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Morning photo: Night shots!

Around the world with Summit Voice

A rainy night in downtown Corfu.

A rainy night in downtown Corfu.

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Morning photo: Moon glow and wildflowers

Summer’s coming!

A kind of weird low-light exposure of the moon rising above Dillon Reservoir.

A kind of weird low-light exposure of the moon rising above Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — Another full moon came and went in Summit County, the last during the spring season, and at the same time, fields and forests are busting out what promises to be a fine display of seasonal wildflowers. It’s always a little disconcerting to see bright blooms in places where snow berms lingered just a few weeks ago, but it’s a good reminder that it’s time to start planning those outdoor summer adventures before the season slips away … Continue reading

Morning photo: Hunter’s moon

Chasing Luna


Moonrise over the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Over the years, I’ve managed to get a handful of decent moonrise shots, and I’ve learned that, as often as not, there’s some luck involved. It’s easy enough to figure out when and where the moon will come up, and by now I know that the night just before the full moon is actually the best time, as far as the balance between light and dark. But the best shots, at least without using a filter or without having to do to much post-processing, are when just the right clouds are about to help slightly filter the bright moonlight, balancing it with the surrounding darker sky. I spent about an hour each of the last two evenings trying to get some good shots and this is what I came up with. I’m not totally happy with any of the images, but I sure enjoyed the chase! Continue reading

Does the full moon disturb sleep patterns?

New study suggests human response to lunar cycles

full moon

A full moon rises over Summit County, Colorado. Bob Berwyn photo.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — If you didn’t sleep so well the last couple of nights, you might be able to blame it on the moon.

A new study, published this week in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, suggests that lunar cycles have some influence over human behavior, perhaps dating back eons, when the moon may ave synchronized human behaviors for reproductive or other purposes, much as it does in other animals.

Today, the moon’s hold over us is usually masked by the influence of electrical lighting and other aspects of modern life, but the study offers some convincing scientific evidence that humans still respond to the geophysical rhythms of the moon, driven by a circalunar clock. Continue reading

Morning photo: Moon shots

The Full Buck Moon


The night before the full moon, looking toward the Tenmile Range – iPhone shot.

FRISCO —It’s kind of a weird time of year for shooting the full moon. The timing (at least for me) is a little off, and from most of my vantage points near Frisco, it comes up behind Swan Mountain, which means it doesn’t rise into sight until the foreground and surrounding sky are quite dark. Regardless, it’s always fun to take a few minutes to watch the great glowing orb make its monthly appearance, and it’s a bonus when you can do it in a short-sleeved shirt! Continue reading

Morning photo: Moondance

Clear skies

The iPhone version ...

The iPhone version …

FRISCO —Lovely, peaceful full moon rising over the Rockies last night, plus a couple of miscellaneous shots that just jumped out at me whilst searching the archives for images to illustrate a couple of other stories. Altogether, it’s the Sunday set. Continue reading

Morning photo: Lunar evening

The view from Ptarmigan



FRISCO — For the full moon rise, we wandered a short distance up the Ptarmigan Trail, to one of the rocky outcrops near the top of the first steep pitch, thinking that we’d have a good vantage point. But the best-laid plans don’t always work out. On this evening, the moon rose directly behind Independence Mountain, near Keystone, which isn’t a bad thing in itself — it just means the moon didn’t rise quite as early as we anticipated. That means the sky is a bit darker, so there’s more contrast between the moon and the foreground, making it harded to get well-balanced exposure. But it’s always a treat to greet that glowing orb in its monthly journey, and our patience did yield a handful of decent images. If you like our lunar snapshots, please visit our online gallery at FineArt America for a great selection of Colorado landscapes. And if you want to get a few moonshots yourself, the best chance will be Sunda morning when the moon sets shortly after sunrise. Continue reading

Morning photo: By the light of the moon …

Rocky Mountain glow


Morning alpenglow on the Gore Range, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —Friday brought a lovely April morning to go out and capture a few images of the full moon setting over the Gore Range. Sure, the snow is a bit crusty for hiking, but it’ll be melted soon enough — at least at lower elevations. But for now, it was one more wintry scene from the flanks of Tenderfoot Mountain, and a spectacular alpenglow to go along with the spectacle of the setting moon. If you like these images, please visit our online Summit County gallery at Imagekind, and also at FineArt America, featuring an amazing selection of Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: ‘Pink’ moon?

Clearing skies …


The almost-full moon rising over the snow-covered Rockies.

FRISCO —April’s full moon is sometimes called the pink moon for slightly obscure reasons, according to my sources, who say the name is related to pink flowers that start blooming this time of year. The April moon is sometimes also called the egg moon, the full sprouting-grass moon or the full fish moon. Regardless of what it’s called, it was nice to see clear skies once again after a spate of stormy April weather.
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Morning photo: Paschal moon

First full moon of spring


Bright night light.

FRISCO —I’ve missed the last few full moon rises, with stormy skies obscuring that critical view to east, but last night, a quick jaunt down to the corner of Lagoon and Meadow Creek Drive paid off with a nice view of the orb ascending over Swan Mountain. There was just enough of a gap at the horizon to give a clear view, and enough thin cloud cover to help balance the light, enabling the camera sensor to capture some of the moon’s details. Here’s hoping for a clear-skies moonset tomorrow morning! Continue reading


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