Morning photo: Progression

Fall to winter …


Full autumn glory.

FRISCO — The days are growing noticeably shorter now, with both sunrise and sunset falling during those hours when we’re still out and about. It’s definitely the transition season between fall and winter, and it shows. Soon — but not just yet — the ground will be covered with snow (we hope), and will stay that way until springtime. Rejoice in the changes, embrace the chill and revel in the beauty of the seasonal cycles. Continue reading

Morning photo: Best of September



A fiery monsoon sunset in early September along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO —Looking back through the September folder in the Summit Voice photo archives made me realize how summery most of the month was, especially early on when it seemed like the monsoon would never end. The official weather stats for the month tell the same story, with September rainfall in Breckenridge tying for the second-wettest on record. All that moisture wasn’t bad for photographers, with a series of colorful sunsets and rainbow-filled skies seemingly every other night. Continue reading

Morning photo: Colorado skies …

Yes, more rainbows!


September rainbow.

FRISCO — Friday’s brilliant double rainbow was a reminder of how dramatic Colorado skies can be, so for a quick Saturday photo set, I pulled together a few recent shots, along with a classic skyline view from the archives. Continue reading

Morning photo: Not much summer left

New season


It’s starting!

FRISCO — I thought it was going to stay dry for a change, but as soon as we got out of the car, the rain started, coming down hard for about 30 minutes, hardly anyway to keep water spots off the lens. Along the way we found a narrowleaf cottonwood tree, already showing off its autumn wardrobe. When it finally stopped raining, the sky put on quite a show. Visit our FineArt America online gallery for more. Continue reading

Morning photo: September


Meadow Creek wetlands, Frisco, Colorado.

Meadow Creek wetlands, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Just like that, summer slips into fall … I know, technically, there are still a few weeks left to summer, for weather geeks, Sept. 1 marks the start of the climatological autumn season, and you can see why. Flowers are mostly done blooming, grass is curing and the night is nearly as long as the day. By the end of the month, high country hillsides will be fully ablaze with autumn color and we’ll probably have our first dusting of snow. Celebrate the season! Continue reading

Morning Photo: Daybreak …

Frisco Bay

*My son surprised me by getting up early a few days ago, right in the middle of summer vacation, to go down to the reservoir and shoot this sunrise timelapse video.

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s great to see even the shallow areas along the west end of the Reservoir around Frisco refilling, where fields of grasses, flowers and invasive weeds were starting to make themselves at home. In a way, it feels a little like a flood, with water rising over long-dry areas and inundating all the new growth. A few more stills to go along with Dylan’s video …

peak 1

Looking away from the sun to catch the glow on the Tenmile Range.


Continue reading

Morning photo: Summit Saturday

Around the mountains …


I underexposed this shot by a couple of stops to get deepes possible saturation.

FRISCO — With Fourth of July falling on a Thursday, it’s felt like a particularly long weekend, and judging by the happy faces around town, tourists in Summit County feel the same way. Perfect weather — not too hot, a bit of moisture in the air and some puffy clouds — helped keep things cool, and festivities abounded, from concerts and fireworks in Frisco to the Wanderlust yoga happening at Copper Mountain. While I try to avoid the crowds (I think of it as giving our visitors their space) I did get out to snap a few shots and strolled through the Wanderlust activities for a few minutes on Thursday. Here’s what it all looked like. Continue reading


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