Morning photo: Mountain magic

Got glow?

FRISCO —Groovy colors in the mystical deep winter half-light of the solstice.

Morning Photo: Winter vibes

Snow cometh …

FRISCO — Winter is working its magic across the high country of Colorado, painting the mountains and valleys with a glittery blanket of snow. These shots highlight the many different ways light can manifest on freshly fallen snow, all taken on different days, but at about the same time each day, within an hour after sunrise. Enjoy the season!

Morning photo: Sunday set

Peak shots

Early Sunday morning, Dillon Reservoir.

Early Sunday morning, Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — Good riddance, daylight savings time. What a joke. Why so many artifacts from the days when we were a rural, agrarian society? Is it a longing for a simpler past? An unwillingness to change? Just plain old inertia? Who knows, but I, for one, am psyched to be back more in synch with the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset. Plus, it means that, if there’s an especially brilliant sunrise the next few weeks. I’ll be able to sneak out for a quick session BEFORE making breakfast for the school-bound kid! Enjoy Le Weekend, take some nice photos of the incoming snow and send them my way. Continue reading

Morning photo: Mountain glow

Peak light


An eclipese-tinged glow over the Rockies, photographed from Loveland Pass, Colorado.

FRISCO — There are times when the light in the mountains totally blows my mind, and when it’s easy to understand why mountains have long been considered sacred, and even dwelling places of the gods. It seems, sometimes, that if one could only gaze upon the peaks long enough, all the mysteries of the universe would be revealed. So there are times that, after taking a few photos, I set down the camera, hoping to gain a little more insight into this great wonderful world of ours. Continue reading

Morning photo: Peak 1 revisited

“Sometimes the lights all shinin’ on me …”

Late afternoon light slanting in from the west bathes Peak 1 with ethereal light.

Late afternoon light slanting in from the west bathes Peak 1 with ethereal light. Look closely — you can see the pattern of raindrops on the water.

FRISCO —I feel pretty fortunate to have a magnificent mountain in my backyard, and never tire of photographing Peak 1 in its many glorious moods, winter and summer. Monday evening brought an otherworldly sunset glow, along with a seemingly never-ending series of rainbows, documented in yesterday’s photo essay, and that followed a Sunday sunrise that was equally stunning. The light change from day to day, and even minute to minute during the sunrise and sunset hours. All these shots were taken just in the past two days, within a mile of Summit Voice headquarters. Check our online gallery at FineArt America for print quality Colorado landscapes. Continue reading

Morning photo: The glow …

Mountain light


Scruffy forest at dawn, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Those minutes just before the sun comes up are the most precious of all. For a short time, it’s like somebody pressed the pause button on the day, just to take it all in before racing ahead with the to-and-fro of daily life. Once the sun crests the skyline, there’s no going back, but in those penultimate seconds, anything seems possible. Continue reading

Morning photo: Gore Range glow

A little trek in the Lower Blue



FRISCO —Made it back down to the Lower Blue Saturday evening to check the light at the other end of the day after shooting some sunrise shots about a week ago. A partial overcast partially foiled my plan to get the last rays of light illuminating the flowers, but I still had fun working with a 300 mm telephoto to shot some Gore Range peak portraits, and with the iPhone to try and coax some additional color from the scene. Check out our FineArt America gallery for more Summit County landscape. Continue reading


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