Morning photo: Best of the week

Monsoon sunsets

buffalo mountain Colorado

Incorporating a little beetle-kill beauty into an evening landscape along the shores of Dillon Reservoir in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — We’re more than a month past the solstice, so sunrise isn’t quite as brutally early anymore, and the lingering monsoon moisture in the skies has made for some great cloudscapes, both in the morning and evening. Last week yielded a handful of decent shots, mostly during sunset dog-walking time along the shore of the reservoir. If you like the snapshots in this post, visit our online gallery at FineArt America for more Summit County landscapes, for sale as prints or greeting cards.


Purple mountains majesty …

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Morning photo: Colorplay

Some iPhone snaps


They may be invasive and noxious weeds, but these daisies still make a nice foreground for a sunset shot of Peak 1 in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Just a few snapshots of our favorite wildflowers and weeds … Visit the online Summit Voice gallery at FineArt America for a full selection of high-resolution landscape images from the Colorado high country. Continue reading

Morning Photo: Daybreak …

Frisco Bay

*My son surprised me by getting up early a few days ago, right in the middle of summer vacation, to go down to the reservoir and shoot this sunrise timelapse video.

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s great to see even the shallow areas along the west end of the Reservoir around Frisco refilling, where fields of grasses, flowers and invasive weeds were starting to make themselves at home. In a way, it feels a little like a flood, with water rising over long-dry areas and inundating all the new growth. A few more stills to go along with Dylan’s video …

peak 1

Looking away from the sun to catch the glow on the Tenmile Range.


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Morning photo: Summit Saturday

Around the mountains …


I underexposed this shot by a couple of stops to get deepes possible saturation.

FRISCO — With Fourth of July falling on a Thursday, it’s felt like a particularly long weekend, and judging by the happy faces around town, tourists in Summit County feel the same way. Perfect weather — not too hot, a bit of moisture in the air and some puffy clouds — helped keep things cool, and festivities abounded, from concerts and fireworks in Frisco to the Wanderlust yoga happening at Copper Mountain. While I try to avoid the crowds (I think of it as giving our visitors their space) I did get out to snap a few shots and strolled through the Wanderlust activities for a few minutes on Thursday. Here’s what it all looked like. Continue reading

Morning photo: Just another Summit sunset

Actually, two sunsets …

Summit County photography

Cloudplay and raindrops.

FRISCO — A couple of brilliant sunsets on some of the longest days of the year, leading up to the summer solstice … Continue reading

Dillon Reservoir — what a difference four weeks makes

Water levels in Dillon Reservoir rise dramatically over the past month

Photos by Jenney Coberly

FRISCO — The water level in Dillon Reservoir has been climbing rapidly since late April at the average rate of about six inches per day. Denver Water now expects the reservoir to come very close to filling. More details in this Summit Voice story. Jenney Coberly documented the surging water level from the saddle of her bicycle, compiling this set of “before and and after” images in late May and mid-June.


Frisco Bay, June 17


Frisco Bay, May 22


Frisco Bay Marina, June 17


Frisco Bay Marina, May 22


Buoy along Dillon Dam Rd, June 17


Buoy along Dillon Dam Rd, May 22


End of reservoir in Dillon, June 17


End of reservoir in Dillon, May 22

Colorado: Dillon Reservoir close to filling

Peak runoff helps boost water storage across the state


Snowpack across most of Colorado dropped to below average as temperatures warmed to above average in June.

FRISCO — After a big weather turnaround in April and May, Dillon Reservoir is well on its way to filling, with the water level reaching an elevation of just about 9,008 on June 13, just nine feet below capacity. The last time the water level was this high was July 26, 2012.

“We think it’s likely we’ll fill or at least get within a few feet of full elevation,” Denver Water spokesperson Stacy Chesney said.

Peak inflow into the reservoir was June 10, with the mainstem of the Blue River and the rest of the basin tributaries combining to deliver 1,754 cubic feet of water per second. The inflow hovered around that level early in the week, and started to drop a little bit by Thursday and Friday as the snowpack at higher elevations dwindled. Continue reading

Morning photo: Full-on spring!

High country comes alive


An iPhone panorama shot from the Tenderfoot Trail.

FRISCO — The high country is coming alive with the sights and sounds of spring, including a sustained runoff that’s music to my ears. Even smaller creeks like North Tenmile are raging and in the shallower parts of Dillon Resevoir, especially on the west side, near Frisco, you can visibly watch as water trickles back into the dimples and pools that were drained dry last year. On the surrounding hillsides, the wildflowers are really starting to pop, with big cushions of pink and white phlox already in full bloom and purple lupines just starting to show. Get out and enjoy this weekend! Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunny Saturday

The warmup …


Even from a quarter mile away, the nesting bald eagle at Dillon Reservoir is pretty impressive, seen against the backdrop of Grays and Torreys peaks, two 14,000-foot peaks along the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Saturday may have started a bit chilly and gray, but by early afternoon, you could just about smell summer on the wind. In the early afternoon, we headed back out to check on the bald eagles nesting near Dillon Reservoir and grabbed a few mountain snaps at the same time, thinking about how some of super-bright scenes might look rendered in black an white, with a high sun angle helping to reveal details that often escape during more traditional photography times. Continue reading

Morning photo: Nature’s Slushee

Frazil ice marks the end of winter


Needles of frazil ice litter the surface of Dillon Resevoir in late May, 2013.

FRISCO — Once every few years, Dillon Reservoir’s winter ice cover goes out in a blaze of glory, as frazil ice forms in the super-cooled water along the shore, where the wind churns up a stew of spiky crystals. The physics involved in the formation of the ice are somewhat complex, but the result is a visual feast as winter goes out in a blaze of icy glory. Continue reading


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