Morning photo: Sunny SoCal

So sunny!

Sprawling metropolis it may be, but LA has that certain something that defines world cities. It’s alive with art and food and ethnic diversity and hums with energy 24-7. In my opinion, most of the people who badmouth Southern California have probably never been there, so I say, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Besides, who can argue with a 70-degree day in the middle of winter?

Morning photo: Stop bugging me!

Insect of the world …

OK, so I’m not a super tech geek when it comes to my iPhone, and even though I’ve thought about getting some of those fancy external lenses, I can’t reach that deep into my pocket. Maybe someday … but in the meantime, I do get lucky every now and then when a bee or some other bug happens to be right in front of the lens on a bright, sunny day. Click. Magic!

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Sunday set: Winter dreams

From the archives

There’s pure magic in the deep, cold heart of winter, especially during the golden hour, when the rising or setting sun can be playful, mysterious and perplexing. The images in this set capture a bit of that magic, but there’s so much more. #getoutside #explore and don’t forget your camera! If you want to support independent journalism, visit our online gallery to buy a fine art print, with proceeds supporting Summit Voice.

Morning photo: Austria revisited


All I can really say about this set is that I want to go back and see all these places in all their other seasons — and that, if you’re ever in Upper Austria, be sure not to leave without trying a portion of Speckknödel, a delicious dumpling variety stuffed with bits of crisp bacon and baked with a fluffy milk and egg wash.

Morning photo: 2015 summer faves

Water & wildflowers …

A few summer shots from the Summit Voice archives as we take a quick look back at 2015. Bountiful spring snowfall led to a fabulous wildflower season, not to mention generous runoff to boost water supplies and a great season for whitewater enthusiasts.

Morning photo: Winter highlights

Best of 2015

Recapping some of our favorite winter scenes from the Colorado high country in this end of the year set …

Morning photo: Market colors

Ahhh, Provence!

Even in mid-November, the markets of southern France were bustling with vendors and shoppers all jostling over a fine selection of goodies for those pre-holiday season meals. Its not all that far from the Provence to areas where certain types of produce can grow nearly all year round, and the tangerines from North Africa were among the best I’ve ever had, while other market stalls feature more local and seasonal fruits and veggies like persimmons. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a market day in France without a slice of fresh-baked apple tart.


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