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Morning photo: Progression

Fall to winter …


Full autumn glory.

FRISCO — The days are growing noticeably shorter now, with both sunrise and sunset falling during those hours when we’re still out and about. It’s definitely the transition season between fall and winter, and it shows. Soon — but not just yet — the ground will be covered with snow (we hope), and will stay that way until springtime. Rejoice in the changes, embrace the chill and revel in the beauty of the seasonal cycles. Continue reading

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Morning photo: Autumn snow

Colorado colors …

autumn snow colorado

A classic autumn scene in Frisco, Colorado, with snow-capped evergreen cones standing out against a backdrop of golden aspen leaves.

FRISCO — On a stunning autumn day, when new snow falls at the peak of the fall color season, you don’t have to go far to get some good photos. I started by shooting a handful of images right through the kitchen window and off the deck while the coffee was brewing, then moved outside to the backyard, and even the parking lot, to try and capture some the classic Colorado beauty — evergreens, golden aspens and white snow. I like the muted and consistent color scheme of this photo essay, helped by overcast skies, but I’m looking forward to taking some pictures as the storm clears out Saturday morning. It’ll be chilly, but it should be spectacular! Continue reading

Morning photo: Golden Road

Autumn daze …

The Golden Road (to unlimited devotion)

The Golden Road (to unlimited devotion) …
“See that girl, barefootin’ along,
Whistlin’ and singin’, she’s a carryin’ on.
There’s laughing in her eyes, dancing in her feet,
She’s a neon-light diamond and she can live on the street.”

FRISCO — Heading out to walk the dogs near Meadow Creek Monday afternoon, my eyes (and camera) were immediately drawn to the contrast between the sunlit aspens along the road and the mountain backdrop, receding into evening shadows. Immediately, free association took over and an old song started bouncing around inside my head — The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion). It is, of course, the very first song on the very first Grateful Dead album, and the beauty of the day in the Colorado high country definitely made me want to dance a ring around the sun. Here are a few more shots that (I hope) capture some of the stellar fall vibe we’ve been enjoying in Summit County. Continue reading

Morning photo: September


Meadow Creek wetlands, Frisco, Colorado.

Meadow Creek wetlands, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Just like that, summer slips into fall … I know, technically, there are still a few weeks left to summer, for weather geeks, Sept. 1 marks the start of the climatological autumn season, and you can see why. Flowers are mostly done blooming, grass is curing and the night is nearly as long as the day. By the end of the month, high country hillsides will be fully ablaze with autumn color and we’ll probably have our first dusting of snow. Celebrate the season! Continue reading

Morning photo: Best of autumn 2012

Best light

A September sunrise over Dillon Reservoir delivered exquisite light.

A September sunrise over Dillon Reservoir delivered exquisite light.

FRISCO — The incredibly rich light of autumn made for some wonderful images. Many of the photos in Summit Voice photo essays are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me at bberwyn@comcast.net. It’s a great way to support independent online journalism. Continue reading

Morning photo: Fade to …

Finding light

I’ve been focusing on the thick grass in the Meadow Creek wetlands to add some rich color to these evening scenes.

FRISCO — The most obvious fall colors are fading, as a few windy days knocked a lot of the remaining leaves off the trees, but there is still plenty of autumn feeling left in the hills — you just have to look a little harder, for example in the luxuriant golden grasses around wetlands and ponds. The dusting of new snow on the higher peaks also helped brighten things up, although you have to be careful not to let those highlights flare up. Best to head out early (or late) to catch the best light, but that’s true in any season. All the photos here, except the last one, are iPhone shots. Continue reading

Colorado: Hazy skies may clear this weekend

Hazy skies from wildfires to the northwest should give way to a southwest flow and perhaps a chance for some precipitation late in the weekend or early next week.

Incoming storm should shift the winds and may drop a little rain early next week

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The hazy skies over Summit County and the rest of Colorado should clear this weekend, as a significant change in the weather pattern will bring southwest winds, along with a chance of showers, during the second half of the weekend and into the first part of next week.

The haze is from forest fires burning in the Pacific Northwest and the northern Rockies. The ridge of high pressure that has prevailed over the Rockies the past few weeks has brought steady upper-air winds from the northwest, carrying the smoke into the area. Continue reading


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