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Morning photo: Peak 1 revisited

“Sometimes the lights all shinin’ on me …”

Late afternoon light slanting in from the west bathes Peak 1 with ethereal light.

Late afternoon light slanting in from the west bathes Peak 1 with ethereal light. Look closely — you can see the pattern of raindrops on the water.

FRISCO —I feel pretty fortunate to have a magnificent mountain in my backyard, and never tire of photographing Peak 1 in its many glorious moods, winter and summer. Monday evening brought an otherworldly sunset glow, along with a seemingly never-ending series of rainbows, documented in yesterday’s photo essay, and that followed a Sunday sunrise that was equally stunning. The light change from day to day, and even minute to minute during the sunrise and sunset hours. All these shots were taken just in the past two days, within a mile of Summit Voice headquarters. Check our online gallery at FineArt America for print quality Colorado landscapes. Continue reading

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Morning photo: The glow …

Mountain light


Scruffy forest at dawn, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Those minutes just before the sun comes up are the most precious of all. For a short time, it’s like somebody pressed the pause button on the day, just to take it all in before racing ahead with the to-and-fro of daily life. Once the sun crests the skyline, there’s no going back, but in those penultimate seconds, anything seems possible. Continue reading

Morning photo: Gore Range glow

A little trek in the Lower Blue



FRISCO —Made it back down to the Lower Blue Saturday evening to check the light at the other end of the day after shooting some sunrise shots about a week ago. A partial overcast partially foiled my plan to get the last rays of light illuminating the flowers, but I still had fun working with a 300 mm telephoto to shot some Gore Range peak portraits, and with the iPhone to try and coax some additional color from the scene. Check out our FineArt America gallery for more Summit County landscape. Continue reading

Morning photo: Contrast

Winter light


Trying to channel my inner Ansel Adams again …

FRISCO — For this set, I tried to pick a few images from the last few days with strong contrasts that emphasize the purity of winter light. From the stark outlines of dead trees and morning shadlows along the Snake River to the semi-silhouette of craggy peaks in the alpenglow, the high country always delivers clean lines and impressive vistas. Check out out our online Imagekind gallery for more Summit County shots through the seasons. You can also visit our FineArtAmerica online gallery for metal and canvas print versions, as well as greeting cards. Continue reading

Morning photo: Sky watching

Colorado cloudscapes

Early morning along the shore of Dillon Reservoir, via iPhone and Instragram.

FRISCO — Another day of amazing cloudscapes over Summit County, starting with an almost-spooky pre-Halloween glow over Dillon Reservoir, to luminous sunrise clouds, stratified lenticulars throughout the day and a fine sunset with fiery alpenglow. Check out some of our Summit County photography at our online gallery. Continue reading

Morning photo: Fleeting moments …

Right place, right time

Intense morning alpenglow on the Gore Range. Check this image in our online gallery, where you can buy it as a print or greeting card.

FRISCO — Today’s photo essay is a recap of the past couple of weeks, which ended up being productive for photography even though the easy subjects like showy autumn leaves are all gone. Getting up early at sunrise paid off a few times, with the rich colors of dawn painted on the screen of the Rocky Mountains, and stalking a few wild critters was also fun. I’m trying to promote my photography a little more these days to generate some income to sustain Summit Voice, so more of the photo essays will feature links to my online galleries, including our newly created Christmas card gallery. If you see any other images you’d like to purchase, contact me at bberwyn@comcast.net. Continue reading

Morning photo: Autumn odds and ends

An seasonal set

A crazy alpenglow sunset in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Even though temps are cooling down, there are still plenty of warm tones left in the palette, from the intense alpenglow of autumn sunsets, to afternoon sunlight reflected on the backyard pond and in the final blush of pigments in old leaves close to decay. As a nature photographer, I always greet this in-between season with trepidation, but then I’m always surprised by how much I can find if keep my eyes open and envision the world through a viewfinder. Continue reading

Morning photo: Layers of light

Playing with the sky

Tough but interesting lighting Tuesday evening.

FRISCO —Just a few whimsical shots from the last few days, showing the astounding variety of hues we often see just in the span of a few days. Even though the contrasts are very strong, I like the first shot because it gives the scene a lot of depth. As for the second shot, I’m just a sucker for alpenglow, morning or evening. And who can resist Peak One, freshly coated with an early snowfall? Check out our online Imagekind gallery for a selection of Summit County fine art landscape shots. Continue reading

Colorado: The blooms are bursting just in time for Arapahoe Basin’s July 20 alpenglow dinner and wildflower hike

Colorado menu featured at A-Basin’s latest summer event

Alpenglow lights up Arapahoe Basin in mid-May. Photo by Bob Berwyn.

Chiming bells growing near the Continental Divide. Photo courtesy Arapahoe Basin.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado’s growing season for wildflowers and produce may be short compared to other parts of the country, but it’s always sweet. Arapahoe Basin will highlight both this Friday (July 20) with the alpenglow dinner and wildflower hike at the Black Mountain Lodge.

Chef Chris Rybak is planning an all-Colorado menu for this event in the popular series, and there are still a few spots left. You can sign up online at A-Basin’s website.

Eating locally produced food is a great way to support Colorado ranchers and farmers, especially in a tough dry year like this, and it’s also makes sense environmentally by reducing the carbon footprint of the food you consume (think about trucking food all the way from California).

Chairlift rides up the mountain are between 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. and the dinner starts with light hors d’eouvres and live entertainment. Chef Rybak will begin serving the Colorado-themed meal at 6 p.m. and you can work off some of the calories with a twilight hike back down the mountain to the base area starting at about 8 p.m. Continue reading


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