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VIDEO: Stomping snow in Breckenridge

Technical week at the 2012 snow sculpting championships

A beautiful sculpture lurks inside each snow monolith — photo by Jenney Coberly

Story and video by Jenney Coberly

BRECKENRIDGE, CO — To paraphrase Michaelangelo, “Every block of snow has a sculpture inside it and it is the task of the artist to discover it.”

Heavy equipment in action always makes for good visuals, so check out the massive snowblower and the snow stomping activities in this video:

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VIDEO: Breckenridge pays homage to Ullr

Wackiness prevails at the 49th annual Ullr Fest Parade

Story and video by Jenney Coberly

BRECKENRIDGE, CO — Summit County could use Ullr’s help right about now, and locals and visitors alike did their best to encourage him to send some snowfall this way.

On a clear and very cold late afternoon, spectators lined Main Street to enjoy the annual spectacle. Some young Broncos fans entertained the crowd by ‘Tebowing’ their way along the parade route.

The parade was followed by a bonfire in the south gondola parking lot.

Opening day at Breckenridge Ski Area

The ski season starts at Breckenridge with a beautiful, warm sunny day

Riders and skiers await the opening of Chair 5 at 9:00 am Friday morning.

By Jenney Coberly

BRECKENRIDGE, CO — Gorgeous weather greeted skiers on opening day at Breck on Friday, Nov, 11, but a winter storm is in the forecast for the weekend, with up to a foot of snow possible across some of the favored west and northwest-facing mountain slopes.

Here’s what it looked like, top-to-bottom:

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Video: The journey of Barton Creek

A video trip down the creek

By Jenney Coberly

SUMMIT COUNTY — This is the video story of the journey of Barton Creek, starting high up in the snowfields of Peak 6 in the Ten Mile Range, and ending in the wetlands and beaver ponds at the intersection of Barton Road and Airport Road just north of the town of Breckenridge.

In the late spring and early summer, the creek becomes a torrent in the snowmelt, and that was especially true this year with the record snowpack. In fact, instead of ending in the wetlands and beaver ponds at the junction of Barton and Airport Roads, this year Barton Creek overflowed its banks onto Airport Road and forced a closure of a small part of the road.

Morning photo: Along the Gulf Coast (part 1)


Gulf Coast sunset.

Sea life.

ENGLEWOOD — The road trip reached its southernmost point in Englewood, Florida, where we stayed a few days with family. Exploring the Gulf Coast from the mouth of the Mississippi to the northern border of the Everglades gave us a chance to see a part of the country that’s quite different from our Colorado mountain home.

And for Summit County readers who have been around a while, we met someone you might remember — Louisiana native Andy Cook was cleaning a nice haul of yellowfin tuna at the Venice marina when we rolled up for a seafood dinner. Cook owned and operated Ma’s Po Boy restaurant on Park Avenue in Breckenridge for a couple of years in the min-1990s, until Vail Resorts bought the property. Continue reading

Breckenridge: Kingdom Days celebrates town’s heritage

June 17-19 festivities include the Outhouse Races, live music and saloon tour

The Breckenridge Distillery is part of the new Saloon Tour offered by the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance.

Story and photos by Jenney Coberly

BRECKENRIDGE — Thanks to a little mistake of inadvertently leaving the town off the maps until 1936, Breckenridge became known as “Colorado’s Kingdom”. In the summer of 1936, Colorado Governor Big Ed Johnson and Breckenridge locals gathered on the Summit County Courthouse lawn, where a U.S. flag was raised, officially welcoming the Town of Breckenridge into the nation.

Kingdom Days celebrates Breckenridge’s unique history and includes a multitude of family-friendly events, including the wildly popular Outhouse Races and a Wild West gunfight on Main Street.

New this year, the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance is offering a 21-and-over saloon tour, which is sure to be a big hit. The tour includes visiting some sites of historic saloons in Breckenridge, as well as a tour and tasting of the spirits at the modern-day Breckenridge Distillery.

The Alliance conducted a “dry run” of the Saloon Tour, sans distillery, in October of 2010. Here is a short (minute and a half) video excerpt from that very entertaining tour:

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VIDEO: Gov. Hickenlooper talks biz in Breckenridge

Governor wants to cut permitting time for natural gas well in half, promises measurable I-70 improvements in next 3-4 years

By Bob Berwyn and Jenney Coberly

SUMMIT COUNTY — Creating opportunities for business is the key to Colorado’s economic recovery, Gov. John Hickenlooper said Wednesday in Breckenridge, touting a pro-business agenda that includes enhanced broadband access for rural areas and speedy improvements to the I-70 corridor, which he said should be a national priority.

Hickenlooper said oil and gas companies shouldn’t have to wait more than 100 days for drilling permits when they are seeking to develop the state’s energy resources. At the same time, he said companies should pay higher penalties for pollution, suggesting that the fines for spilling fracking fluid should be doubled.

Ninth Annual Breckebeiner Ski-a-thon

Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, food, drink and music at the Breckenridge Nordic Center this Saturday, March 26

Breckenridge Nordic Ski Center.

By Jenney Coberly

SUMMIT COUNTY – Don’t hang up those skinny skis just yet — the Nordic ski centers in Summit County are still enjoying great conditions, and more snow is in the forecast.

Individuals or teams can choose from a variety of events this Saturday at the Breckenridge Nordic Center — a 60 km, 30 km or 12 km skate or classic ski, or a 3k snowshoe loop and a double track loop for visually impaired skiers. Proceeds from registration and sponsorships will benefit the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center.

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Deep ice core samples reveal Earth’s climate history

Study of ice core samples deposited over millennia reveal that climate change can be very rapid, happening in a matter of decades

ice core room

Ice core storage facility at the NICL

By Jenney Coberly

Deep in the frozen vault of the National Ice Core Laboratory in Lakewood, Colorado, pieces of ice up to nearly a half a million years old are helping researchers unravel the mysteries of climate change. The ice samples were collected in Antarctica and Greenland. They are part of one of the world’s largest collections of ice cores in a program funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Geological Survey.

Antarctica and Greenland have layers of snow and ice preserved in thick glaciers over hundreds of thousands of years. Through studies of the ice cores extracted by drilling thousands of meters into these glaciers, scientists can create mathematical models of Earth’s climate history. They’ve discovered extreme climate swings in Earth’s past, some of which occurred very rapidly, in less than a decade.

Ice core samples provide information on atmospheric composition, temperature and other climate data in a very long and continuous record, making them one of the most important tools for climate researchers.

“It’s very important in climate change research to know just what time is represented by a particular thickness in an ice core,” said former ice core lab director and USGS climate scientist Todd Hinkley. “It doesn’t really do you much good to say, ‘Well, we went in pretty deep, so this must be old’. You’ve got to be precise about it, and the ice cores do allow this. This is their strength as a scientific research tool.”

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Video: January events in Breckenridge

There was lots of sight and sound and motion in Breckenridge in January, 2011.

With the Breckenridge New Year’s Eve fireworks and concert, the Ullr Fest parade, and the Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Championships, January was a good month for video. The 11 videos posted in January on the Summit Voice YouTube Channel garnered more than 3400 cumulative views so far.

The most viewed video in January was the Ullr Fest Parade, with 735 views as of today. The next most popular were the Tuaca Body Art Ball, with 397 views, and Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championships Day 2, with 372 views. For coverage of the snow sculpture championships from day one through the awards ceremony and beyond, check out our Breckenridge Snow Sculpture page.

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