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Morning photo: Autumn snow

Colorado colors …

autumn snow colorado

A classic autumn scene in Frisco, Colorado, with snow-capped evergreen cones standing out against a backdrop of golden aspen leaves.

FRISCO — On a stunning autumn day, when new snow falls at the peak of the fall color season, you don’t have to go far to get some good photos. I started by shooting a handful of images right through the kitchen window and off the deck while the coffee was brewing, then moved outside to the backyard, and even the parking lot, to try and capture some the classic Colorado beauty — evergreens, golden aspens and white snow. I like the muted and consistent color scheme of this photo essay, helped by overcast skies, but I’m looking forward to taking some pictures as the storm clears out Saturday morning. It’ll be chilly, but it should be spectacular! Continue reading

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Colorado: Winter storm watches and warnings issued for the northern mountains Thursday night and Friday

Widespread snow expected across northern mountains


An active weather pattern in the northeastern Pacific Ocean has spawned a storm that could give Colorado a taste of wintry weather in the next few days.


Here we go!

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Parts of Colorado’s north-central and northwestern mountains could see up to a foot of snow Thursday night into Friday, courtesy of a strong winter-like storm that buffeted the Pacific Northwest earlier this week and is now heading for the northern Rockies.

National Weather Service forecasters say they’re still not sure exactly how far south the storm will drop, but have issues winter storm watches and warnings for the mountains around Meeker and Steamboat Springs, east to the Winter Park area.

Before moving into the Rockies, the storm dropped several feet of snow across the higher elevations of the Cascades, along with gale-force winds. The storm’s central low pressure was lower than any of the tropical systems that have formed in the Atlantic Ocean so far this year. Continue reading

Morning photo: Spring potpourri

Will it ever melt?


Soft serve.

FRISCO — A short set with a potpourri of images from the most recent storm and the early part of the weekend. It’s pretty amazing the way the wet spring snow really sticks to everything. Even if it’s not the dead of winter, it can, like the top photo in the set, look snowier this time of year than it does in December, January or February. Please visit our online FineArt America gallery for a selection of stunning Summit County landscapes. Continue reading

Colorado: Report says deadly Loveland Pass slide went unnoticed for several hours

State report concludes the April 20 avalanche accident that killed five people was avoidable

Looking east along the crown line of an April 20 avalanche that killed five men in the Sheep Creek drainage

Looking east along the crown line of an April 20 avalanche that killed five men in the Sheep Creek drainage near Loveland Pass, Colorado. Photo courtesy CAIC.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — It’s April in Colorado and heavy snow is falling on the mountains of the Continental Divide, where a high-spirited group of mountain enthusiasts gather to plan a short backcountry tour, envisioning dreamy, floating turns and faceshots on the slopes of Mt. Sniktau, a mountain along the Continental Divide between Loveland Ski Area and Arapahoe Basin where planners once hoped to create an Olympic ski arena.

Well equipped and versed in backcountry travel, the six men head up Loveland Pass, a Mecca for Colorado backcountry skiers since the early days of the sport. At Scotty’s Corner, the last hairpin before the crest, the men headed east across the face of the 13,234-foot peak, aiming for northwest facing slopes on the far side of a broad gully that splits the face of the peak, according to an April 24 report from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

Recognizing the potential danger of avalanches, the group identifies what they thought was a safe zone near a cluster of trees on a knoll on the far side of the drainage. They discuss the avalanche danger again, agreeing to spread out as they crossed the slope. But they aren’t cautious enough, given the magnitude of the slide they ultimately trigger at about 10:15 a.m. Continue reading

Morning photo: One more storm …

April showers …

Clearing storm in the North Tenmile Creek drainage, Frisco, Colorado.

Clearing storm in the North Tenmile Creek drainage, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — If the weathermen are right, this may truly have been the last big snowstorm of the season (but who knows, right?) so I had to pick out just a few more shots from an early morning Frisco iPhone walkabout. Snow is good anytime of the year, but the late-April bonus storms are the best, not just for the scenery, but for the sake of boosting our mountain snowpack. Continue reading

Morning photo: Winter wonderland

Biggest snowfall of the year …


Meadow Creek sparkling after an overnight snowfall dropped about 7 inches of snow on Frisco, Colorado — the biggest single-day snowfall of the year.

FRISCO — Mother Nature delivered a nice surprise over the weekend, dropping anywhere from 6 to 15 inches of snow across parts of the north-central mountains. Along with making for great conditions on one of the final ski weekends of the season at some resorts, the storm brought some much-needed moisture to the Colorado River Basin. It may not be a drought-buster, but it sure won’t hurt. Continue reading

Morning photo: Winter’s last gasp?

March snow


The Walmart wetlands.

FRISCO —A last little taste of winter in the Colorado high country, as March finally delivered some much needed white stuff. Of course, it melted nearly as fast as it fell, but that didn’t really matter. For a couple of days at least, it looked pretty wintry, and the moisture didn’t hut, either. Sure, there’s still a drought, but hopefully some of the moisture this month will at least take the sharpest edge off. Continue reading

Colorado: Spring storm packs a punch

Resorts reporting powder conditions, but road conditions could hamper access, while the backcountry avalanche danger soars


An active northern jet stream is bringing cold air and moisture to the northern tier of states, including Colorado. On and off snow is possible through the weekend.


The CAIC is reporting numerous backcountry avalanches. Click here for more photos.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — March is living up to its reputation as the snowiest month in the Colorado high country, with chilly spring storm snarling roads, intensifying avalanche danger and adding much-needed moisture to the state’s snowpack.

Ski areas around the state are generally reporting up to 12 inches of new snow in the past few days, and moderate to heavy snow continued falling Saturday morning. Some of the heaviest totals are expected east of the Continental Divide, where the California Department of Transportation reported bumper-to-bumper traffic around I-70 and C-470.

East of Denver, I-70 was closed to the Kansas border, and slick conditions on the westbound approach to the mountains prompted CDOT to require chains, snow tires or four-wheel drive for all vehicles in Mt. Vernon Canyon, just west of Denver.

Continue reading

Morning photo: Snow, snow … snow!

Spring fluff


Gotta love the way that March snow sticks to the branches.

FRISCO — Finally, in the first few days of spring, winter weather showed up for real, with one of the biggest single-day snowfalls of the season here in Frisco. The snow was wet and heavy and settled quickly, so it was hard to get a good measurement of the daily total, but at least five inches piled up here in town. And it’s getting that time of year when you really appreciate the snowfall, knowing it could be the last (although the weather forecast is calling for more wintry weather this weekend). It’s kind of like that tingly feeling feeling when the first snows of autumn fall, except in reverse. Sometimes in the middle of the winter, we take it all for granted (but not this year), and some years, we even get fed up (although we shouldn’t). But Thursday’s snowfall was just about perfect. Continue reading

Colorado: Storm rolling in …

Forecaster still uncertain for high country snow totals


A big Pacific trough is working its way inland, bringing snow to much of Colorado.



By Summit Voice

FRISCO — A winter storm rolling out of the Four Corners toward Colorado is billed as having the potential to drop several feet of snow in parts of the state, but even late Friday night, forecast models were still not in complete agreement as to where the heaviest snow will fall Saturday through Sunday.

National Weather Service forecasters have issues winter storm watches and warnings, as well as blizzard watches for almost the entire state, but the Denver-based forecasters warned that, “Summit County could very well get sheltered again in this Front Range storm.” The forecasters also said the upper low might eject farther south than previously anticipated, which would push the heavier snow amounts farther south. Click here for the latest updates and links to all the warnings. Continue reading


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