Morning photo: Fall!

Vibrant season …

hraunfoss waterfall iceland

Brilliant fall colors form a backdrop to the Hraunfoss waterfall, formed where springs flow between lava formations into the Hvitá River, near Reykholt, Iceland.

FRISCO — Fall is definitely one of my favorite photography seasons. After the calm, peaceful summer months, earth and sky seem to be jarred out of stasis, suddenly shifting toward a new season. So when #FriFotos invited me to co-host this week’s Twitter chat with a fall theme, I was pretty happy. A September visit to Iceland with @CoTravGirl yielded a ton of fun images — we weren’t really sure what to expect, and the brilliant foilage of the island’s tundra vegetation was an unexpected bonus. Plus, I knew I’d be able to use a couple of pictures of waterfalls, which also fits the “fall” theme. And, of course, Colorado can’t be beat when it comes to foilage. For a few short weeks each year in late September and early October, the aspen forests change in a blaze of color before giving way to the quiet silvery, gray and white tones of winter.

Join in the Twitter fun by uploading your favorite fall pictures to Twitter or Instagram and be sure tag them with #FriFotos, then sit back and enjoy the show. There are sure to be amazing fall pictures from all over the world!


In the Colorado high country, fall and winter often mingle, like in this scene, photographed from deck of the Summit Voice office.

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Morning photo: Fields

Pastoral beauty


Fallow fields in Grand Junction, Colorado, with the Grand Mesa as a backdrop.

FRISCO — I haven’t joined in the #FriFotos Twitter chat for a few months, but when I saw this week’s topic, I did a quick scan of the Summit Voice archives to find some of my favorite pictures of fields around the world, starting right here at home in Colorado and ranging as far as Iceland and Antarctica. On a recent trip, Leigh and I had a chance to visit Iceland, and amidst the wondrous ice fields and stunning coastline, we were fascinated by the lava fields, some of which are carpeted with a squishy, thick layer of moss. Upload your field photos via Flickr, Twitter or Instagram, tag them with #FriFotos and then enjoy the global slide show! Continue reading

Morning photo: Kids!

New generations


Sharing … or not?

FRISCO — I haven’t posted up much recently for the super-social #FriFotos Twitter chat, but I couldn’t resist today’s theme — kids. As my own progeny grows into those sometimes awkward mid-teen years, I sometimes look at him and catch a fleeting reflection of a moment long-passed. As lucky as I was to have worked from home during much of his life, and having been able to spend enormous amounts of time with him, traveling, skiing, coaching and volunteering in his classrooms, it’s still all gone by in a flash. Thank goodness for cameras — and memories! Continue reading

Morning photo: Take a hike!

Foot power!

Hiking in the Eagles Nest Wilderness, Summit County, Colorado.

Hiking in the Eagles Nest Wilderness, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — It’s summer time, so what are you waiting for? Turn off your computer, get outside and take a hike, wherever you are! Here are some of our favorite hiking trails both far and near, compiled for the #FriFotos Twitter chat.


Two hikers etched against a brilliant high latitude sky on Deception Island.

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Morning photo: Architecture


All of Old Town Corfu nas been designated as a world heritage site in large part for its architecture.

All of Old Town Corfu nas been designated as a world heritage site in large part for its architecture.

FRISCO — Another fun theme for my favorite Twitter chat this week, as travelers and photographers from around the world are sharing images focusing on architecture. Starting off my #FriFotos post with a couple of pictures of arches seems appropriate, since arches have been, well, a keystone of architecture ever since people started laying one stone atop another. Join in the fun by uploading some pics with the #FriFotos hashtag — it should be a good one!

An arched opening in a thick stone wall in Hallstatt, Austria provides cover from a summer thunderstorm.

An arched opening in a thick stone wall in Hallstatt, Austria provides cover from a summer thunderstorm.

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Morning photo: Horizons

Ever onward …


The horizon over Dillon Reservoir is sandwiched by clouds.

FRISCO — Most of us know how important it can be to have strong lines in an image to help guide the eye toward the subject. But often, the most common line — the horizon — is the focal point of an image. Our eyes are automatically drawn toward that distant threshold, beyond which is, well, the rest of the world. Horizons in the theme of this week’s #FriFotos Twitter chat, with wonderful images streaming in from all corners of the globe. Join the fun by uploading your own pics and tagging them with #FriFotos.

Sunlit icebergs gleam on the horizon in the Antarctic Sound.

Distant icebergs float on the horizon in the Antarctic Sound.

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Morning photo: Purple power!

The royal color


Under a purple glow deep in the bowels of Ali Pasha’s castle in Butrint, Albania, a bartender named Napoleon made a hot raki drink for us using a tiny campstove. Photo courtesy Leigh Wadden. Click here to learn more about Butrint.

FRISCO —When the theme of this week’s #FriFotos Twitter chat was announced as “purple,” I knew that I had plenty of pics in the archive. After all, it’s one of my favorite colors, eye-catching and friendly. I was pretty sure I had plenty of purple wildflower images, but I wasn’t really sure what else I would find. It ended up being quite a mix of photos, from a pleasing purple balloon at the Frisco Oktoberfest to the deep purple of ripening olives on a Greek hillside. Learn more about #FriFotos here, and check out the Facebook page, too. Continue reading

Morning Photo: Blooming

A #FriFotos set

FRISCO — Some years, the first week of April brings the first bloom of wildflowers in the Colorado high country, but not this year. Much-needed snow fell all the way through March, and even though it’s starting to melt off now, it hasn’t quite warmed enough to coax those first few buds open. So for this week’s #FriFotos Twitter chat I had to reach back into the archives and pick out some of my favorite wildflowers and garden flowers. I’m looking forward to seeing more blooms from around the world. Join in by uploading your pics to Twitter via your favorite channel and giving them the #FriFotos hashtag, then sit back and enjoy the stream.

Morning photo: Dishin’


Nothing like a little deep-dish apple pie!

Nothing like a little deep-dish apple pie!

FRISCO — It’s been a few weeks since I joined in the #FriFotos Twitter chat, but when I saw that this week’s them was “dishes,” I couldn’t resist. I’m just one of those annoying people who likes to take pictures of food and share them. It bugs my family a little bit, but for me, it adds one final touch to the creative process of cooking, and it also helps me decide what to make for dinner sometimes, as in when I’m scrolling through my iPhone camera roll and I suddenly see something yummy and say to myself, “It’s about time to try that again!” To join in, upload you own favorite “dish” pictures, tag them with #FriFotos, then sit back and enjoy the show. Continue reading

Morning photo: Streetscapes

Urban scenes around the world

Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.

Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.

FRISCO — Being a mountain-dweller, I often “forget” to take pictures when I’m in a city. Sometimes it’s because I’m just too busy gawking at the — for me — unusual sights. That mode changes when I’m traveling for pleasure, however. Instead of thinking about the next interview with a source, or trying to cook up an interesting story leead, I shift gears and look for those moments or street corners that say something about a city. So choosing pics for this week’s popular #FriFotos Twitter chat was a bit more of a challenge than sometimes. When I first saw the theme, I scratched my head for a minute, unsure of exactly where to look in the archives. But since I often think of cities as transit points or portals to other destinations beyond, I was able to retrace my steps and find a few urban shots. Join the fun — grab your urban shots, upload and tag them with #FriFotos to share with the world. Continue reading


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