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Morning photo: Sunday set

October snow …

This is what it looks like when it starts snowing in Colorado in October!

This is what it looks like when it starts snowing in Colorado in October!

FRISCO — Dramatic days in Summit County, with hulking storm clouds, wind and some significant valley snow, right on schedule. Pretty soon, we’ll be in the all-white mode, but for now, there’s still that fabulous clash of seasons, visible even through the kitchen window as the last few aspen leaves hang on under the onslaught of winter. Click the images to see larger versions, follow the @bberwyn Instagram and Twitter feeds, or visit our online gallery for fine art quality prints and greeting cards. Continue reading

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Morning photo: Lingering autumn

Sweet September light


A slanting September sun adds some side-lighting to this Dillon Reservoir scene.

FRISCO — I was hoping to post a set of new snow pictures this morning, but it looks like the storm passed a bit to the south and east so we’ll have to wait just a bit longer for the first significant valley accumulation. Instead, I sorted through the last few weeks worth of fall images to find a few that tell the story of the season — slanting light that changes everything, late-blooming fall flowers and some serenely floating leaves. It’ll all change soon enough when the snows arrive! Continue reading

Morning photo: More …

Super Summit!


Hunter’s moon rising over Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — OK, so I didn’t manage to get a good shot of the eclipsed moon this morning. It was mostly obscured by clouds, but I did watch the lunar orb emerge from the Earth’s rusty shadow from the deck. That means I’m looking forward to seeing all the pics of eclipse streaming across the interwebs this morning. Even without the eclipse, there have been a few dramatic moments in Summit skies the past few days, including the first real wave cloud formation, a sure sign that upper level winds are shifting toward fall and winter conditions, and the last few remnant patches of autumn leaves. Continue reading

Morning photo: Shades …

Autumn vibes

Deep tones in this afternoon shot show how the sun angle has changed in the past few weeks.

Deep tones in this afternoon shot show how the sun angle has changed in the past few weeks.

FRISCO — It’s pretty amazing how the light can change from day to day, month to month and season to season. The first picture in this set was taken down on the corner of our street, where Frisco meets Denver Water land, and just a month ago, it would have been way to bright at 3 p.m. to take a decent shot, especially in full sunlight. But in late September, the sun angle is low enough to give some definition to the clouds and add richness to the foreground tones. In this set, I tried to pick images from the last few days that show the wide range of autumn hues in the Colorado high country. Follow my Instagram feed for daily picture updates and visit this online gallery for fine art quality prints and greeting cards. Continue reading

Morning photo: October!

Moving on …


Morning contrast over the Continental Divide.

FRISCO — We’re slipping deeper into autumn and Summit County was abuzz with talk of the ski season after some early snow, but we will probably get to enjoy another few weeks of warm sunny days before the real snows hit. Get out and get after it, and don’t forget your camera! Check out my Instagram feed for daily updates, and visit this Fine Art America gallery for for Colorado landscape and nature shots. Continue reading

Biodiversity: Feds say Rio Grande cutthroat trout doesn’t need Endangered Species Act protection

troutmapGlobal warming seen as big threat to native fish

Staff Report

FRISCO — Rio Grande cutthroat trout may be rare, but they’re not facing imminent extinction anymore, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said last week, asserting that collaborative conservation and restoration efforts in southern Colorado and New Mexico will help sustain populations of the dwindling fish into the foreseeable future.

But the agency’s conclusion contradicts some other studies showing that global warming is huge threat to the fish. Long-term climate models suggest that many smaller streams where cutthroats live could be too warm in just a few decades, according a U.S. Geological Survey study released last year. Most of the sampled streams with Rio Grande cutthroat trout have base flows of less than 1 cubic foot per second, making them vulnerable to drought.

Rio Grande cutthroat trout live in only about 12 percent of the species’ historical habitat. Non-native fish introductions, water diversions and other impacts have degraded the species’ habitat in the past few decades. Continue reading

Morning photo: Transitions

From gold to white …

fall colors Colorado

Early morning light over the Gore Range in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Autumn is in the house,  and apparently can’t wait to get out of the way as Old Man Winter comes knocking on the door. Winds are sweeping the trees, as if to prepare them for the heavy (we hope) loads of snow in the months ahead, and even though we’ll surely return to a spell of warm, sunny days, it’s always awesome to see the first snows coating the peaks. Continue reading


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