Morning photo: Aglow!

Crepuscular light …

FRISCO —Last night’s sunset over Summit County was extraordinary, with an afterglow that illuminated the wave cloud over the crest of the Rockies long after the sun dropped below the horizon, and captured in the panoramic image in this set. We’ve also included a few other shots taken during that crepuscular time of day, when you’re not really sure exactly where the light is coming from, but with a little bit of imagination, you can imagine the rays from the sun bending through various layers of the Earth’s atmosphere to refract different parts of the spectrum.

Morning photo: Oh, the things you can see!

Winter wonders …

FRISCO — Exploring in winter requires a little more effort than just slipping on a pair of flip-flops for a casual summer jaunt to the beach, but it’s well worth the effort, especially if you’re a shutterbug. Make sure your camera batteries are fully charged, look for a pair of thin glove liners so you can operate your camera without getting frostbite, and then wander out into the winter landscapes with your eyes wide open. This set is compiled from the freeze-up season, when the world is in transition. For daily updates follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Best of January!

Winter glory …

FRISCO — OK, so January was a bit of a bust as far as snow, and it looks to go down by the warmest January on record in Summit County by a long shot, so who’s down with global warming? Anyone?

I thought so, but despite the balmy temps, our snowpack help up pretty well, thanks mainly to the low sun angle this time of year. And that same sun angle made for spectacular winter scenes along the shore of Dillon Reservoir and elsewhere in the high country. These are some of the best images for the Summit Voice archive. For daily updates follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Colors of Iceland

Flashback …

FRISCO — From the surreal mineral-tinted waters of the Blue Lagoon to glacial runoff in the highlands, Iceland is dominated by water features. As I recently wandered through the Summit Voice photo archives, I noticed how nearly every single image in the set included water in some form, including massive geysers, ubiquitous waterfalls and, of course, the sea!

Morning photo: Quartet

What a show!

FRISCO — A few nights ago Leigh and I wandered out quite a ways onto Dillon Reservoir to enjoy the quiet snowfields with our dogs. As a bonus, we enjoyed a great sunset, and what struck me once again was how suddenly and dramatically the shades, hues and overall tone of the sky can change. All four of these shots were taken from almost the same place, west of Heaton Bay campground, in the span of about 30 minutes.

Morning photo: Winter wonders

Deep freeze

FRISCO — Sometimes words are superfluous …

Morning photo: Trippy skies

“Morning has broken …”

FRISCO —Sometimes the sunrise colors in the Colorado Rockies are beyond words and almost beyond belief — and that’s when a camera is good. This set includes a series of images starting in November, when Dillon Reservoir was still unfrozen, to just a few days ago (Sunday morning) up on Swan Mountain. Follow our Instagram feed for daily updates, and visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America to see more Summit County nature and landscape images.


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