading

Morning photo: Thursday mashup


Snake River, Summit County Colorado

Late summer wildflowers blooming along the Snake River in Summit County, Colorado,

FRISCO — A handful of midweek shots from Summit County and beyond … remember, our daily photo sets of snapshots are a pointer. If you like what you see, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for a selection of Summit County scenes available as fine art prints or greeting cards.


A wildflower bonus season in Summit County, Colorado, as persistent rains have kept things fresh in the high country.

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Morning photo: Unfiltered, mostly …



A classic view of the Tenmile Range from Sapphire Point.

FRISCO —I’ve posted a lot of filtered iPhone shots in the past few months, so I decided it was time to use a few without those special effects. The temptation is always there to use an Instagram filter to lighten the foreground or intensify the sunset colors — the trick sometimes is knowing when NOT to do that. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunday …

iPhone only


Blue River bikiing.

FRISCO — A few times today I was itching for my DSLR, but stayed the course and shot everything, sunrise to sunset, on the iPhone, including this sweet Willys parked near the Blue River in Breckenridge.


Classic in every way …

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Morning photo: Painting with light …

Summit magic


The last few rays of sunlight on mid-summer day slant through Tenmile Canyon, painting the rocky face of Mt. Royal with a golden glow.

FRISCO — I sometimes ask myself why I keep going back to the same spots to take pictures — after all, I already have a zillion shots from this particular nook along the shore of Dillon Reservoir. But when I scroll through the archives on my phone or computer, it’s an easy question to answer. The light is never exactly the same twice. All the shots in this set are taken within a couple of miles of our house in Frisco, right along Dillon Dam Road, at a nondescript turnout. But the quality of the light, and in some cases, an Instagram filter, can totally change the look and feel of the scene. If you enjoy these casual snapshots, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more. Continue reading

Morning photo: Filtered!

Colorado eye candy


A morning stunner.

FRISCO — A few sweet scenes from around Summit County, Colorado in the waning days of summer. Some mornings now are chilly enough that wispy fog forms on the surface of Dillon Reservoir. It seems hard to believe, but soon, there will be light frost on the ground in the mornings. Better get out and enjoy that warm weather while you can! Meanwhile, enjoy this little batch of iPhone photos, liberally edited with some of the in-camera filter apps offered by Instagram. For more Summit Voice photography, visit our online FineArt America gallery. Continue reading

Morning photo: Going mobile …

Some iPhone stunners


Surreal sunset over Buffalo Mountain.

FRISCO — I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this iPhone photography thing. Here are some of the best shots from the last two months or so … Continue reading

Morning photo: Insta-faves

The Colorado wildflowers keep on coming


Shrine Pass sunset.

FRISCO — Wherever you look these days, it’s knee-deep wildflowers, whether it’s up high in the Alpine zone, in the upland forests or even in the valley bottoms along the rivers. It kind of shows that timing is everything when it comes to moisture. Even though the winter was dry, the spring precipitation arrived just in time to really soak the soil, germinating long-buried seeds and nurturing tall grasses. What a spring and early summer it’s been. Let’s hope for more of the same! If you enjoy this iPhone snapshot gallery, be sure to visit the online Bob Berwyn/Summit Voice gallery at FineArt America, with a great selection of Summit County landscapes available as fine art prints and greeting cards.


Paintbrush along Lime Creek Road.

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Morning photo: Insta-groovy

More monsoon skies …


Evening view of Frisco, with Buffalo Mountain as a backdrop.

FRISCO — I’m still learning about my iPhone camera, and one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s really quite good at picking up color and highlights in an otherwise shaded foreground, like the top image in this set. The difference between the light and dark areas helps give images a pleasing (to my eyes) depth, and using the built-in HDR means less post-processing, which I needed in the next image in the set to balance out a shot taken with a DSLR. Most of all, the clouds the last few days have been fabulous!


Dillon Reservoir, still in the evening light.

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Morning photo: Colorado magic



Wildflowers gleam in the early morning light along the Tenderfoot Trail. An Instagram filter helped brighten the color of the foreground flowers.

FRISCO — Just a few Summit County landscapes and wildflowers in this Tuesday post … Continue reading


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