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Morning photo: Colorado sunset

Can you feel it?

A Bierstadt moment in Colorado.

A Bierstadt moment in Colorado.

FRISCO — We cruised down to one of our favorite Gore Range overlooks a couple of days ago on an afternoon when the clouds looked promising (from a photography standpoint) and weren’t disappointed. OK, so we didn’t get a firecracker sky, but some of the subtle glows that played across the craggy summits of the peaks were extraordinary. Here’s  a sample of the shots we got, and there are more Summit County nature and landscape images available for purchase at our online Fine Art America gallery. Support the arts and independent journalism with your purchase of prints or notecards! Continue reading

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Morning photo: Some sky drama

When the sun goes down …

FRISCO — A quick Instagram set from Summit County’s highways and byways. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunday strolling

Ok, so it’s Tuesday …


Almost looks like autumn.

FRISCO — Sunday’s morning stroll took me up along the Tenderfoot Trail, near Dillon, where I watched an unusual early morning thunderstorm form directly overhead, then dissipate as fast as it formed. The gray clouds weren’t exactly what I was looking for when I went out to shoot photos, but you work with you get, right? And patience paid off, as I did manage to get within range of a mountain bluebird (see below). Later in the day, we trekked out to a vantage point to watch our resident bald eagles fledge their chicks, hiking back to the road just as the sun dipped behind Buffalo Mountain, to end another perfect weekend in the Colorado high country. Continue reading

Morning photo: Ute Pass

Clearing storm, killer views


Gore Range morning glory.

FRISCO — Three or four times a year I try to head down the Lower Blue and up Ute Pass Road to check out the views of the Gore Range, especially if there’s chance of remnant mid-level clouds to add some interest to the scene. I’ve never been disappointed by the views, and the early morning treks have often been rewarded by stellar light. This set is from Saturday morning. It’s pretty amazing to see how much snow is still caked up on the highest peaks of the Gore Range. Continue reading

Morning photo: Frosty February

More calendar pics …


February snow blankets the Gore Range in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —I always think of February as the heart of winter, even though the days are definitely starting to get longer, with the vernal equinox just a few weeks off. But it seems like (and the photos in the Summit Voice archive support this) that the snow always lies deep in February, even in those low-snow years. I definitely have a favorite in this batch and you might be surprised to know which one it is. One of these shots will be featured on the February page of the Summit Voice calendar, and if you have any strong feelings about it one way or another, please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. If you enjoy our daily snapshots at Summit Voice, visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images featuring the light of the Rocky Mountains. Continue reading

Morning photo: Weekend eyecandy

Fall photo fun

frozen waterfall

“Wet Feet”

FRISCO — I got my feet wet several times this weekend taking pictures of the incipient ice along our local streams, but it was well worth it. Actually, more than my feet — for some a few of these shots, I contorted myself over boulders, at times laying prone in slushy snow along the banks of the creeks, to try and get a good angle, and to keep my camera and tripod level and steady. Generally, these riverside spots aren’t exactly level and there’s not always a good spot to set up a tripod, so I’ve learned to improvise, using rocks as a camera platform. Sometimes I put down my hat as a pad, and just use my hands to clamp the camera tight against the rock for quarter-second exposures. Whatever works, right? Please visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America for a great selection of Summit County landscape shots.


Dancing water along the Snake River in Summit County, Colorado.

Continue reading

Morning photo: Mountain light III

The early summer edition …


Guyot and Baldy, shrouded.

FRISCO — Just a few quick DSLR images from the past several weeks, taken from my favorite photo perches around Summit County. Follow @bberwyn on Twitter for daily images from Summit County, and visit our FineArt America online gallery for high quality prints and greeting cards with featured Summit Voice images. Continue reading

Morning photo: Feeling summery …

Some iPhone HDR action …

Colorado Gore Range at sunset

A wildflower sunset pano, taken with the iPhone’s HDR switched on.

FRISCO — I’ve been having some pretty good luck with my little iPhone’s built-in HDR function the last few days at sunrise and sunset. Sure, some of the Instagram filters can deliver a similar effect, but the HDR lets the image retain most of the qualities of the natural lite. In addition to using it for landscapes, I’ve tried it on some closeup shots, too, to try and capture more detail in shady spots. If you have an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5 and you’re shooting in sketchy light, give the HDR a try! Continue reading

Morning photo: Gore Range glow

A little trek in the Lower Blue



FRISCO —Made it back down to the Lower Blue Saturday evening to check the light at the other end of the day after shooting some sunrise shots about a week ago. A partial overcast partially foiled my plan to get the last rays of light illuminating the flowers, but I still had fun working with a 300 mm telephoto to shot some Gore Range peak portraits, and with the iPhone to try and coax some additional color from the scene. Check out our FineArt America gallery for more Summit County landscape. Continue reading

Morning photo: Mountain meadows

A trip down the Lower Blue …


Lupines and arrowleaf balsamroot in the Williams Fork Range.

FRISCO — An early morning hike into the foothills of the Williams Fork Range, north of Silverthorne yielded a few decent photos in challenging, high-contrast light conditions. I also struggle a bit with composition as I grappled with the wide-open landscape. While colors are stunning, I often found myself looking at the viewfinder and seeing a lot of dead space in the center of the image. Without a defined subject, I looked for strong lines, formed either by the shape of the land or by the pattern of early morning light and shadows. I’m also struggling a bit with focus in some scenes, trying to get a really sharp focus, so I just pulled a fixed focal length lens out of an old camera bag to try it out on some wildflower scenes the next few days Continue reading


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