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Morning photo: Best of September



A fiery monsoon sunset in early September along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO —Looking back through the September folder in the Summit Voice photo archives made me realize how summery most of the month was, especially early on when it seemed like the monsoon would never end. The official weather stats for the month tell the same story, with September rainfall in Breckenridge tying for the second-wettest on record. All that moisture wasn’t bad for photographers, with a series of colorful sunsets and rainbow-filled skies seemingly every other night. Continue reading

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Morning photo: Best of August

Mountain brilliance …


An August rainbow arcs to the east of the setting sun, framing part of Dillon Reservoir in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — It was a month of rainbows and intense sunrise scenes, not to mention plentiful monsoon rains that dampened the wildfire danger and helped spur a bumper crop of mushrooms in the Colorado high country. I always have a hard time picking the best images from any given month, so instead, I’ve tried to pick photos that best reflect the time of year and the overall flavor of the month. This year, the combination of slightly earlier sunsets with copious afternoon showers helped set the stage for numerous and brilliant rainbows. And earlier in the month, smoke from distant wildfires contributed to amazing sky glow during sunrise. Please visit our online gallery at FineArt America for a full selection of Summit County landscapes, available as fine art prints or greeting cards. Continue reading

Summit County: Happy Birthday, Dillon Reservoir!


Dillon Reservoir, Summit County, Colorado.

Dillon Marina hosting a jubilee, with free boating, music and more

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — There may be a few old-timers left who remember what Summit County looked like in the pre-Dillon Reservoir era, but most residents take the 3.200-acre impoundment for granted.

The reservoir was completed 50 years ago as a key step in Denver’s growth as a regional metropolis. The reservoir is operated by Denver Water, which serves more than 1.3 million people as the state’s largest water provider.

This Sunday (Sept. 8), the Dillon Reservoir Recreation Committee is hosting an anniversary celebration at the Dillon Marina. The free event includes pontoon boat tours, canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding, as well as a preview of the 2014 air and water show. On land, there will be a free performance by the band Eyes Wide Open, balloon sculptures for youngsters and tasty treats from local vendors. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sky shots …

A tale of two nights …

Quiet sky glow.

Quiet sky glow Wednesday evening.

FRISCO —Wednesday brought a much more subtle sunset display, at least from vantage point near Frisco, where only a small splotch of color emerged along the southwestern horizon. By contrast, last night’s sunset set the entire sky on fire, 360 degrees. It’s tough to say that one was more beautiful than the other. Sure, Tuesday was super-dramatic, but Wednesday was peaceful and calm, without the seething cloud turbulence. It’s amazing how much difference 24 hours can make!

Some sky!

Some sky, with seething clouds Tuesday night.

Continue reading

Morning photo: Not much summer left

New season


It’s starting!

FRISCO — I thought it was going to stay dry for a change, but as soon as we got out of the car, the rain started, coming down hard for about 30 minutes, hardly anyway to keep water spots off the lens. Along the way we found a narrowleaf cottonwood tree, already showing off its autumn wardrobe. When it finally stopped raining, the sky put on quite a show. Visit our FineArt America online gallery for more. Continue reading

Morning photo: Painting with light …

Summit magic


The last few rays of sunlight on mid-summer day slant through Tenmile Canyon, painting the rocky face of Mt. Royal with a golden glow.

FRISCO — I sometimes ask myself why I keep going back to the same spots to take pictures — after all, I already have a zillion shots from this particular nook along the shore of Dillon Reservoir. But when I scroll through the archives on my phone or computer, it’s an easy question to answer. The light is never exactly the same twice. All the shots in this set are taken within a couple of miles of our house in Frisco, right along Dillon Dam Road, at a nondescript turnout. But the quality of the light, and in some cases, an Instagram filter, can totally change the look and feel of the scene. If you enjoy these casual snapshots, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more. Continue reading

Morning photo: Best of the week

Monsoon sunsets

buffalo mountain Colorado

Incorporating a little beetle-kill beauty into an evening landscape along the shores of Dillon Reservoir in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — We’re more than a month past the solstice, so sunrise isn’t quite as brutally early anymore, and the lingering monsoon moisture in the skies has made for some great cloudscapes, both in the morning and evening. Last week yielded a handful of decent shots, mostly during sunset dog-walking time along the shore of the reservoir. If you like the snapshots in this post, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more Summit County landscapes, for sale as prints or greeting cards.


Purple mountains majesty …

Continue reading

Morning photo: Colorplay

Some iPhone snaps


They may be invasive and noxious weeds, but these daisies still make a nice foreground for a sunset shot of Peak 1 in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Just a few snapshots of our favorite wildflowers and weeds … Visit the online Summit Voice gallery at FineArt America for a full selection of high-resolution landscape images from the Colorado high country. Continue reading

Morning Photo: Daybreak …

Frisco Bay

*My son surprised me by getting up early a few days ago, right in the middle of summer vacation, to go down to the reservoir and shoot this sunrise timelapse video.

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s great to see even the shallow areas along the west end of the Reservoir around Frisco refilling, where fields of grasses, flowers and invasive weeds were starting to make themselves at home. In a way, it feels a little like a flood, with water rising over long-dry areas and inundating all the new growth. A few more stills to go along with Dylan’s video …

peak 1

Looking away from the sun to catch the glow on the Tenmile Range.


Continue reading

Morning photo: Summit Saturday

Around the mountains …


I underexposed this shot by a couple of stops to get deepes possible saturation.

FRISCO — With Fourth of July falling on a Thursday, it’s felt like a particularly long weekend, and judging by the happy faces around town, tourists in Summit County feel the same way. Perfect weather — not too hot, a bit of moisture in the air and some puffy clouds — helped keep things cool, and festivities abounded, from concerts and fireworks in Frisco to the Wanderlust yoga happening at Copper Mountain. While I try to avoid the crowds (I think of it as giving our visitors their space) I did get out to snap a few shots and strolled through the Wanderlust activities for a few minutes on Thursday. Here’s what it all looked like. Continue reading


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