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Morning photo: Some 2012 faves

Through the seasons

North Tenmile Creek trail, Frisco Colorado

Springtime in the Rockies.

FRISCO —With 2012 all but over, it’s time to cull the archives one more time, get rid of images that are just cluttering up the hard drive, and posting a few others that tell the story of Summit County. It’s not easy picking out the “best” images based on technical or artistic criteria, so I just picked some the images that evoked the strongest emotional response as I scrolled through the files

Many of the images in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at bberwyn@comcast.net. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism! Continue reading

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Morning photo: The break of dawn

Magical moments

Sunrise over Dillon Reservoir.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — There’s a moment, perhaps a few moments, right around sunrise when the light is as good as it’s ever going to get. It’s pure magic, really, and if, as a photographer, you’re in the right place when it happens, then all that you need is the technical know-how, and maybe a few good lenses. Sometimes it doesn’t always come out the way you expected, and other times, when you get home and download the images, all you can say is, “Wow!” Continue reading

Morning photo: Summit gallery


Autumn view of the Gore Range from Swan Mountain.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Sometimes I’m amazed at how many reasonably good photos I’ve been able to take within just a few mile radius of our home in Frisco. Even though the scenic backdrop doesn’t change all that much, there is always some new element of light or clouds or reflections that makes the view seen brand new. In the last few days, I’ve picked out a few of my favorites and created a brand new gallery at my Imagekind site exclusively with Summit Country landscape shots. I hope you’ll check it out, perhaps buy a print (you can also preview and order them with different mattes and frames) and pass the info along to your friends. The gallery is online here. Continue reading

Morning photo: First light

The early morning hours …

Peak One Frisco Colorado

A nice morning portrait of Peak One towering above Frisco, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I’ve been getting up early the past few weeks to do some sunrise photography — plus it’s a good excuse to get some exercise for me, and the dogs. Yesterday morning was wonderful, with a broken low cloud deck creating a dramatic scene above the reservoir and around our local peaks. Other days, I use the reservoir surface as close-up mirror to enhance foreground lighting. In any case, it’s never the same twice, so I never get tired of photographing these scenes. Continue reading

Morning photo: Landscape studies

Light and snow …

Evening falls over Buffalo Peak.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Looking for new light in familiar places is one of my favorite parts of shooting landscapes and the partly cloudy skies and variable spring weather the past few days have really helped make some old familiar scenes look fresh and new.

I love the way this image progresses from the warm tones in the grass on the right to the cool blue shadows at far left.

Continue reading

Morning photo: Sunny start, snowy evening


Saturday started with a brilliant sunrise, as the sun was able to get a foothold beneath the oncoming storm clouds.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The sun peaked through early morning Saturday, but it was already apparent that a storm was starting to move in, with winds gradually shifting from a warm southwesterly flow, to west, to northwest, the favored direction for snowfall in the north-central mountains. Here’s how it looked around the reservoir at dawn, and then late in the afternoon, when the snow began to fly. Continue reading

Morning photo: Moon shots

Reassurance in the sky

Moonrise over the pines of Summit County.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A few recent moon shots to start your weekend, with all shots taken within a mile of Summit Voice headquarters in Frisco, Colorado. Continue reading

Morning photo: Best of …

Month by month …

A historic Frisco cabin is buried deep in the Colorado fluff in in January 2011. I really like the wacky lines and angles in this image.

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s time for the weekly #FriFotos Twitter chat, and this week, creator @EpsteinTravels made it easy and hard at the same time by choosing a best-of theme for the popular social media gathering. Easy, because it’s fun to sort through pictures and find old favorites; tough, because, in some cases, it was almost impossible for me to choose one picture over another. Take June, for example. Our post-modern family covered more than 6,000 miles and 15 states during a three-week road trip, and as I scrolled through the archives, I almost just had to close my eyes and pick a random spot to stop, then pick one image from that page. So here they are, the best Summit Voice shots of 2011, month-by-month. Join in all day to day by uploading your best and favorite images and posting them to Twitter with the #FriFotos hashtag. Continue reading

Morning photo: Randomness

Around the mountains …

An ant seems to take cover from a spring rainshower at the Betty Ford Alpine Garden in Vail. I particularly like this image because it was the first time I discovered that my compact Fuli Finepix takes decent macro images if the light is right.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Some of my favorite images come at random moments, not necessarily when I’m out shooting a particular scene or area, but when I’m just wandering, camera in hand. Continue reading

Morning photo: Classic Colorado



SUMMIT COUNTY — Just downloaded a images from a few different cameras taken during the last several weeks and found this early morning rainbow scene, shot from the Summit Voice weather deck. I usually don’t like to lead with vertical format pictures, but this one was too brilliant to pass up. Continue reading


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